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Colleton County, SC, SHP Contract Renewal, 2019 - 2020

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Southern Health
Your Parmer h) Aff(),d~ble Inmate Healthcare

April 23, 2019

Sheriff Andy Strickland
Colleton County Sheriffs Office
394 Mable T. WIiiis Boulevard
Walterboro, SC 29488

Health Services Agreement

Dear Sheriff Strickland:
SHP values the relationship we have with Colleton County and the Sheriff's Office. With each new contract
year. we look forward to a renewed commitment of partnering lo provide excellent medical care for your
inmate patients.
We want to continue to grow and offer the service and results you've come to expect of us. In order to
remain competitive while still retaining our quality, we will need an adjustment on the contract for the 20192020 penod, effective in line with the annual rollover.
The new rates reflect a 3% inflationary increase as well as our Increased experience, quality service and
reputation within the industry.


Contract Period: Julv 1 2019, throuah June 30, 2020
Base annualized fee:
$253,313.04 ($21,109.42 oer month)
Per diem greater than 110 inmate oatients: $1.17
Annual outside cost oool limit:

We thank you for understanding and supporting a superior standard for continuation of our program and
services in the coming year. If you have any questions or need dartfteatlon, please don't hesitate to contact
me to discuss your contract. I'll be more than happy to assist.
For the historical contract record, I will ask you to keep this letter and return a signed copy to me at your
earliest convenience, or by May 31, 2019. A scan to email or faxed copy will be fine (803-802~1495 direct
fax or email carmen.hamitton@southe,}. Except as stated herein, or as may be
amended or modified in writing by mutual agreement of the parties, all provisions of the contract will remain
in full force and effect.
Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in SHP. Again, please feel free to reach out if there 1s
anything you need.

Contracts Manager


Ms Susan Johnson

Ms. Kaye Syfrett