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Articles by Derek Gilna

Mississippi Joins Illinois and Few Other States Prioritizing Vaccination of State Prisoners to Slow Spread of COVID-19

“We talked to the guys and ladies upfront ...

COVID-19 Depletes State Prison Staffs Nationwide, Forcing Consolidation of Facilities and Increasing Risk to All

COVID-19 Continues Rampage Through Pennsylvania State Prisons

Colorado’s Governor Bows to Pressure in Denying State Prisoners Priority COVID-19 Vaccinations

Secrecy Surrounded Flurry of Late-Term Federal Executions Under Donald Trump

Analysis: Federal Executions in Indiana Became ‘Super-Spreader’ Events

Last-Minute DOJ Order Clears Way for Possible Return of Home Confinees to Prison

According to the memo, if the U.S. attorney general ...

Almost 300,000 Fell Ill and 2,000 Died from COVID-19 in U.S. Jails, Prisons

Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff’s Office Sued in Federal Court for Treatment of Transgender Prisoner

Minnesota State and Federal Prisoners COVID Case Surge Sparks ACLU Lawsuit