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Circleville Jcf Conditions of Confinement Report 2007

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Prepared by Don Reyna, Youth Advocate/Ombudsman
Institution - Circleville JCF
Date of Visit 8/1/07
Superintendent - Thomas Teague
1.) While at the institution I walked through all the living units, I found them all to be
clean, I also found all the restroom doors secure, the exception being Elm where I
found the lower two restroom doors unsecured. Most units had grievance forms
but did not have Request to See the Youth Advocate forms. While on Oak Unit I
examined the laundry bags being returned to the youth. I discovered the clothes in
the bags were not clean but jammed into the bags in a ball and they carne out not
clean in a ball. The color clothes, white underwear and socks were all discolored
and washed in the same bag. I discussed this problem with Mr. Teague and he
assured me he would look into the problem and get it resolved. He noted the
laundry is sent to an outside vendor.

2.) While visiting the cafe I experienced piped in music, I didn't know what to think
at first but later I observed the music appeared to have a quieting effect on the
youth. It seemed to be appreciated by both the staff and the youth. This may be
the answer to lowering the noise level in the cafe.
3.) The overall operation of this facility appears to be very satisfactory, no major
problems stood out.


Mr. Teague
Ms. Harman

Prepared by Don Reyna, Youth Advocate/Ombudsman
Institution - Mohican JCF
Date of Visit 9/11/07
Superintendent - Martha Spohn

1.) I walked through all the living units and found all clean or in the process of being
cleaned with the exception ofB donn, there was food thrown all over the floor,
beds not made bathroom and shower areas dirty. I asked one ofthe JCO's present
sitting at the podium who was responsible for cleaning the unit and he responded
"I don't know it was not his regular assignment".
2.) As I left the housing area to return to the cafe I observed a donn of youth heading
towards the cafe in a very chaotic manner. The JCO present yelled at the youth
"Expeditor" to get the youth back in line and under control; the Expeditor yelled
to all the other youth "All you niggers get back in line" the JCO was well within
eye sight and hearing the youth but did not take corrective action.
3.) Youth Lamont Jones #213914 expressed concern regarding an IDC he was
granted, by appeal, but was told the facts in this IDC would still used by the
Release Authority to add additional time to his release. Ms. Gaspers, RA,
acknowledged they do use the infonnation on the AMS system to consider
additional time for youth even if the eventual result of the IDC process is the
granting ofthe youth's appeal.

Staff Advised
Mr. Schaub
Mr. Ward

Prepared by Don Reyna, Youth Advocate/Ombudsman
Institution - Cuyahoga Hills JCF
Date of Visit 8/16/07
Superintendent - Katie Needham
1.) Superintendent, Ms. Needham, and I walked through the institution together
during this visit. I must report I was very impressed with the state and condition
of the institution during this visit compared to my last visit. The sanitary and
living conditions were greatly improved. The youth were being managed very
well, I observed VA's in the cafe for the entire meal, and the staffwas responding
appropriately to the youth. We visited G, H, A, D, and C dorms. All were clean,
floors waxed, beds made, showers clean, toilet area clean, isolation rooms all
clean, storage rooms in the back of the dorms were cleaned out and or
reorganized. VA's were on their dorms supervising youth, JCO's was supervising
youth and the social workers were on the unit interviewing youth. Ms. Needham
appears to have taken charge and brought cleanliness and sanitation back to and
beyond where they are expected to be. She has her staff supervising the youth
very appropriately. As we walked trough the institution it was impressive for me
to observe Ms. Needham interact with the youth, they knew her and she knew
them. She has obliviously been making her rounds. Again, I was extremely awed
with the improvement from one visit to another, kudos to Ms. Needham and her
staff, she assured me this was not done for my benefit.
2.) Youth Jacob Young showed me what appeared to be open sores about the size of
a pea on both his legs and arms. He was concerned he was not getting the proper
medication to heal the sores. He noted another youth, Binkley, has similar sores
on his legs and arms. They are both housed on the same dorm (B). Ms. Needham
stated she will follow up with this with the medical department.

Staff Advised
Ms. Needham
Mr. Augustine