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Brief • 1997
Knowles v Bop Co Mandamus Petition on Sentencing Issue Judgment 1997
Brief • 1997
Knowles v Bop Co Mandamus Petition on Sentencing Issue Complaint 1997
Brief • 2006
In Re Rutherford, Ca, Parole Reserved Issues, Order, 2006
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Doj La Sherrif Memorandum on Jail Immigration Issues, 2004
Publication • February 25, 2016
Taser - Reported Injuries, Phoenix PD AZ Reported Injuries 90 82 80 70 60 Percent of injuries from Use of Force Reports Suspect injuries BEFORE the Taser was issued to patrol Suspect injuries
Aclu Report by Logan Hopper Re Los Angeles Jail Disability Ada Issues 2008
Article • April 15, 2002 • from PLN April, 2002
From the Editor by Paul Wright In next month's issue we will report the results of our reader survey as well as our matching grant campaign. As this issue goes to press we are still
Article • May 15, 2007
Filed under: Control Units
of, confinement to segregation, and with regard to damages, a remand to resolve the issue of timely service, issues of parties, prima facie liability, defenses, and amount of damages. Decision issued without
Article • May 15, 2007
Class Certified in FL Medicaid Challenge by Actions challenging uniform practices and seeking injunctive relief by their nature deal with common issues of law and fact. Here, defendants
court and both motions were denied. The lower court held that there were material issues of disputed fact concerning actions by prison officials and that under Pressly v. Hutto, 816 F.2d 977 (4th Cir
missing issues of PLN due to address changes.   1 Year Print Subscription for Incarcerated Individuals
Article • February 15, 1996 • from PLN February, 1996
No Jurisdiction for Some Appeals by The court of appeals for the eighth circuit has held that it lacks jurisdiction to hear appeals on issues not decided on the merits in the district court
Article • August 15, 2000 • from PLN August, 2000
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From the Editor by Paul Wright Remember that effective August 1, 2000, PLN's prisoner subscription rate will be $18 for 12 issues, and $9 for six issues. Prisoner subscriptions
Article • October 15, 1990 • from PLN October, 1990
Women in Prison by Women In Prison This is the topic covered in two parts by the publication "New Directions for Women" in the March/April and May/June, 1990 issues. The number of women
Location: Rutland, VT – sidewalk in front of Main Street Park, Routes 4/7 Topic/Issue: 3 Years is Too Many Demonstration Anticipated Number: unknown Notes: no further information Officer Safety Issues
Case • 2008
In re The Review of Issues Concerning Representation of Indigent Defendants In Criminal and Juvenile Delinquency Cases - ADKT No. 411 (Nev. Jan. 4, 2008) - 2008 No other information is currently
Article • July 15, 2003 • from PLN July, 2003
From the Editor by Paul Wright As PLN goes into its fourteenth publishing year, we have expanded our size to 40 pages to bring readers more information about prison and jail issues than ever
Article • April 15, 1999 • from PLN April, 1999
Mauro Vacated for Rehearing by In the February, 1999, issue of PLN we reported Mauro v. Arpaio, 147 F.3d 1137 (9th Cir. 1998) which struck down as unconstitutional an Arizona jail's ban
Article • May 15, 2007
a parolee's lawsuit that he was required to provide urine samples for drug testing in the officer's presence. The court held that law on this issue wasn't clearly established at the time, but it may be an issue
Article • October 15, 1995 • from PLN October, 1995
Filed under: Control Units
Madrid Published by In the August, 1995, issue of  PLN we reported Madrid v. Gomez, the class action suit challenging conditions at Pelican bay State Prison in California. We noted
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