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WA Gift Subscription Ban Settled for $443.46

In 1997, William J.R Embrey, a federal prisoner at the Washington State
Penitentiary (W.S.P) accepted $443.46 to settle a lawsuit. In 1985 the
Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) sent Embrey to the Washington Department of
Corrections WDOC, pursuant to a contract between the BOP and WDOC. Upon his
arrival in the Washington prison system Embrey was subjected to many
Washington state penal laws, which did not apply to him as his crime was
not committed in Washington state. Defendants Tana Woods and D. Potts
seized the plaintiff's money by taking 35% of all incoming checks pursuant
to R.C.W 72.09.480. This statute applies only to Washington state prisoners.

Mail was censored , including publications such as Prison Legal News, Cheri
magazine and other publications. The publications were censored pursuant to
a ban on gift subscription which required prisoners to pay for all
publications from their prisoner trust account. Money and postage stamps
from his attorney were rejected as well. Embrey was also charged for
medical fees. Room and board, including all of his upkeep was paid in full
by the BOP. In 1996 Embrey was punished by being placed in segregation in
Shelton, WA, allegedly in retaliation for his litigation.

Embrey filed suit in federal court in Spokane, WA, claiming that the
censorship and retaliation violated his right to free speech and due
process. He also claimed his money was seized without due process. WDOC
paid Embrey $443.46 to settle the lawsuit without admitting liability. See:
Embrey v. Wood, USDC ED WA, Case No. CS-96-595-FVS.

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