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Tougher Than the Rest: No Criminal Justice Reform “Miracle” in Texas

HRDC's GivingTuesday Request

Dear Human Rights Supporter,

As we end 2020, the Covid pandemic is ravaging our nation’s prisons and jails with no end in sight. Even as vaccines are being approved to inoculate people against Covid, government agencies are announcing that the staff but not the prisoners, will be the priority in ...

Debit Card Issuers Still Prey on People Released from Prisons and Jails: HRDC Lawsuits Challenge Companies in Court

Milestone: Thirty Years of Prison Legal News and the Human Rights Defense Center

Federal Judge Rules Prisoners Eligible for $1,200 Stimulus Checks; Must Apply by October 30

by Derek Gilna

In a clear victory for prisoners and their families, a federal judge has ordered the U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to make stimulus payments previously denied to people in prison and jail. Affected individuals must apply no later than October 30, 2020 for ...

The Toughest Love

For Nearly 50 Years, the Delancey Street Foundation Has Offered an Alternative to Prison.
But Does the Celebrated Program Really Work?

by Julia Lurie, Mother Jones

The headquarters of the Delancey Street Foundation occupies a piece of prime real estate near the base of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, tucked between ...

What’s Justice Got to Do with It?

Visits to Icelandic Prisons Shine Light on America’s Complacency Toward the Suffering of Incarcerated People

After 40 years of an inter-partisan tougher-on-crime-than-you arms race, sentencing reform (and a desire to reduce prison costs) is one issue that now brings Republicans and Democrats together. No other advanced democracy ...

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