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Former California Deputy Sheriff Maintains Clean Record Despite Recent and Past Sexual Misconduct Allegations

A 60-year-old former Nevada County, California deputy sheriff who was caught in a hotel room with a male prisoner will not face charges or discipline for sexual misconduct.

As a Nevada County deputy in October 2006, the deputy, whose name was withheld by authorities, was to transport 23-year-old Jeremy Mattson from Nevada to California to face criminal charges. The deputy first picked Mattson up from a jail in Pahrump, Nevada.

On the drive to California, Mattson alleged that the deputy had to stop in Tonopah, which is in Nye County, Nevada. He gave Mattson a choice between staying at a hotel or jail. Mattson chose the hotel. Removing the handcuffs, the deputy threated to shoot him if he tried to run.

The deputy revealed his intentions once they were inside their hotel room. “He told me that he wanted me to masturbate. I did what he said,” Mattson admitted. He also said the deputy masturbated. Later, Matson called police to report the incident. Nye County deputies arrived at 3 A.M. to find them both in the hotel room.

Although not charged, or arrested, the deputy resigned immediately. Nye county prosecutors said they could not find Mattson for questioning. However, Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal and counsel for the county, Robert Shulman, paid Mattson $10,000 not to sue Nevada County. Royal said the settlement avoided an expensive lawsuit.

Mattson’s allegations are not an isolated incident. While the former deputy was a guard at the Nevada County Jail in 1990, he allegedly molested and sexually harassed Alan Trewin, a prisoner at the jail. He filed a lawsuit in 1994, but it was dismissed in 1996.

Another Nevada County resident, Joe Cahill, then in his early twenties while he was in the county jail, accused the guard of sexual harassment. A third man, a 39-year-old, accused him of exposing himself and making lewd comments when the man was 12 years old.

According to Sheriff Royal, he does not know where the former deputy is or even if Nye County plans to prosecute him.


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