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Articles by David M. Reutter

Graphic Violence, Deaths in Alabama Prison Shown in Leaked Photos

by David M. Reutter

Over 2,000 photos taken by staff at Alabama’s St. Clair Correctional Facility paint a graphic picture of violence in the prison that was previously described only in words. But after the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) received the leaked images in early 2019 – from someone ...

CoreCivic Booted from LGBT Chamber of Commerce in Hometown

by David M. Reutter

Nashville’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) has removed for-profit prison company CoreCivic from its membership rolls. The October 8, 2019 decision to return the company’s membership fee came after a vocal outcry from the local LGBT community.

“The voices at our meeting last night were very ...

Weaker Job Screening Could Make North Carolina Prisons More Dangerous

by David M. Reutter

In an effort to reduce its 18 percent guard vacancy rate, the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (DPS) has eliminated the requirement that all applicants go through psychological testing.

“We are trying to make it easier for the applicants to get through the hiring process,” ...

South Carolina: Former Prison Employees Charged, Plead Guilty in Contraband Investigation

by David M. Reutter

At least 19 employees from eight different prisons operated by the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDOC) have been convicted or face charges of smuggling drugs, liquor, jewelry or cell phones into the facilities where they worked. [See: PLN, July 2019, p.29]. At the same ...

New Georgia Law Provides Protections for Pregnant Prisoners

by David M. Reutter

As the incarceration rate for women has grown throughout the nation, so has the focus on how they are treated while imprisoned. With the recent enactment of a new state law, Georgia joined the majority of states that have adopted statutes to protect pregnant prisoners.

The ...

Criminal Justice Reformers Apologize for Not Vetting Conference Speaker

by David M. Reutter

Organizers of the Smart on Crime Innovations conference – an annual gathering of community leaders, elected officials, organizers, researchers, journalists and lawyers aimed at reforming the criminal justice system – tweeted an apology for allowing Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle to speak at the event, ...

First Major Loss in Recent Challenges to Hep C Treatment for Prisoners

by David M. Reutter

The Tennessee Department of Correction’s (TDOC) chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) treatment policies “are not perfect,” a federal district court found, but they do not violate the Eighth Amendment rights of state prisoners.

That ruling came after the district court held a bench trial in July 2019. ...

Lawsuit Filed by Prisoner with Food Allergy is Dismissed

by David M. Reutter

A Michigan federal district court has dismissed a civil rights action alleging a prisoner was repeatedly and deliberately exposed to peanut butter and fish, which were known to cause serious allergic reactions. The court found the complaint failed to allege specific actions or involvement by the ...

Pennsylvania Prisoner Given Belt, Then Punished for Having It

by David M. Reutter

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania found it lacked jurisdiction in a case brought by a prisoner who was issued a belt and then later punished for possessing it. Dissenting judges called the disciplinary action taken by prison officials “Kafkaesque.”

While housed at SCI-Fayette, Albert Dantzler was ...

Tennessee Prisoner Captured After Killing Prison Employee, Escaping

by David M. Reutter

After five days of searching, authorities apprehended escaped Tennessee prisoner Curtis Ray Watson. He was then sent to the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville.

Watson was serving a 15-year sentence for especially aggravated kidnapping, and had a 2025 release date. He was considered a ...