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Ncdoc In-cell Exercises Control Unit

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Exercising not only helps maintain physical condilion bUI studies have shown Ih:1.I
exercise helps maintain psychological well-being, improves sleep patterns and deueases .
The ~ollowing exercises can provide an overall health henefit Set aside regular times
to exercise. It is recommended you start with stretching exercises as warm-ups. Start slowly
and increase the number of repetitions as ~'ou get used 10 doing each exercise: The more you
are able to do tbe greater tbe benefit.
iiI. Side Bend: Stand with legs comfortably apart. Raise arms straight overhead. Tilt body
gradually from one side to the other. Repeal several times each direction.
#2. Torso Twisl: Stand with legs comfortably apart. Raise both anns suaiglll out from your
side at shoulder height Keeping anns and shouldm in a straight line, Iwist your Ixxty right. then
Iwist to the left. Repeal
#3. Push-up: Feet on the floor, hands at shoulder width and flat on floor. Arms straight, slowly
lower chest close [0 floor keeping back straight. Push up until arms are extended. Repeat.
=~. Stomach-Crunch:
Lying flal on your back on your bunk. Cross arms on chest. Bend legs
at the knees. Lift upper torso and legs up off the bunk. Repeat.

#5. Arm PushlLift: Place righl hand on top of left hand directly in front of your chest.
Slowly push your left hand down with your right hand. Then push up with your left hand slowly
allowing your right ann to rise. Repeat increasing the amouDl of resistance. Switch hands anJ
#6. Leg Curl: Stand up straight facing away but close to bunk. Lift one leg and place heel
under lower edge of the bunk. Pull up with heel as if you are trying to lift the bunk, holding for a
count of len Repeat several times with each leg. Increase duration.
:.:- SquatfThrusl: Stand up straight legs and feet together. Lower body until you can place
one hand on the floor on each side of your body. Supporting body with hands, thrust legs out
straight behind you. Return legs to between your hands. Raise body to standing position. Repeal.
=8 .J.lternate Arm/Leg Lift: Kneel on all fOllrs on the floor. Ke:ping back straight, raise
your right arm and left leg to a horizontal position. Repeat several tImes. Altemate by raising len
arm and right leg 10 horizontal position. Repeat several times.
#9. Leg Squats: Stand with back against the wall. heels flat on the floor. Place hands on hips.
lower body, bending knees about half way. Keep heels on the floor. Rise back up to a standing
position. Repeat.

=10 Jumping Jacks: Stand with feet together, arms at your sides. Jump slightly and swing
both arms up to meet above your head. At the same time move each leg to the side. Then jump up
slightly again and return to original position. Repeat.