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Bop Memo Re Referrals for Cmus 3-5-2008

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u.s. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Prisons

Wushilfg/ou, DC 20534

March 5, 2008


~ ~ IC C e-A.-,


Joyce K. Conley, Assistant Director
Correctional Programs Division


Referrals for the Communications Management Units

The Bureau has operated the Communications Management Unit (CMU)
at FCC Terre Haute, Indiana since December 2006. Currently the
need for CMU bed space has exceeded the capacity of the existing
CMU and a second CMU will be established at USP Marion, Illinois
in the near future.
The CMU was established to house inmates who, due to their
current offense of conviction, offense conduct, or other verified
information, require enhanced monitoring of all communications
with persons in the community. This will allow staff to protect
the safety, security, and orderly operation of Bureau facilities,
and protect the public.
The activation of the additional CMU will increase the Bureau's
capacity for managing inmates who require enhanced communication
monitoring. The CMUs operate as open housing units where inmates
reside, and participate in all educational, recreational,
religious, visiting, unit management, and work programming within
the confines of the housing unit.
Should your staff be aware of inmates who may meet the CMU
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