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Articles by Kevin Bliss

Former district attorney in Maine sued for misconduct

by Kevin Bliss

Former Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett was sued by Vladek Filler for allegedly withholding and editing exculpatory evidence and advising police not to comply with subpoenas in relation to a 2009 conviction of a sexual assault against Filler, which had been overturned.

Ligia Filler, Vladek’s wife, was ...

$280,000 settlement after family files wrongful death suit against New Jersey jail, health providers

by Kevin Bliss

A civil action lawsuit was filed against Burlington County Jail (DCJ), CFG Health Systems, Corizon Health, Inc. and others on behalf of Jerome Iozzia after he died due to improper medical treatment and lack of medication for an abscess developed from a pulled tooth.

Iozzia was in ...

Ninth Circuit rules on 'pattern of behavior' issue in Corizon Health case

by Kevin Bliss

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that Corizon Health Inc. acted as a state agency when providing health care to Arizona prisoners, and established a policy of neglect that violated constitutional rights and, as such, was vulnerable to civil action.

Ronald Edward Oyenik, represented by the ...

Missouri federal appeals court affirms mental health department employees hold qualified immunity

by Kevin Bliss

A federal court of appeals held that employees of the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) were entitled to summary judgment against a claim filed by Dwayne Andrews on the basis of qualified immunity.

On August 9, 2003, Andrews experienced an episode of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ...

Lawsuits allege failings in Pennsylvania elevator shaft deaths of officer, prisoner

Several parties are being sued for their “individual and collective failures” over an elevator linked to the deaths of corrections officer Kristopher Moules and prisoner Timothy D. Gilliam Jr. Both men plunged 59 feet after an elevator door gave way July 18, 2016, at Luzerne County Correctional Facility.

On that ...

Florida prisoner's 14th successive motion yields sanction from state Supreme Court

by Kevin Bliss
The Supreme Court of Florida held that Carlos Woodson filed a frivolous and meritless petition. The court sanctioned Woodson by barring him from any future filings in the case.

Woodson was convicted of burglary and sexual battery in January 1998. Since then, he has filed 14 motions concerning his ...