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HRDC/PLN Fundraiser 2014

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Please Support Prison Legal News
and the
Human Rights Defense Center!
Prison Legal News, a project of the non-profit Human Rights Defense Center (HRDC), cannot fund its operations
through subscriptions and book sales alone. We rely on donations from our readers and supporters – like you!
PLN conducts just one fundraiser a year; we don’t bombard our readers with donation requests, we only ask
that if you are able to contribute something to our important work, please do so. Every dollar counts and
is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. No donation is too small, even books of stamps!

Where does your donation go? Here’s some of what we’ve done in the past year:

HRDC, a co-founder and leader of the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice, was instrumental in
getting the Federal Communications Commission to reduce the cost of prison phone calls, which
the FCC did when caps on interstate prison phone rates went into effect in February 2014!
PLN settled censorship suits against jails in Ventura County, California; Upshur and Comal
County, Texas; and Kenosha County, Wisconsin. In all of those cases, the jails agreed to change
their mail policies to allow prisoners to receive PLN and other correspondence.
PLN has other censorship lawsuits pending against the Nevada DOC, the Florida DOC and jails in
Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Florida.
HRDC settled a wrongful death suit brought by the family of a Washington state prisoner who died
due to inadequate medical care, and settled a lawsuit filed on behalf of a former prisoner who lost
her baby after guards at a CCA-run jail in Tennessee delayed sending her to a hospital.

With your help we can do more! Please send your donation to:
Prison Legal News, P.O. Box 1151, Lake Worth, FL 33460
Or call PLN’s office at 561-360-2523 and use your credit card to donate.
Or visit PLN’s website at and click on the “Donate” link.