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Cca Ice Igsa Stewart County Ga June 2006

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06 / 211%006 10:58 FAX 1229S3868l8

raJ DOl




'Ibis lnter~ Sen-;a: Agr=nt (lGSA) is for Ddeo'"", Sen-i= to "" provided to Uni1aI Stotes
lmmigrmon and CustoJ:aS ~t, refared to as "'ICE", foc the Ii..-tcntioo and care of aliens
Jrli:=d to IS " DETAJNEES'').


The PROVIDER shall PTov1dc. ddention sttVi.ccs for detainees at the followiug iostitutioo:

stewart J)eteatioD Center
Lump.... GA 31815
(:U9) 838-5000


Stonie Pntterson, a.ticmli\l1
Coorrty Board of Commissioners



The> PROVIDER. is requirod to house ICE oet<lioees. to ped'orm in 3CCOf"dancc 'With lhlt:- most cut1'eD1 edil:ion$
ofICE Dettttiou RAAuiremlCnt$. Amman Correstlonal As.."ocjIllOoD (ACA) Standa:td~ IQr Ad~t Local
J'!et,s.tio. F~ (Al.D'Fl. aOO~nls SGpJJlMH;al.Sta:ad!Nh fOT 1Ie\ft!tSroiccsiR Jails., bkSt
cdition.. National Co!lllDis?on 0lJ Coo:ectioraal BofIh Ca~ (NCClJQ. Some /l.CA SIaOdatds att:
augmented by ICE policr and/or procedl,lO:. In cases 'Q,'bere other $tlmdards ooniIict with DHSlICE Policy or
S- . , DHSllCE Pot;cy andS_ p'c<oil. lcr~ will roo"''' pe-.iodU: iospc<ti"",..>ftho

fa&:iJityto $SUtC compliarxx- o! the a.fOi~oc:mio:oed standards.
The PROVIDER shall maintain oontimal romptboce with ACA accreditation S1alldards dusing perfotwance

The PROVIDER shall be respotlsibk: for aU «lStS BSsocim:d wi:tb oblAining ond maintaining fuU
accreditation by ACA.

This AgtwJ;X:nt sbal! become effective upcm the dtllt: affinal sigootun: by ICE and IhcI'ROVlDEIland
shall ra:nalu in effect indc::fif).iteJy un(~ renninat.ed il) "ritillg,. by eitha- pety. Either party b:RlSt provide
writte:n intenti¢n$ to k::m'linate the .agceemon,.120dz!y!:t in .d~-.moeoftbceffocti\IC dstr.: offonnal ~ation.

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iii 003


116 I t7 ! 2:00e lO : 5S FAJ: 1%7:98356816




P<r m... .Rate: '


554.25 .


In ooosidorotioo for tbe PROVIDER'S perfotmaoce aoder ,"" Tcnns aDd C_tkm! Ag=mcot, ICE
:rbaU nlako payment ,to t.IK- PROVIDli:R for each d~ accepted andhouscd bytbc rROVIDER. The
rate is the per diem fate for 1:he Stlppon of ODe Dclainc:e pa ~ and sball include: die day ofnrrival butnot the
day of dep",",~

The PROVIDER sba1l not cb:arge- fur ~s. which /at DOl: dirc:ctly related to the huusing and dc:tcntion of
deWnecs. Sucb costS include,. hut are.DOt limited to:

Salaries of doctcd officials.


Salaries of employees Xlot directly engaged in tlac bowg and detc:ntioo of dc:tainc:cs.


In<Iir<ct =ts in __ a p""""ug< of all local """""""" """ ... pro-r.Ited om<! appliod
to indMd\W dq>mtm<U!S.


Detainee scrv:ictS which.'R not provided ro, or cmmot be UStd by dc~,


Opcruiog ~ts Qf facilities not utiliJ;Cd by detainees..

Irrti!fest (J1Qwcvc:r :represcotcd). bond discouttts. cost(s) of
legal orprofcss;oual fcos.



This agretmeJ,lt in 00 "'7'f obligates JlJ'LI:Uigraboo: and: CustotUS Emorccmcnt to any minimum population


This Agrcc:ncnt,. 01' 40)' <If' its ¥cific provisioos. ItI3)" be revised or modified by sif.D.'tlOl'Y ~ of the
undersisntd pru:tic:Iiil, o r their respective officW ~"\lcoesSO!s .


The P.ROVJDER sbaU all ground tT!ltIsportation services as may be require:! to
tttl~ det.1inecs SCttItcly. "' a timely mauoer. to off-site medical providers and to other
1 - os <tir=..t by the Coott><tmg Offi=', Tocbnicol Rcp==tive (COm) '"
desigo:W;:d ICE o£5cial. 1't~ mileage RirnbursabJe Ta1o:s will be ~
with CWTetlt :!pplicablo Codc:ral travel :UJowwcc rotes and shall ¢Cl1y -wly to o1f-site medic"l
traMpO"t:mon. When officers arellot providin.!: trmspoJ1l)UOG sen'ices the PROVIDER
shall assiCn the employee.< to S'lJW1eox:ut sa::mit;y duties within lhe racility ('C" 0'0-C0lJ duties

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06 ( 27 / 2006 lI):sa F.\l 12298388816



F'_~Cl LJ n"



to assist ICE as diredtd by the CaTR or designated ICE off'u;ial. Ho.,-e\'er. the primary
fvnctioo. ofthesc offu;ers is transport:31ioll. On-ca1l duties lIS dire<:ted by the COrR utilizing
these offioer:s shaD not i1lcur any :ldditiooal c.q.>cnSe to the gove.tnn1.Ct'It.



The PROVIDER ~nd provldcdfur rho abo\'C sen.ices shall beoftbc:
qualifications, receive the sam" training., complete tbe same ~rity dt:aI'ilIlCes, and wear the
same uniforttlS as those PltOV]DER personnel are providal Cor:in the other areas of thls

3. During all aun.<rpart:ation activities, .<tt! QUe offroer shll1.l be the slUJ)e sex as the dctmnee.
Questions eonc:eming guard assignments sJ:mll be dinxted to the con for finlll

4. ]bc rROVlDER shall, Upotl onlcr of the COTR. or upotl bis own dr:d$.ion in lID urgent
mtdlca1 simmon,. transpon. n detainee to I) hospital location. AD officc;r~ or officas,. shall
kttp the dct.aince under eon.'ttaltlsupervjsioo: 24hQWS perdaywliillhedet:aDJee is crrdaed
rebsed iT<:rrn the hospital, ortU:tbe~ oftheCOTR. the PR()'VlDEllsbaU then
tr.m.c:port we detainee tC) the detention rite.

,. Wbcn the con provides <.locumen" '" thePR.OVIDERconocmWg dltdetain<t(s) to be
~ """'''' ~ the PlWVlDER sholJ dotmr these docum_ only '" the
~.auth0ri7.c.d recipienrs. The PROVIDER !!hall ensure the IXl3terial is kept COIl6dcn!:W
®d DOt viewed by JUlY person otlM:r thai). the authorized ro:jptCbt.

The PROVlDE.Rshall c:stabli.<.b.a corm:nuni.cations systcm.thathzs diJectand immcdim
COIl'ttIct with aU t:rmsportatioo vcbiclcs 3l;I..i pcI$t assignmerrts. 'Upon demand, the COTR

sb..ut be provided "'ith current status of oIl vcbicJcs;wl post assignment onpJoyees..

ill the c.YC(ll oCtnlD.Sportation SCJ:Viccs uwol.ving distances that CXCo\:ed a standatd eigbt: (8)
hour~' ro compl~(",> the PROvtDER. shall be rci.r:nbursod J:cla1cdCO'iU of Lo:Igiog and
meals conllneru:tlrnf~ with the U.S, GcIle:ral Services Adn::Unistratior:l rlltJ;s for such within the
seogr.apbicaJ an:9 of OCCUII'C!lCe. /ury inoarod ovc:rtimc pay fur,uch S«Vices "fill be:
reimbursed at the applicable U .S. J)cpa:rtmcnt(JfLab()r' overtimt:; rute Ii:x thcttanspalation
<>Ili= posirio!I iDcmpo<aI<>I mlhlD this 'grtana>L The PROVIDER slWl oompIy _ ICE
uansportatiOI] standard:s related to tbe uumbcr orhours the PROVIDER employee may
I)pernte n '1..ehk-J("~ Ova:ttight Jodging resulting &on" trzosportation ~Q:S shaH be approved
in 9d\.<Ul¢C by the. con or dC$jSUated TCE. offi~ .

Mgnc..u. S~Ylc~:


Public HcaJth ~ (USPHS) will be respoasibJe for providing aU health Care senoio."$ pmvided
Ul1d~ooott9Ct to(" d~ aliOlS in tiwOJStody of ICE :It dIe facility. The USPHS shall prov1dc medical
coveruge: at the facility no less than twenty-fOUl" (24) hour,s pet day. seven (1) d2l)'S p¢r wcclt. 'fbc:

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08 / 2j / 20015 10 : 59 FAX 1229.,388816





PROVIDER shall pt'O\idesoc:urity v,;tb a minimum stalfofone (1) at all times. When pttients ar:e housoodin
the iofunwy, =uriI)' sh.U be pasted '" the unit t''''''I)'-fOQl' (;l4) hours p..- day, seven (7) d'J'S per wcoI<.
The PR.OVIDER shall coo:diJ'1atc and cscmt c\¢lainees to the medical clinic fur sick can, appointments and

Wben sp<ciilc.Jly.-.qu<.rt<d by ICE, the PROViDER""",, II> ammge fur and/or pro>ide ~ QC
ewergc:ncy IIllbulance cransportaMn gervice to traosport detainees to off-site wedicaJ cere or .from oneeft'site mriiiea1 care facility to a.DOCber. Tel! agrc:e.s to provide reimbu:rsement for mileage; over mel alKwe the
per diem ~ to the PROVlOER for such ambWaoce transportation sernce5 wbell the costs are included
with the regular monthly biUio,g. for de:I.endon s:c:r'\;ccs.

The PROVIDER shall provide the detainees itJ;$Uuc:;tions for ~ to benIth care~,
Proctdures shall be explained U) all ~ in Ihc dcb:i:oel":i' native l~.:rod orally to det3ineet;' who
:\TC unable ttl ~d. The detaince shall simil<lTly be provided iostructiOlU and a3Sistance on a routine basis OIl
pcrsmal bygieoe, dolt:IJ !rygi=, grooming and beoIth COlO.
The USPlIS slWI p...,,;o, fo< mcdicalS<:J>:<DinS upon .mv...t the.facilit¥pedOOncd by _
pCl.'SQIlllCJ or health traillCd pct!OIlod_


. _When.comnntnicable or. debilitfting-pnysic3l,problems..are-suspecccl, the det-aim:c shall bcseparated from the
_ _ population, .00 PROVIDER sI!aJl immatiBtdy notifY USPIlS stall: Bdu,ior p.-obl=s (_eo
who os DO< dUogooocd os psycl>otic) _ _ """"""tioo wiD "'11>0 """"""bility oCIhePROVIDER.

Written policy.8lld defined. procedure shall .require tb.m: detllinco's m:itteO: health complaints arc ooJic:itod /I.Ild the n)()djcai faciljly for approprinte fol'lowup. Written p:dk:}'.and dcl'irt¢:1 proo::dure
tbathealth eve cdUlplairrtswe responded to Ilijd thoIt sid( call, c<mdIlCtOd by USPHS pcr.soo:ncl is av.ai1ablc to
dct&i:tn:cs daily. If It detainee's custody stab.ts precludes sick call, arnngaDCJ.ts ~ to be made
to provkJc sick caU scnia::s in the plso:: of the detainee·s ~tioo. A minimum 0{(JIlC sick cal} shall be
CCDdottcd daily. USPHS rC!io'CfVCS the right to conduct triage:md stckcill ia the place oithcdc:taio!e"$

The USPHS shall provide. tQ the PROVIDER and. maintain fim:aid kils at the fllcility. First aid kits shall be
avplable. 8t all tlme$ :wd shaD be loeau::d throughout the faci.Jity. as 1JCIC.C,S$1:ty to allow quick~ .
The PROVIDER.sbaD DOt be m;;poIlSl"ble for oo...c:irc Of off~ ddaioec medica' seMCCS or COSIS.

The PR.OV'JDER agrees to receive and disclruge Fedc:ral dctain~ only fn:.>r:n Cll'ld to properly identified law
crd'0tQ.2DC.D.t. o.tIiccrs and with prior authori7~tion. A~sion;md dischM"gC ofFedu.a.l <idableCS shan be
P'ROVTDER policits and p,occdu,",""

coosi_' "...

ICE detainee sh,,_U I'Jot be reI~ from the wilit)' iow the custody of other Federal. stille, or loeal officials
'ID)' reason, except for rnodicnJ or ~ sibJ:ttions, witboot express authori.t.~tioo. C1f leE.


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_._--- ._--- ---------- ----- .. 08 / 2; / 2008 10:69 FAX 122$8l86$1$






The PROVIDER agee< to .Ilow periodic mspc<boos of!ho facili!y by tCE
FiDdings will b.
sluJred with facility admlnistraton in oroc::( to promote iroprovemenLS to fac:i1ity oper.rtioo.s ex coodi.tioas of


Thcpct &m _sbalI be ~.oo
beadjust<d priorroScp_ 30, 2007. Thetadja.!bep'"
diem shall be subject to adjustment based an the actual and lllIow.lbtc c.ost! MSoci.ftted with the opcrmoD Qf
the facility . When n rate iDcreasc is dc:siltd, the Loc.:al Gov~meot shall submit a writtCD request to
hmnjgnu:ion $d Custo):us E.uforccrnmt 3t least sl)(t}" (60) days prior to tbl; desired effective dlltrl of the rote
adjustmeot. AU such requests must contaiu "CktaikXI cost p«.pOS3l to substanttate Ibt desired rate i~,
The Local Go_moat agrees Ie I"ovirle odditional_ i<IforJnati<m to support the requcotal_ iDcreaso
sod to aD audit ofaooou:utmg rccords upon request by lmmigratioo and CnstOUlS :&!fOlcc:nttnt. The
me m,*' be talCgotiated not: more than once per year.
Criteria used to cvalUale the incn:,)sc ~ , the: per diem rate shall be those,spcx:lfib:I ·in the O.ffic:ecf
Maoagc:mcmOlXl Budgct(OMB) Circub- A-I7, Costhincipleo fur S _ Loc:al.oo lOOiao T.cibal
otIJcrcost and pricingprincipl.,. mutnally "8Ittd'" by the p""".


The cffccrlYc date oithcutc modifiwion.will be negotiattdaod a...modill~ , to , IGSA.
mDcb irllpP'O"td by the ICE ~ om.,....The eB'eotive _ ~ill be
00 the lint day of
the ~ f".-.",:ountingp",po,.,: P"),.,.,,,, at1bcmodifitd ratewill bc"';du_theretum of the signed
tr:IOdfficatioo bythe.authorized Loal Gm-onmcntoffu:ial to ICE.


(A) !ru:..oicc.s: - Mootbly iuvoi«s shall be lOI.tbmiltcd to fbe COTR within 10 business days afu::r the
mcmth o( performance invoked, lnvoiCC$ shall itemizc each debUIJce by name, register omnber.
dates (){ stay. Md appropriate detainee-day rate. BiIline ;hall be bllsed upon the- a.etual nUJJ.lber
of _
dJ!ys usOO.

[nvillce;s. Submissioq
u.s. Immitr:.tioa 2nd Customs Euforcement

(8) ~ - PaymeDf.S wiD be: made ttl the 'PROV!DEk mter receipt of 1:1 compJtfC irh.-oice, wiUch
shall contain It remittaDoe address. All b'o1m;fa{S) will be aroomplisbc:d tbroogb EIec:troaic
Funds Tnms:{er (EFT) on a monthly basis:, The Prompt Pa~ Act shalt apply,

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IN Wl'IliESs'WHER.FQJi. the uCldmign~. OIJ~' authori::ro offka:9, b<J,VP. 9vi:.oel:dbed thoeif Nmes on be6l.f of
moe &<:W*.tt: CounT:y. G<:OTgia.;u)d

u.s, ItmrU".""I3tion:wd Custom:; EnfQ«Cmcnt.

JUN 30 2006
Do.toe: _ _ __

J. 7~\I1P o(p

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