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Articles by Matthew Clarke

Lawsuit Over Pennsylvania Prisoner’s Fatal Asthma Attack Allegedly Triggered by Excessive Use of Pepper Spray

According ...

Texas Winter Storm Freezes Plumbing, Power and Prisoners

Sixth Circuit Upholds Prisoner’s 18 U.S.C. § 111 Conviction for Assaulting Federally Contracted Private Prison Guard

California Enacts Legislation Strengthening Protections for LGBTQ Prisoners

Study Shows Misaligned Economic Incentives Fuel Mass Incarceration

Ransomware Attack on GEO Group Exposes Sensitive Information

GEO said it was sending data-breach ...

Second Circuit Upholds New York Prison Guards’ Federal Criminal Convictions for Assaulting Prisoner

When prisoners Kevin Moore and Tyron Hollmond arrived at New York’s Downstate Correctional Facility, ...

Arizona Grandmother Sues After Being Jailed and Forced to Drink From Toilet

Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania County Over Prisoner’s Death in Restraint Chair Settled for $3 Million

Report: Video Courtroom Proceedings Have Negative Impact on Fairness and Access to Justice