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Mecklenburg County (North Carolina) Banned Books List - 2017

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(Tai Chi Chuan)
10 Minutes Too Late
30 Days of Night
33 Strategies of War
48 Laws of Power--mind control
50 by 50--gang and drug
50 Cent: From Pieces to Weight--gang and drug
A Deeper Love Inside (sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever)
A Diamond in the Rough
A Dollar Outta Fifteen
A Gangster's Girl
A Hustlers Son
A Hustler's Wife
A Project Chick by Nikki Turner
A Quick Bite
Afterburn by Zane
Against The Law
Airtight Willie and Me
Aline La Gloria por el Inferno
All God’s Children (Fox Butterfield)
All Or Nothing--Blake Carrington
Always Running
Amongst Thieves
Amor en el Desierto--Love in the Desert
An Accidental Affair

Animal - K'Wan
Baby Brother
Baby Girl
Baby Momma Drama
Batman, Rules of Engagement
Bedroom Bully
Betrayal-Naomi Chase
Betrayed--David Givens
Betweem Lovers
Big Girls Do Cry
Black and Ugly
Black and Ugly as Ever
Black Funk II
Black Gangster--gang
Black Girl Lost
Black Widow--Nikki Turner
Blindfolded Innocence
Block Party
Block Party 2 the After Party
Blood Sweat & Tears
Blow by Kwan
Blow - 50 cents & R'wan
BMF (Black Mafia Family)
B-More Careful
Book of Five Rings

Born on the Streets
Bringing Down the House
Busted Drug War Survival Skills
Busy Bodies
Candy Licker: An Urban Erotic Tale
Caramel Flava
Carl Weber
Cash Money
Celtic Magic--spells
Cha Chings
Chesley Awards--Nude Art
Chi-Kung: Way of Power--mind control
City Lights
Civil War-graphic novel
Classical Mythology
Confession of a Master Jewel Thief
Confessions of A Video Vixen
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Angel
Corrupt City----Tra Verdejo
Corrupt City 2----Tra Verdejo
Country Boy
Country Girl
Creep'n on the come up
Crushed Ice

Cut Throat
Daddy Cool
Daddy's Little Girl
De Los Maras A Los Zetas
Dead Broke
Deadly Embrace
Deadly Reigns
Dear G-Spot
Death Around The Corner
Death before dishonor
Death Rap-Tupac
Del amor y otros demonios
Den of Sin
Desperate Hoodwives
Diarie of a Groupie
Dirty Game
Dirty Money The girls are taking over the game
Dirty Old Men
Dirty Red
Dirty South
Dirty White Boys
Documentary of Eric Rudolph (96 Olymic Bomber)
Documentary of Timothy McVeigh (OK Bomber)
Doing His Time - By Nichelle Walker
Dollar Bill

Don Diva
Don't hate the player hate the game
Drama Is Her Middle Name
Drive Me Crazy
Dutch II
Dying For Revenge
E.A.R.L.--Autobiography of DMX--drugs
El amor los Tiempos Del Colera
El cartel de los SAPOS (drugs/gangs)
El Dorado Red
El Narco (Meixcan drug cartels)
El profeta de la muerte (drugs-gang)
El ultimo Don
Eleven Minutes
Empty Promises
Essential Asatru
Every Dark Desire
Every Thug Needs A Lady
Faking It
Fallen Star
Family Honor-Robert B Parker
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Fifty Shades Darker
Fifty Shades Freed
Fifty Shades of Grey

Fire & Ice
Flip Side of the Game
Force Character Design from Life Drawing
Forever a Huslter's Wife
Friends and Lovers
Friends with Benefits
Game Over (Azie Faison)
Gangsta by K'Wan
Gigolos Get Lonely Too
Girls from da Hood 9
Girls In The Game
God's Gift To Women
Got to be Real
Got Your Back: Protecting Tupac in the World of Gangsta Rap
Gotta Have It
Guilty Gucci
Heavy Traffic
Hit Man
Hittin' the Bricks
Hiungers of the Heart
Hold U Down
Hollywood Kids

Hood Rich
Hot Boyz
How To Cheat At Everything
How to Hustle and Win
Hustlin Backwards
I Am Ozzy
I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell
Iceberg Slim The Story of My Life Pimp
I'm Still Wifey part 1 & 2
In Cahootz
In My Father's House
In the Cut
In To Deep
Indecent Proposal--AC Arthur
Insatiable Appetites-----Stuart Woods
Inside a Thug's Heart
INSIDE-Life Behind Bars in America
It's All About the Moon When the Sun Ain't Shining
Jealousy Breeds Envy
Justify My Thug
Juventud En Extasis (Youth is Sexual Ecstasy)
Kenyatta's Last Hit
Killing Johnny Frye

Kings of Cocaine----Drugs portrays graphic illegal activity
Knee Deep in the Game
La Santa Muerte
La Vida Loca
Leonardo Da Vinci Flights of the Mind--inappropriate pictures
Lethal Seduction
Liar's Game
Life After Wifey
Little Black Girl Lost
Los Pepes (drugs-gangs)
Love Is Never Painless
Love Unleashed
Lover Awakened
Lover Revealed
Mafia-US Treasury Dept Bureay of Narcotics
Magic Voodoo Spells
Mama Dearest
Manga--Monster Book of
Mark of Voodoo
Married to the Game
Married to da Streets
Matara Pablo Escobar
Memoria de mis putas tristes (Memories of My Sad Whores)
MI Confession
Midnight and the Meaning of Love

Midnight Lover
Midnight: A Gangster Love Story
Mistral's Kiss
Monster----Sanyika Shakur
Monster The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member
Mortal Danger
Murder, Inc. The Story Of The Syndicate
Naughty or Nice
Nazi International
Never Die Alone
Night Fall
No Exit
No More Play
Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This
Nuestro hombre en la DEA--drugs and gangs
Omar Tyree
Once A King Always A King: Unmaking of a Latin King--drugs
and gang
Once Minutos
OSIEL drugs and gangs
P.K.'s Betrayal

Payback is a Mutha
Picture Me Rollin
Playa's Handbook
Player Haters
Power and Beauty (life on the street)
Purple Panties
Real Wifeys On The Grind
Reasonable Doubt
Rectangle of Sins
Respect The Jux
Resurrecting Midnight
retrato en sepia
Riding Dirty
Riding the Storm
Road Dawgz
Runecaster's Handbook
Santa Muerte
Secrets of a Side Bitch
Scar Tissue
Said the Shotgun to The Head
Sex and the Perfect Lover
She Ain't The One
Single With Benefits

Sister Souljah
Sleeping With Strangers
Slow-City Fast Killin
So You Call Yourself A Man
Soft As Steel-The Art of Julie Bell--Inappropriate Pictures
Something on the Side
Spells Halloween--spells
Spur Indian Maiden/Montana Minx
Stained Cotton
Stealing Candy
Still Hood
Still Wifey Material
Street Dreams
Street Fame
Street Kings
Street Player
Strip Tease
Sugar & Spice
Supply and Demand
Supreme Clientele
Taboo 2 Locked In
Tattoo Bible Book One

Tattoo Bible Book Two
Tattoo History
Tears of a Hustler 4-You've Been Warned
Te desafo a disfrutar del amor
That Which Concerns A Prince on the Subject of the Art of War
The Art of Mackin
The Art of Making Money The Story of a Master Counterfeiter
The Art of Seduction
The Art of War--mind control
The A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
The Block-----Treasure Hernandez
The Cartel
The Cartel 2
The Cartel 3
The Choir Director
The Coldest Winter Ever
The Complete Introduction to Drawing
The Criss Cross
The Day the Streets Stood Still-----Jaquavis Coleman
The Dopefiend
The Dopeman's Wife
The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
Criminal Phenomenon from the "Angels of Death" to The
"Zodiac" Killer
The Family Business
The Game
The Game Chose Me
The Glamorous Life

The Glamorus Life
The Heat Seekers
The Herion Diaries
The I-5 Killer
The Joy of Origami---has paper inside
The Luciano Story
The Pimp’s Bible
The Pink Palace
The Prada Plan 2 (Leah's Story)
The Preacher's Son
The Price of Pleasure
The Prophet (inappropriate pictures)
The Return of a Gangster's Girl
The Rites of Odin
The Satanic Bible
The Secret Life of a Vampire
The Secret Teachings of All Ages (inappropriate pictures)
The Set Up
The Sex Chronicles
The Sisters of APF
The Ski Mask Way
The Streets Keep Calling----Chunichi
The Strip
The Throat
The Tommy Good Story
The Trophy Wife
The Ultimate Scarifice------Anthony Fields
The Ultimate Scarifice No Regrets------Anthony Fields

The Vixen Diaries
The Want-Ad Killer
The West Nana
The Wretched of the Earth--Violence and Racism
Thieves Paradise
This Side of The Grave
Thug Lovin'
Thug Matrimony
Thugs and the Women Who Love Them
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
Tony's Story
To Paris With Love-----Carl Weber
Too Late To Say Goodbye
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Trap House
Tricky Baby
Triple Threat
Trouble & Triumph (power and sex)
True to the Game
True to the Game II
True to the Game III
Tupac-A Thug Life
Two Face

Up To Know Good
Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge
Vixen Diaries
Waking with Enemies
What Hurts the Most-----Tynessa
What They Want
White Man's Justice Black Man's Grief
Wife Extraordinaire
Woman of the World
Woodmills of the Gods
Working Girls
Working with Enemies
Worthy Of Her Trust, What you Need to Rebuild Sexual
Integrity and Win her Back
Z Rated by Zane