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Doj Response to Dennett Foia Request Re Cia Interrogation Techniques 2010

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U.S, I)eputrneol Dr Justice
Office of Information Policy

Telephone: (l02) JU_36-!2

Ms. Cbarlotle Dennett
The Robert Jackson Steering CommiUee
c/o Lawrence Velve1
SOO Federal Street
Andover, MA 01810

W"'hinglO", D.C. 20JJO




Dear Ms. DcJmett:
This responds to your Freedom oflnfonnation Act (FOlA) request dated January 7, 2010,
which was received in this Office On March 5, 2010, io which you requested (I) thc Office of
Professional Responsibility's (aPR) report regarding the perfonnance of Bum administration
lawyers in the Office oflcgal Counsel from 2002-2007; (2) the first aPR report on the
pcrt"onnance of Bush administration lawy<.'l'S in AU::, completed in December 2OOS; and (3) the
January 19, 2009 letter from fonner Attorney General Miehael Mukascy and fonner Deputy
Auomey G<:ncral Mark Filip to aPR regarding its December 2008 reporL Your tetter W3.!;
originally directoo tu the D<'"partmcnt uf Justice's Office of Professional Responsibility, which
then forwarded your requcst to this Office, furproccssiog on behalfofthe Offiee of the Attorney


With regard to item (1) of your request, as you are aware the aPR report entitled
"Investigation into the Office of legal Counsel's Mcmornnda Concerning Issues Relating tCl the
Central Intelligence Agency'. Use of 'Enhanced Interrogation Tcclutiques' On Suspected
Terrorists" is now available, in partially redacted fonn, on the House JUdiciary Committee's
website at http:(·Clvljssyeslissues OPRRcoort,html. Please be advisoo that this
report, in which certain infonnation is being withheld pursuant to Exemptions I, 3, 5 and 6 oflbe
FOIA, 5 U.S.c. § 552(h)(I), (3), (5) and (6), is clllTCntly the subjoct of litigation in ACW v DOl.
No. 10-0123 (D.D.C.). Exemption 1 pertains to infonnation that is properly classified in the
interest of national security pursuant to Executive Order 13S26. Exemption 3 pertains to
infonnation exempted from release by statute, in this instance the National Security Aet of 1947,
50 U.S,C. § as amended, and the Centr.u Intelligenee Ageney Act of 1949, 50 U.S.C. § as
amended. Exemption 5 pertain" to certain inter- lU1d intra-agency inFomlation protocted by the
deliherative proc=, attomey work-product, atlomoy-dient and presidential conununic.ations
privileges. fucmptiCln 6 pertains tu informatiCln Ibe release of whieb would constitute a elearly
unwarranted invasion of the personal privacy of third parties. For your inFormation, an additional
eleven pages of the final report have recemlybeen released with corlain infonnation now unrodactoo. Copies of these eleven are enclosed.