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Unending ‘Crisis’ in San Diego County Jails: Hundreds Dead, Millions in Legal Payouts

by Jo Ellen Nott

When the men and women incarcerated in San Diego County jails awoke on October 6, 2022, the biggest news was also the grimmest: Nothing had changed. A fellow detainee had been murdered the night before, but his was the 19th jail death in just over nine ...

Looking Deep Inside America’s Legalized Torture Chambers

by Mark Wilson

There are many ways to destroy a person, but one of the simplest and most devastating is through prolonged solitary confinement. Deprived of meaningful human interaction, otherwise healthy prisoners become unhinged. … Not only psychological or social identity but the most basic sense of identity is threatened ...

“Unconscionable and Unacceptable” Conditions in Georgia DOC With 57 Prisoners Murdered in Two Years

by Casey Bastian

In August 2022, during their federal civil rights trial for running down and fatally shooting an unarmed jogger, Ahmed Arbury, in Brunswick in February 2020, attorneys for father and son defendants Greg and Travis McMichael offered their guilty pleas on one condition: That the federal judge overseeing ...

The Filth & the Fury: Philly Jails Descend into Murderous Chaos

by J.D. Schmidt
OVER THE COURSE OF THE LAST TWO and a half years, Philadelphia’s jails appear to be failing on nearly every level, from staffing and security to medical and mental health care, occupational opportunities, library and recreation time, and even the provision of the most basic human needs ...

Mission Creep: Prison Telecoms Scramble to Extend Their Reach

by Alan Prendergast

In a news cycle dominated by reports of war, plague and insurrection, a single press announcement from Global Tel*Link (GTL) managed to convey some of the oddest news of all. Flash: The creators of the nation’s most beloved children’s television show are joining forces with GTL, the ...

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