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COVID-19 in U.S. prisons and jails



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Coronavirus In The News

Related Litigation

Amos v. Hall: A U.S. District Court case in the Northern District of Mississippi challenging conditions of confinement re: the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

U.S. v. Stephens: Request for bail given new conditions of coronavirus outbreak in prison & jails (denied)

Parsons v. Shinn: An order from an Arizona district court denying emergency intervention to implement procedures to address the COVID-19 outbreak

Coleman v. Newsom: An emergency order from a California district court regarding steps taken inside California prisons and jails to protect prisoners from COVID-19

Flores v. Barr: Order to Show Cause (OSC) for ORR and ICE to provide justification by April 10, 2020 for not releasing children in immigrant detention as COVID-19 spreads

Chunn v. Edge: A class action petition filed by prisoners to demand release for medically vulnerable prisoners in New York

Doe v. Hansell: A petition filed on behalf of juveniles in New York to demand release

Braswell v. USA: A complaint filed by Federal Bureau of Prisons employees and others to demand hazard pay during COVID-19

Authorizations for use of telephonic hearings:

Additional petitions and other demands for release of individual or classes of prisoners:

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