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Articles by Bob Williams

Colorado Denies Hepatitis C Treatment as Too Expensive

While much attention has been paid lately to denying AIDS/HIV treatment as being too expensive for prisoners, little focus has been aimed at those restricting or denying treatment for prisoner's infected with the hepatitis C virus.

Hepatitis is spreading in institutions across this country at a rate far greater than ...

Summary Judgment Reversed on Fact Issues of Guards' Failure to Protect Prisoner

The Seventh Circuit court of appeals has reversed summary judgment where issues of material fact remain concerning guards' deliberate indifference to a prisoner's safety in a failure to protect case.

Bryan Case, an Illinois state prisoner, small statured and classified as a "vulnerable victim," was released from segregation to the ...

Loss of Good Time for Kansas SATP Refusal Upheld

Loss Of Good Time For Kansas SATP Refusal Upheld

by Bob Williams

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has held that even when loss of good time credits are the consequences of refusal to comply with the core requirements of Kansas' Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (SATP), there is still no ...

Qualified Immunity Denied in BOP Transsexual Strip Search

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied qualified immunity to federal prison officials for a transsexual strip search conducted in front of numerous spectators.

Dee Farmer, a prisoner in the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) at FCI Englewood, Colorado, is a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual suffering from gender dysphoria. Farmer ...