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$100,000 Settlement in Assault and Battery Claim During Baltimore Youth’s Arrest

A $100,000 settlement was reached in a lawsuit that claimed a Baltimore City police officer was too aggressive when subduing a teenager, causing serious internal injuries.

While patrolling an area on January 27, 2007, which had experienced a rash of thefts, officer Ethan Glover saw Donald Kosh, 17, milling around with two friends. When Glover saw them peek into car windows, he went to investigate. The youths fled.

After Kosh slipped and fell while trying to run away, Glover confronted him. Kosh followed an order to remove his right hand from his pocket, but Glover felt he needed to subdue Kosh because he may have a gun.

Kosh alleged Glover struck him without cause and slammed his fist into Kosh’s abdomen. After he was subdued, Kosh was taken to a hospital and received emergency surgery to remove his spleen and repair a transected pancreas and lacerated liver.

The matter was settled on October 1, 2008. Kosh was represented by Baltimore attorneys David E. Albright, Jr., and Peter G. Byrnes, Jr. See: Kosh v. Maryland, Bailtmore County Circuit Court, Case NO: 24CO7005772.

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