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Prison Legal News offers an extensive library of documents and messages to its members. Below is a comprehensive search tool to allow you to easily locate the information that you are seeking.

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As a member of the Prison Legal News website you can search for articles and cases based on various criteria to quickly find the information you are seeking.

The available searches are: by subject, this allows for general subjects (e.g., excessive force) and specific subjects (e.g., shootings). With more than 500 specific subjects you can quickly zero in on the issue you are looking for as well as perform broader searches if you are seeking more general information on a given topic.

Searches can also be performed by the state or country where a case originated in or which an article covers. Members can also search for cases involving the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) as well as jails. This narrows the search to just those involving the BOP or jails.

Key word searches allow for just article searches or searches in the body of the article just like regular search engines.

Articles can also be searched by author, however, not all articles have author by lines.

Cases can be searched for by name, by year and by type of court (U.S. Supreme Court, state supreme court, etc.). PLN?s indexes also show case outcomes, i.e., whether injunctions were issued, amounts of damages and attorney fees awarded and if the case was concluded by settlement, jury or bench verdict in the case it is a final decision on the merits.

Note that PLN?s website is not meant to replace electronic services like WestLaw or Lexis. Not all cases listed on this website are still good law or current since many cases were reported in the magazine as rulings were issued and they ventured up and down the court system afterwards. Our search and indexing system is better and faster than either WestLaw or Lexis. If you are looking for a short and fast answer or a complex, detailed one, we have it. Ours is the most complete database on all detention facility news and litigation.

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