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Coos County Sheriff's Office Contract Summary With Wellpath, 2019

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~ -~c~J;--:;;2~0~19;;;:--_o=-=o:c--=o-=-s 3=--c3=-----------. .



Coos County Filing Cover Sheet

06/28/2019 4:05:00 PM

TO: ·

Coos County Clerk's Office


Sheriff's Office
Please file the attached ·document in the selected category indicated in
the box below using the following information:

·-· .,. - :

.. . ··~•.: ;· :.-. ::...·•.
Cbrri':'i~~siorier Journal :Fil~~gs
.. - ..
Affidavit of Publication ,
Orders and/or Resolutions
Board .of Commissioners
Payroll Resolutions
Registry of Offices
X Contracts & Agr~ements
Special District Budget
Special LJIStnct Formations, Annexations, Dissoultions, Section Results
County Budget
County Code
Vacation Proceedings
Minutes - BOC

·--:-: '.

p ...


.. .


.. ;-



·Affected Parties Names:

i - .

Subject of Document: ;_ . -·· __ _
Jail Medical Services

Resolution or Order#:


Document ·Remarks:
Renewal Jail Medical services $671,860.08 FY 19-20

Date of Meeting or of Document:

June-18, 2019

Clerk's CJ No.: _________~~-- ·_

Contract/Agreement/Grant No. :

(complete after filed with Clerk)


Name/Agency Name and Address: Wellpath; 1283 Murfreesboro Road Suite 500, _Nashvllle TN 37217
Contact Person: ·John Roth

· No. 541a33-7124

Amount of Contrac;:t/Grant Award: $ 671,860.08
Payment Terms: Billed Monthly

{state lump sum or amount and time of payments)

' Start _Date: 07/01/; 9 E·nd Date: 06/30/20
County Department and Employee Responsible for Performance: Sheriff's co'rrections-Darfus Mede ·.
Description: $631.120.20 plus 2.4% CPI increase of $15,146.88 and Additional Nurse Hours $25,593.00

... .., . ,

ii •i ···




(CFOA # ReQulred}

Cata!og of Federal Domestic Asst.
*(CFDA} Number

*CFDA Is a five digit number in the following format: The first two digits designate the federal agency and the last three the grant description.
The following is a partial listing of the two digit agency identifier. USDA HUD USDOT EPA Dept. of Education Dept. of Commerce USDOJ General Svs. Admin. FEMA US Ori HS
NOTE: If the contract/grarit Is a~soclated with more than one CDFA number, each segment must have it's own summary form.

D New

D REmewal
Previous Amount:$
Previous Date:
Automatic Renewal? □Yes □ No
Will Uf"\employment cost be incurred? □Yes □ No

D Modification
Original Amount: $
Original Date:
Staff Requirements: □ New □ Existing □Subcontract

Method of Selection:
□ Bid
□ None
D Quote
D Other
D Proposal

Type of Contract:
D New {complete sections below)
18J Renewal {no need to complete sections below)

□· Modification

(no need to complete sections below)

Type of Contract:
D Goods .and Services - If Not Using Bid or Proposal. Mark Exemption: .

D Under $10,000
D Under $50,0Q0 for Quotes

D Under $150,000 & Approval from Board for Quotes

D Sole Source



Contra<?t with Public Agency

D Equipment Maintenance
D Office Supplies

D Used Vehicles

D State Purchasing

D Other _

Public Improvement - If Not Using Bid, Mark Exemption:

D Under $5,000
D l,Jnder $50,000 for Quotes



D Alternative Contracting Me~hod Approved by Board

□ Other _ _


Under $100,000 & Not a Transportation Project for


Personal Services Contract - If Not Using Proposal, Mark Exemption:

. D Under $50,000
0 Under $150,000 & Approval from Board

Will project be reported to Bureau of Labor for Prevailing Wages under ORS 279C.800? □Yes 12JNo
Certificate of insurance required? _[8]Yes 0No
Form of contract: 0 Oral [8] Written (attach the written contract)
Date Approveq by BOC:


Contract and Grant Summary Fom,


"'·.~eviewed b{Counsel; - .. : ..


Revlsed 5/21/2015




=.t wellpatli

· The Nev.r CCS+CMGC.

Fe,bi'uary 2?,.2019

Captain Darius Mede
Coos CountyJi1il

·200 ·E. 2nd Street
Coqulllei·OR 97423

2019-2020 Contracl: RenewaHor Jail Medical Services and Staffing Enha!lcement

I .

De~r captain Mede:

r hope t _his letter finds you well. Well path LLC fka ~orrect Care Solutions, U.C ('icts·"r is proud to.partner
wjtb ·Coos.c:;01,1rity Jall, i;!l'ld we are excifed to renew our provide v.01,1r·~etairiees wi_th
quality healthcare in.the-up_coming year!

The current term <>four-Agreement ends June 30, 2019. Pursuant -t o Agreement ·Section 9.0, our
,<!,8 reement shall automatically renelf\! for a one_-year period, with an increase co~slstent with the
·Cr;msumer Price Index ('1CPI") for Urban tonsumers - US City Averag~, Medical qtre ·services
Component, exc~e~ ·4%. This r:u.1m~er-stands a~ 2.4% 'for t~e month of January. iol9.
~dditionally, please find our price quote to increase RN hours. AppH~~ion of these increases are as

2019-2020 Contract Vear
l;Sase ¢ompensa.tiori



$631) 120.20

$~2,.5~3.35 .

@~4~~#·~-r.:s;;-:~".;,;·;_;·\·:,~.-:·.~?'.R-0s~:.,j.~•-B~"~~~~ ~S:J~i}:24-2~~-'•..- :s:¢~1~4~-:~.~d
Staffing - Rf\18 hours (o·.2 ml P.el'week
Requested Compensation 07/01/19 - 06/30/20



If.above terms are acceptable to the County, please acknowledae you·r ·acceptance of the compensation
,iricrease by .retu rnlrig a ·s•~ned copy to ·Stephanie ·Parkinson, Partner Serylces SpeciaJlst, at
· All other terms of the current Agreemen't shall remain in full force.anci effect
throu~h -the end of the .contract period.
We thank you for the opporturJi~ i~ present this proposal. Shoyld yqu have any questlo_ns or c~ll:,c~rns,



Suite. 500 ·: . .
Nashville. TN 37217 ,

II _





:~ .wel~p.atn
Th_e,New C(:S+.CMCiC.
please ~q·not h~itate·tp contact Rac;hel ·pet~he'il, ~eg,Qnal '01r~qpr of Op~rations, at S41-733-i;L24 or
you>nta,;t John·R~fh,:Oirector

()f° P~rthElr .Se,:vic;Eis, ·at 817-~~~-2663.

/l~~[V, 'f .~


Re~lonarvlce President

Rpchel Petchell; Reglonal Director of Operatfons

Jqhn Roth1Oirecton~f Partner ·Services
Adolfo <;:lsne_r:o, S~ftlor "E>i.rector of-Pc1rtn~r Servkes

T~.e lfnd~rsigne.d .is Coo~ Coupty tQ f!.c cepqh~ ;;ibave terms·
·, •,


&/J-/k ~//4<f/ 1

PLEASE NOTE: Fi .of the cQnt.i'act amendment will b~ ·'li~:email. If h,ml copies with orl~inal
~l.gnatures·are require~, pleas.e Indicate the number of~.oples neede,d: __.


1283 Murfreesboro ·Road


Sui1e ·soo

Nashville, TN · 37217

~- ·_,

... .. .. .



•.• •• • •• _ _!