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Memo for ADX Inmates Selected for Interview, DOJ FBOP, 2014

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U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Prisons

United States PenitentiaryAdministrative Maximum

Florence, Colorado 81226

August 1, 2014




A recent court case has raised some issues about mental health care of inmates who are now
housed at the ADX and those that have been housed there in the past. In response, the Bureau of
Prisons (BOP) would like to look at how to better meet the mental health needs of inmates at the
ADX. The BOP is interested in meeting the mental health needs of all inmates under its care.
Review of your records and consideration of other information shows that you may have had some
mental health symptoms, issues, or treatment in the past. To figure out how to meet your current
mental health needs, the BOP would like to set up for outside mental health experts to talk with
you in person. Doctors (psychiatrists) from the community and Bureau of Prisons psychologists
from different institutions will come to the ADX to talk with you and others who have been
identified through this process. Doctors hired by the lawyers handling the pending court case will
also watch some of the interviews. This will support that there is a fair, fresh look at what your
needs are at this time.
Each interview will be held in a private room and should take no longer than 2 hours. Information
from the interview may help to develop a mental health treatment plan in your case. The
information from your interview will be both summarized in the consult section of your medical
record and be available for review during the court process identified above.
Being interviewed is voluntary bufwe hop~ you \Viii take part The doctors will discuss the purpose
of the interview with you again when they sit down to talk to you. You can ask more questions
about the process then. They will be asked to sign a form stating that you understand why you are
being interviewed. You can ask questions at any time during the interview and refuse to answer
any question that you do not want to answer. You can decide to stop the interview at any time.
When the interview is over the doctors will briefly talk to you about what they think your mental
health needs are. Information will be discussed with BOP psychology staff at the ADX so they can
begin to figure out how your needs can best be met. They will then discuss you how your future
mental health care needs could be met. If you decide not to take part in the interview, the Bureau
of Prisons will make decisions about how to best meet your mental health needs from the
information in your record and any other sources available in your case.
Taking part in this interview or deciding not to be interviewed will have no effect on the care you
receive, your release date, or eligibility for parole. Interviews will be scheduled within the next 30
Thank you for reading this notice. We hope you decide to participate.