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Fl Inspector General Report Re Guard Assault on Prisoner 2009

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Florida DepEirtment Of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
Report of Investigation


Paul C. Dl!!Cker) Inspedor General

Case Number: 08-54466


Henry, Maryann

Title IDC '#
Semor Registered Nurse


Williams, Jflrome




Henrv. Maryann
Sturtevant. Christy
Weekes, Andrew
JOMston, Seth
Rhodes, Rvan
Pignatare. Clint

Senior Registered Nurse

04/01170 47886
12/03/60 25770


Langenbrunner. William
Dppe. Shaun
Cox, David


'Arrest: 0 Employee


Date of Arrest:





08/30/82 53448
01/26187 44481


07/17170 30800


09/21178 25481
03/28179 15860
03/20n6 43728




D.O.B. Emplone ID #

o Addendum Pending
oo Not
o N{llo Contendere
oo P.T.I.
Other (explanation):
Date Reported=

Sentence of Court I Agreement~

Administrative Violation(s):
Other Agency Case Number:







On December 17, 2008, Nurse Henry submitted an Incident Report to Colonel Morgan regarding a Use of Force
incident that had occurred on the previous day regarding Inmate Jerome Williams. In her report, she alleged that
the force that had been used on Inmate Williams by Security staff (she did not give Ot1)1 names in the report) had
been unjustified and excessive.
(Exhibit At)
Records revealed that the incident described by Nurse Henry was a documented Use of Force incident (UOF
#2008-510-0399) that had occurred on December 16, 2008 in '0' Dorrrl., involving Inmate Williams. Sergeant
Langenbrunner and Officer Cox. According to the Use ofForce Report, at approximately lO:2Opm, Sergeant
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. ,.
Florida Department Of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
Report of Investigation


Pau.l C. Decker1 Inspector General

Illsp@C'tor General Case #: 08-54466

Facility: Charlotte Conectionallnstitution

Classification of Incident: Battery Inmate

Field OfflcelRegion: Ta::mpa







Incident Date: 12116/08

Time: lO:2Opm

Inspedor: Cluis McCauney





: • ~ : ~.'.~I
~ ',;u

Case Type: A

Date of Report: 01/06/09














....... ;.~"-

Check aU that apply:


. ~:'';' . ;"1

••.. 1



Confidential Medical Information
Prison Rape Elimination Act (p.REA.) Number (if appUcable)
Prlncipal(s) Exhibits Attached
Department of Corrections presented to State Attorney
Use of Force (UOF) Nu.mber (ifappIieable): UOF# 2008·51Q-0399
Complaint of Discrimination
Wing Video Camera(s) Present in tile Area of Incident







Nurse Henry reported tha.t a Use of Force incident involving Inmate Jerome Williams that occurred in her
presence (UOF #2008~510-0399) was unjustified and excessive.

As a result of this investigation, It is determined that Sergeant WiJllam Langenbrunner, Officer David
Cox and Officer Shim Oppe have violated F.S.S. 944.35(3)(a) (Bat:tery Upon an Inmate) by virtue of
using unju.stified and excessNe pbysical force upon Inmate Jerome Williams.

SergelUlt La.ngeubrWlucr and Officer Cox have also violated F.8.S. 944.35(4)(b)(Fa:l.wification o/Use of
Force Report) by virtue of submitting untruthful and inacc.urate reports regarding tht incident.
In addition, Sergeant Langcnbrunner, Officer Cox and Officer Oppe have also violated F.A.C. 3360Z.210(4)(Use ofForce) by virtue of using unjustified and excessive physical force upon Inmate

Sergeant Langenbrunner and Officer Cox have abo violated F.A.C. 33-208.002(19) (Falsification 01
Rf/Cords) by submitting Wltr~thful and inaceurate repOrts of the incident.

Charlotte County Clerk" Criminal Pages: 0010
02124/09 11:0'8:59
id: 299

Case#: 09-000321 ~F


11111\\1 \III mit 11111111\111111111\11111111111111




Florida Department Of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General

Report of Investigation
Paul C. Deekef, Inspector General

Case Number: 08-54466


Langenbnmner and Officer Cox escorted lnmate Williams to the medical exam room to be assessed by Nurse
Henry after Inmate Williams had declared a psychological emergency. After the assessment was over~ Sergeant
Langenbnmner and Officer Cox began to escort Inmate Williams out ofthe room. at which time Inmate
Williams broke free from Officer Cox's grasp lmd stated "rm feeling homicidal and suicidal and Pm going to
take you with me fuck boy!".lmnate Williams then began to charge towards Sergeant Langenbnmner. Sergeant
Langenbru.ttner then ordered lmnate Williams to cease his actions but he did not comply. Sergeant
Langenbrurmer then grabbed Inmate Williams around the upper torso and Officer Cox grabbed him around the
waist and they forced him to the ground. They then held Inmate Williams down On the ground until assistance
arrived. No further force was reported. The report indicates t.J:w.t Sergeant Rhodes, Officer Oppe and Officer
Pignatare responded to the scene but did not utilize any force. No other staff members were reported to have
been involved.
(E:dUbit A2)
Inma.te Williams was interviewed and stated that on the night of the incident, while in his cell, he began having
mental issues and placed a rope his neck and the air vent and began making gestures that he was going
to hang himself in order to get attention from Security staff. He indicated that previous attempts to declare a
psychological emergency were ignored by Security staff. The housing officer. whom he later positively
identified as Officer Cox. then came to his cell door. He told Officer Cox that he was declaring a psychological
emergency. Officer Cox then told him that he would call the nurse. A few minutes later, the "Sarge''. whom he
later positively identified as Sergeant Langenbrunnel', then came up to the cell door and was very angry and
began calling Inmate Williams names, such as 'iasshole" and l'fuckboy·'. I.nmate Williams then called Sergeant
Langenbrunner several Dames in retw::o.. Officer Cox and Sergeant Langen'brunner then escorted him out afms
cell and placed him in the shower cell until the nurse arrived. While waiting for the nurse, Sergeant
Langenbrunner and Inmate Williams continued to "pass words" back and forth. Officer Cox and Sergeant
Langenbnmner then escorted him to the medical exam roOm to be seen by the nurse. While he was sitting on the
exam table with Officer Cox standing on his right and Sergeant Langenbnmner standing on his left; the nurse,
who was sitting behind the desk. asked him what was wrong. He told her that he was feeling homicidal and
suicidal and that nobody cared. He then turned his head towards Sergeant Langenbrunner and stated something
like 'ibut I'm just a fuckboy, right sarge". Sergeant Langenbrunner then immediately rushed towards him and
grabbed him around his neck and began punching him as he took him to the ground (Inmate Williams was
handcuffed behind his back at the time). Officer Cox then also grabbed him and began punching him. Sergeant
Langenbrunner then told the nurse to get out ofthe room and she left. Sergeant Langenbrwmer and Officer Cox.
then continued to punch him repeatedly in the head and face Mea while he was on the ground. At one point.
Sergeant Langenbnmner told Officer Cox to make sure the nurse wasn't looking. Sergeant Langenbrunner then
got on his knees and grabbed inmate Williams' head and began pounding his head and face repeatedly into the
floor and called him a "stupid nigger". A short time later, about "2 or 3" other officers arrived. He later
positively identified Officer Pignatare and Officer Oppe as being two of the officers who responded. He
believed another officer also was present but he could not identify him (1aler determined to be Sergeant
Rhodes). When Officer Oppe a.rrive~ Inmate Williams heard Sergeant Langenbnumer state ~Hey Coppe, come
get some oftWsll (lnmare Williams did not know any ofthe officers' names at the lime). Officer Oppe then came
over to him and beglm kicking him repeatedly in the back and upper leg area. Inmate Williams did not believe
that Officer Pignatare or the other officer (Rhodes) ever took any part ofthe assault but he could not be sure due
to his being focused on Sergeant Langenbnmner and Officer Oppe. They then stood him up and Sergeant

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Florida Department Of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
Report of Investigation
Paul C. Dec:ker, IWlpector &memJ

Case Number: 08-54466


Langenbrunner told him not to tell anyone about what happened. Two nurses then arrived and he was treated for
his injuries and escorted to another dorm, No further assaults occurred. He stated that he never reported to
anyone what had taken place. (At the time ofInmate Williams' first interview, he did not know any of the staff
members by name but stated that he could identifY them all by photos, He was later able to positively identi./Y
Sergeant Langenbrurmer, Officer Cox. Officer Oppe ami Officer Pignatare through photographic lineups. He
could nor identi./Y the 5th officer, Sergeant Rhodes)
(Exhibits A3, A4, Bl &, B2)
Nurse lieIll)' was interviewed and stated that at about 10:15pm~ she responded to '0 1 Donn regarding an inmate
who had declared a psychological emergency_ She proceeded to the medical exam room where she set up her
equipment and awaited the inmate's arrival. A few minutes later~ two officers escorted Inmate Williams, who
was restrained in handcuffs behind his back, into the room. She did not know the identities of the officers. (She
was also later unable to positively identifY the officers byphotographs.). Inmate Williams then sat do\lll11 on the
exl:U11 table. She then began her assessment of Inmate Williams by taking his temperature and vital signs. She
then sat do'WIl at the desk and asked him what the problem was. He responded by saying that he was having
feelings ofhurting hi.Jnself and that he had told the "sarge" and he "didn't give a fuck". 'He then looked at the
officer standing to his left and stated something like "You don't give a fuck do you sarge?". The officer
addressed as "Sarge" then stated something like l.iOk, that's it. This is over:' and be immediately grabbed
Imnate Williams and began to pull him offthe table. The other officer, who had been standing to Inma.te
Williams' right, then proceeded to "tackle" Inmate Williams, knocking all three to the ground. She stated that at
no time did lnma.te Williams ever threaten or make any aggressive movements or actions prior to the force
being used. Both officers then 'began. punching Inmate Williams repeatedly with their fists. One of the officers
(she does not know which one) then told her to "get the fuck out". She then exited the room. When she left~ both
officers were still on top ofInmate Williams, punching him repeatedly. She stated that she could not see if or
where any ofthe blows landed due to Inmate Williflllls' body being obstru.oted by the officers' bodies and the
exam table. She then proceeded directly to the Officer~s station and told the female officer (Officer Sturtevant)
to call the Captain. She then observed another officer, whom she was later able to positively identify as Officer
Pignatare, running towards the medical exam room from the left side. Two more officers, who she could not
positively identify, then ran into the exam room from the right side. She then walked up the stairs inside tl1.e
control room so she could use the telephone to call the Medical Dept. and advise them ofthe situation. After she
hung up the phone she looked down into the medical exam room through the Control Room window. (The
medical exam room has windows on the walls and doors). Looking through the left side window, she observed
four officers holding Inmate Williams down on the ground and punching him while another officer was
standing behind him and kicking him repeatedly in the lower body or groin area. From her viewpoint in the
control room, she could not see any ofthe officers' faces or see if any of the blows landed on Inmate Williams.
She could not hear anything inside the room, She then turned and observed the Captain (Captain Tapper)
coming towards the donn and she immediately went down to notify him ofwhat was happening. She did not
observe anything else that occurred inside the exam room. Several minutes later, as she was leaving the dorm to
return to Medical, several officers were standing around outside ofthe dorm. As she walked past them~ one of
the officers stated to her sornething like "I'm really sorry you had to see all that; and another officer stated
something like i~Be careful what you say and write because there are officers here that will find out where you
live and what you drive·~. She did not respond or tum around to see who had made the comments but just
continued walking. She could not identify any ofthe officers who were present and was not sure if any of them
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Florida Department Of Corrections
Office ofthe Inspector General
Report of Investigation
Faul C. Decker, Inspeclor General

Case Number: OSr54466


were even any of the officers who had been involved in the incident. She later submitted a written witness
statement (Incident Report) to Captain Tapper regarding the Use afForce incident per his request but did not
include any of the details due to fears ofretaliation by the officers involved. The next day. however~ she
submitted the second, more detailed, Incident Report (Ex. Al). (Nurse Henry was shown several photographic
lineups but was only able to positively identify Officer Pignafare as being one a/the officers involved. She
explained that she was unfamiliar with most a/the officers at the prison due to her being relatively new and not
hewing much contact with the officers and that she did not pay attention to the officers I faces at the time).
(Emibits AS & B3)

Officer Sturtevant was interviewed and stated that on the night ofthe inciden~ she was assigned as the Control
Room officer for 'G~ Dorm. Sometime around 9:30pm, she heard a lot ofyelling and banging coming from
Quad 3. When she looked towards the area., she observed an unknown inmate pointing towards cell 03103
(Inmate Williams cell) while making hanging signs with his hands. Officer Cox and Sergeant Langenbnmner
then responded to the cell and a few minutes later Sergeant Langenbrunner called over the radio that Inmate
Williams was declaring a psychological emergency. She then notified Medical to respond to IGl Donn, Officer
Cox and Sergeant Langenbnmnerthen escorted Inmate Williams out afms cell and into the shower stall located
right next to his cell to await Medical stafrs arrival. A few minutes later. Nurse Henry responded and
proceeded to the medical exam room. Once she was set up in the exam roOffit Sergeant Langenbrunner and
Officer Cox escorted Inmate Williams out ofthe shower and into the exam room for a medical assessment, She
(Sturtevant) then went back to conducting her normal work duties and did not pay any more attention to what
was occurring in the exam roaID. A few minutes later, Sergeant Rhodes. who was in the Control Room with
Officer Sturtevant assisting vvith Master Count (they were the only two people in the Control Room at the time),
told her to hit her body alarm and he turned and began to run out ofthe Control Room. She then turned and
looked towards the exam room and observed Inmate Williams on the floor with Officer Cox. and Sergeant
Langenbrunner lying on top ofhim and holding him down. She could not see from her viewpo:lnt if any punches
or any other types of force were being used on Inmate Williams at the time, but she was only able to see a quick
glimpse before she went over to the console to focus on pushing the buttons to open the Control Room and
Sallyport doors for Sergeant Rhodes and for Nurse Henry, who had exited the exam room about the same time.
Nurse Henry then entered the Control Room and advised her that Sergeant Langenbrunner had hit lmnate
Williams and took him to the floor for no reason. Officer Pignataro and Officer Oppe also arrived and
proceeded to the exam room. She was stiU unable to watch what was happening in the exam room due to having
to open doors, make log entries and to monitor the count procedures that were taking place in the test ofthe
dorm. However~ at one point~ she again looked through the window into the exam room and observed an
unidentified officer standing behind Inmate Williams, who was still lying on the floor in a prone position. That
officer then delivered three deliberate kicks to Inm.ate Wi1liams~ groin area with his boot. Due to her viewpo:lnt
from the Control Room'being partially obscured. she could not see the head of the officer but stated that due to
her familiarity with the physical body types and statures of all the officers in the room~ it could only have been
either Sergeant Langenbrunner or Officer Oppe (tall, :stocky but/d). She could not see the positions or actions of
any of the other officers. At around this time~ Captain Tapper was aniving at the dorm and she again had to
focus her attention away from the exam room to let him in and to continue with the Master Count procedures.
She did not observe any further actions that took place inside the exam room. Shortly after the incident was
over, while she was still in the Control Room, she observed Sergeant Langenbrwmer standing outside with a
I 5

:Florida Department Of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
Report of Investigation
Paul C. D~ker~ Inspector Genemb

Case Number: 08-54466


few other officers. Sergeant Langenbrwmer looked at her and motioned with bis finger for her to come outside.
She then went outside and Sergeant Langenbrunner told her ~'You didn't see anything", She then responded to
him i'But I did'). He then leaned towards her and repeated "You didn't see anything". She stated that due to
Sergeant Langenbrunner's physical posture and the manner with which he spoke, she perceived these comments
to be a threat. She stated that Sergeant Rhodes and Officer Cox were also present when these comments were
made but that they had their heads down and appeared to be in shock. She also recalls them talking about the
incident later on but could not recall what was said, except for One point when Officer Cox mentioned that
someone kicked him (Williams) in the face. She also stated that after the incident Sergeant Langenbrunnerwas
extremely upset and was kicking file cabinets and yelling about Nurse Henly, calling her names like i'fucking
coot bitch' I (Nurse Henry was not present at the time). Officer Sturtevant further stated that she has observed
Sergeant Langenbrunner make profane and threatening comments to other inmates in the past such as telling
inmates "If you come out ru split you from ear to ear" and telling inmates who pretend to hang themselves that
he'd "stomp their guts for their trouble" and ~'bust the nigger's head n • He has also made comments in the past
indicating that if an inmate ever made him stay over (work past his Shift) for a Use ofForce report that he would
"make sure the mother tucker bleeds",
In a subsequent interview, Officer Sturtevant stated that the day after her initial interview. she received two
voice mails from Officer Cox. When she called him back he asked her what she had said to the inspectors. He
told her he needed to know exactly what she had said SO he could get his story straight, She told him that she
had seen someone kick the inmate. Officer Cox then told her that Officer Oppe had kicked the intnate in the
head. He did not say ifhe, or if anyone else, ever used any excessive force.
(Emibit/j A6, B4 & B5)
According to the Duty Roster and Dorm Log, Offioers Weekes and Jobnston were the other two officers
assigned to 'G' Dorm during the night of the incident, along with Sergeant Langenbnmner. Officer Cox and
Officer Sturtevant. Both Officer Weekes and Officer Johnston were interviewed and stated that they did not
observe any part of the Use ofForce incident or any of the actions tha.t had taken place inside the exam room
with Imnate Williams. They both also denied having any knowledge, either direct or indirect, of any excessive
force or improper conduct that may have occurred regli.lI'ding the incident.
(Emibits A7 t AS, B6 & B7)
Sergeant Rhodes was interviewed and stated that at the time ofthe incident. he had just gone into 'G' Donn to
assist Officer Sturtevant with Master Count. After entering the Control Room, he heard some type of noise that
caused him to look towards the medical exam room. (He could not recall what specific noise he had heard). As
he walked over to the window to look down towards the exam room, he observed two officers inside the room
holding an inmate dovvn on the ground. He did not see what had caused the officers and inmate to go to the
ground. He could not tell at the time who the officers were, but they were both lying on top of the inmate t one
on his upper body and one on his lower body. holding him to the ground. They did not appear to be punching~
striking or using any other type of force on the inmate at the time. He then immedia.tely turned to Officer
Sturtevant and told her to hit her body alarm and he proceeded out ofthe Control Room towards the exam
room. As he arrived at the exam room., he was initially unable to enter the room due to the door being closed
(the door automatically locksjrom the inside when closed). As he looked through the window ofthe dOOf, he
could see the two officers still lying on top ofthe inmate in the same position. Someone then opened the door
for him and he entered the room. He could not recall who it was that opened the door. He was then able to
identify the two officers in the room as Sergeant Langenbrunner and Officer Cox. The inmate, later identified as
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Florida Department Of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
Report of Investigation
Paul Co DeG"ker, Inspector GenllJm,)

Case Number: 08-54466


Inmate Williams) was lying down on his stomach in a prone position with his head against the wall and his feet
sticking out into the center ofthe room. Sergeant Langenbnmnerwas on one side of Inmate Williams and
Officer Cox was on the other. One was holding down lnmate WUlimns' upper body and one was holding down
his lower body (fie could nor recall which one was on which side or holding down which part). Neither
Sergeant Langenbrunner nor Officer Cox were using any type of force on I.nmate WilliWIlS other than just
holding him down. lmnate Williams did not appear to be physically resisting in any way and the situation
appeared to be under control. Officer Pignatare :and Officer Oppe then arrived at the room. Sergeant Rhodes
advised them not to touch the inmate) due to his determination that the situation was contained and that he did
not want any additional staffmerobers involved in the Use of Force. He then turned to Officer Pignataro and
instructed him to go and retrieve a video camera (which is standard procedure for Use afForce incidents). At
that time~ Sergeant Langenbrunner stated to Officer Oppe iiHey Oppe, come get some"'. Officer Oppe then
walked over belrlnd Inmate Williams and began kicking him repeatedly in the lower body area. He did not
recall exactly where Officer Oppe had kicked him or exactly how may times. He (Rhodes) then yelled at Officer
to stop ldcking him and he stopped. Officer Pignatare then returned with the camera around the same
time~ followed shortly after by Captain Tapper. Sergeant Rhodes stated that neither he nOr Officer Pignatare
ever made any physical contact vvith Inmate Williams at any time during the incident. He also stated that other
than Officer Oppe kicking Inmate Williams, no other excessive force was used on lmnate Williams at any time
while in his presence. Sergeant Rhodes did not recall any conversations that may have taken place among the
other officers following the incident, specifically th.e One described by Officer Sturtevant. He explained that he
was in shock from what Officer Oppe had done and that he had not been paying attention to what was being
said around him. He stated that he has not had any contact with any of the other officers involved in the incident
since: that time.
(Exbibit A9 &: B8)


Officer Pignatare was interviewed and stated that at the time ofthe incident he had been assigned to 'C' Dorm,
which is right next to 'G' Dorm. He heard an alert over the radio signifying that a body alann had 'been
activated in '0' Dorm. He then immediately responded. At this time. he was unaware of what had occurred or
who may have been. involved. When he arrived in "G' Donn several seconds later, he observed Sergeant
Langenbrunner and Officer Cox inside the medical exam room on the ground with an inmate in what appeared
to be a "standard Use of Force'" He explained that the inmate, later identified as Inmate Williams. was lying
face down in a prone position with his head against the wall and his feet extending out towards the middle of
the room. Sergeant Langenbrunner was kneeling next to lnmate Williams' right side bolding down his lower
body and Office! Cox was kneeling next to Inmate Williams' left side holding down his upper body. Sergeant
Langenbrunner Wl:1S giving Inmate Williams verbal commands to stay down and not resist. Neither officer was
using any type of force on Inmate Willia:mB at the time other than to hold him down. Inmate Williams did not
appear to be resisting, either physically or verbally. in any way. Since the situation appeared under control,
Officer Pignatare: just stood there and awaited further instructions. Sergeant Rhodes then arrived at 'the other
door, which he had to open for him. Sergeant Rhodes then stood there for several seconds and then turned to
him (Pignatare) and told him to go and retrieve the camera. As he turned to leave the room., Officer Oppe
arrived at the door and "bulldogged" past him into the room. Officer Oppe immediately ran over to Inmate
Williams and said '~You made me run down here for no reason motherfucker". Sergeant Langenbrunner then
said something to Officer Oppe like '~Go ahead and gt:'lt some shots in before the captain gets here". At that time,
Officer Oppe began kicking Inmate Williams repeatedly between his legs and on his upper thigh and side area..

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Florida Department Of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
Report ofInvestigation
Paul C. Decker, lpspedor General

Case Number: 08-54466


Officer Pignatare then turned away and left the room to retrieve the C8mem. He then proceeded directly to ·C~
Dorm. to retrieve the camera. He believes that he was only gone for less than a minute before he returned with
the camera. When he returned to the exam room, Inmate Williams was still lying on the floor in the same
position with Sergeant Langenbru.nner and Officer Cox still in their same positions holding him down. Officer
Oppe was kicking Inmate Williams.repeatedly in the upper body, rib area and groin area while continuing to
yell obscenities at him. Inmate Williams had,significant blood covering his head and face mea that had not been
present when he had left the room. While Officer Oppe was kicking Inmate Willia:ms~ Sergeant Langenbnmner
was encouraging Officer Oppe by prodding him to keep kicking and to "get some more shots in before the
captain gets herel '. During the whole time~ Sergeant Rhodes was yelling at Officer Oppe, repeatedly telling him
to stop what he was doing. Several seconds later, Captain Tanner entered the dorm and began walking towards
the room. At that time, all the kicking and yelling ceased. Officer Pigna1:are denied that either he or Sergeant
Rhodes ever made any physical contact with Inmate Williams at any time. (Officer Pignatare did not turn On
the camera until after the captain arrived and instructed him to initiate the videotaping several minutes later)
Shortly after the incident, while he was standing with Officer Cox, Sergeant Langenbrunner approached them
and told them that "we all need to get our stories straight or else Oppe will be out of ajob". Officer Pignatare
responded that he did not know how he could make a story match with what happened. Sergeant Langenbrunner
then turned towards him lmd shouted something like "Out stories have got to match Pig" (Pig is Officer
Pignatare '5 nickname). Officer Pignatare stated that due to Sergeant Langenbrunner's demeanor and tone of
voice. he perceived that Sergeant Langenbrwwer was trying to intimidate him into not reporting the incident.
Several days after the incident, he received a phone call from Officer Oppe. Officer Oppe told him he was sorry
for what happened and for putting all of their jobs in jeopardy but that "if we get all of our stories straight, we
should be Ok'l. He then told Offioer Oppe that he needed to just go to the warden's office and tell him what he
did so he could get the rest of them "offthe hookl '. Office Oppe responded that he did not need to do that
because lithe PBA's gonna have that nurse's ass". Officer Pignatare then ended the conversation. He has not had
any other contact \1Vith any ofthe other officers involved since that time.
(Exhibit AI0 & B9)
A medical examination was conducted on Inmate Williams immediately following the Use of Force and a
follow up exam was conducted the next day. Inmate Williams received a laceration and severe swelling to his
right eye, swelling to his lips and right check, bruising and scratches to his face and forehead, bruising to his left
upper shoulder and back area and So minor laceration to his inner right thigh. Subsequent X-Rays taken ofhis
eye were negative. Multiple photographs ofthe injuries were also taken.
(Exhibits All &.. A12)
The Housing Unit Log 'for 'G' Donn from December 16,2008, which was completed by Officer Sturtevant,
indicated the follo'Wing:



At 9:56pm Inmate Williams declared a psychological emergency.
At 9:57pm Imnate Williams was escorted to the shower nex:t to cell 03103 by Officer Cox and Sergeant
At 9:58pm Nuts~ Henry was notified.
At lO:08pm Nurse Henry arrived in the donn.
At 10:1Opm Inmate Williams was escorted to the medical exam room by Sergeant Langenbrunner and
Officer Cox.
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Florida Department Of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
Report of Investigation


Paul C. Dooker, luspeetof General

Case Num.ber. 08-54466

At 10:1Spm a spontaneous Use ofForce occurs in the medical exam room involving Inmate Williams~
Sergeant Langenbrunner and Officer Cox,
At 10:16pm Officer Oppe, Officer Pignatare and Sergeant Rhodes respond.
At 10:18pm Captain Tapper enters the dorm
At 10:21pm Officer Pignatare begins camera operation.
At 10:23pm Nurse Lamy and Poretta enter donn
"" At 10:24pm Nurse Henry exits the donn.
At 10:46 Inmate Williams is escorted out of the donn by Sergeant Rhodes~ Officer Oppe, Captain
Tapper, Nurse Poretta and Officer Pignawe with the camera.


(Exhibit A13)

The fixed-wing camera system located in 'G' Donn sho'Ys Officer Cox approaching Inmate Williams' cell at
9:57pm (internal clock) and remaining at the cell door. Sergeant Langenbrunner then approaches the cell at
9:59pm and remains there for several seconds. At 1O:OOpm~ the cell door is opened and Inmate Williams is
escorted out ofllie cell and into the shower stall by Officer Cox. At lO:13pm, Officer Cox and Sergeant
Langenbrwmer escort Inmate Williams out of the shower and towards the wing door~ out of camera range.
Inmate Williams appears to be handcuffed behind his back at the time. Neither the medical exam room nor the
Control Room are in view of any ofthe cameras. There is no audio on the camera system.
(Exhibit 811)
The post use of force video, initiated by Officer Pignatare shortly after the incident and ending after Inmate
Williams was secured in his cell, was reviewed but did not reveal anything of significance.
(EXhibit B12)
Upon approval by the omee of Inspector GeDera~ a copy of thi!ii Investigative Report will be submitted to
Stephen B. Russell, State Attorney for the 20t\'l Judicial Circuit, for review aDd consideration of criminal
Once the courts have rendered a final decision in this case, an addandum to this report will be SUbmitted.


SeDior Fmon wspector


Prison. Inspedor Supervisor

---- Date

Chief Prison Inspector

_ _~_Date

Deputylll1spector General

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• I.

Florida Department of Corrections
Office of the Inspector General
Report of Investigation
Paul C. necker, Iuspector General

Case Number: 08-54466

Therefore, Affiant prays that a warrant for the above mentioned person, William

Langcllbrunner, be issued; contrary to the statute in such case made and provided, and against
the peac~ and dignity of the State of Florida, F.B.S. 944.35 (332) and 944.35(40).


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