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Whistleblower Alleges Pandemic of Prisoner Rape by Guards at New Mexico Facility

A lawsuit filed in May 2012. alleging widespread sexual abuse at the Central New Mexico Corrections Facility in Los Lunas. compelled a retired prison guard to blow the whistle on several other guards. including one already accused of rape.

According to the retired guard. whose identity was withheld by New Mexico TV station KOB 4 during an interview. Los Limas prison guard captain Kenneth Carrejo is a "pervert" who "liked to get the (prisoners) one-on-one back in the infirmary."

"That's all (Carrejo)'s ever been," the retired guard said. "I would tell that to his face." Carr(*) is alleged in the lawsuit to have tied a prisoner to office furniture and raped him. I lc also allegedly threatened to kill the prisoner if he reported being raped.

"I never feared (a prisoner)." the whistleblower said.    feared administration. l feared people like Kenneth Carrejo."

Several guards. according to the KOB source. forced prisoners to have sex with them. One prisoner in Los Lunas' 0-unit was allegedly "gang-banged" by guards "who thought nothing to allow other (prisoners) to gang-hang him," as well.

The retiree also said he was confident that Los Lunas wardens and top-level prison officials knew of the rapes and sexual abuse. "... unless they were deaf, dumb and stupid and blind." he said.

KOB reported that frequent attempts to interview New Mexico corrections department officials and a former Los Lunas warden have been unsuccessful. and that information released by the department has been vague and evasive.

Source: KOB-TV 4

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