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$6,000 Settlement in Washington Prisoner’s Auto Accident Claim

The State of Washington paid $6,000 to settle the lawsuit of Christopher Morgan for bodily injury sustained in an auto accident.

While incarcerated at Little Rock Prison, Morgan was transported to Shelton on September 25, 2003 for a dental appointment. When the appointment was over and everyone was in the van to be transported back to Little Rock, the transportation officer started the engine, put the van in reverse, and gunned the gas, crashing into a pickup truck parked behind it, and causing Morgan to smash his face into the Plexiglas screen dividing the driver compartment from the rest of the van.

His complaint alleged negligence by the driver, pain and suffering.

Morgan accepted settlement on March 3, 2005. He was represented by Spokane, Washington Attorney W. Russell Van Camp. See: In re Morgan, Washington State Risk Management Claim No. 31056978.

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