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Pn Doc Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications 2002

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Department of Corrections
Secretary's Office
(717) 975-4860
March 13, 2002


Issue 0 ' Policy NU'Tlbe" DC-ADM 803. Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications






Attached IS a copy of revised Policy NU:Tlber DC·ADM 803, Inmate Mail and Incoming
Publications that will be effective June 24, 2002. The r.ew policy affects the way that mail from
yOU" attorney will be handled. Unless the new policy is followed, all mail, including mail from
your attorney, will be opened in the mailroom of the facility where you are housed. "':"his
incoming mail will not be read unless security issues are raised.
The pol;cy was changed because the Department issued a new regulation on how mail f~om
attcrneys will be handled. The regulation was in response to ~ecent security and public health
concerns. The regUlation. 31 Pa Cooe §93.2, IS published in the Decefllber 12, 2()01.editlon
of the Pennsylvai'iiiiBull6tin. uYour attorney cannndlt at www.pabuHetin.cQrn. The attached
policy can also be found by you~ at:orney at the Department's website at

You are re~ponsiblQ for notifying your attorney of the new policy. You should inform your
attorneY' that if h~ or st1e wants to have mail from them opened in your presence, because he or
she ,snot able to communicate WItt: you in confidential telephone :aIl5. visits, or in any other
way. he or she must follcw the process in the new policy. Your attorney must hand-deliver the
mail to a DOC facility or comml.inity corrections center with the apprcpnate postage. It will be
Inspected for contraband by DOC staff in their presence. and then marked with a DOC stamp
shawir:g that it has been InspectBc. It will then be sealed and placed in U.S. ma!l. When It
arrives at your facility, It will be opened in your presence and Inspected for contraband. If your
attorney is not able to follow this procedure, and cannot communicate with you in another way,
he or she may contact your Fac:i1ity Manager 10 request oltoer means of delivery and inspection.
Although the regUlation went into effect on December 22, 2001, the Department will allow a 90
day grace period for you and your attorney te adjust to this new procedure. On June 24,2002.
the Department will begin following the new policy and all mail will be opened in the facility
mailroom unless the new procedure has been followed. A list of Department facilities and
community corrections centers that will aeceot mail is included In the attached policy.
You are encouraged to notify any attorney who may wish to mail you a confidential letter
of this change in polley as soon as possible. An extra copy of this memo is attached fOI
you to send to your attorney.

cc: Executive Staff
Regional Directors
Boot Camp Commander













Inspected on:



Pnnted Name


Reissue of Policy, Oc.AOM 803, "Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications" Memo Attachment A



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..- -1- - Approved
For Delivo

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-----------1------- .----

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Reissue of Policy, DC-ADM 803, '"Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications" Memo

Attachment B

Department of Corrections
Secretary's Office
(717) 975·4860
March 13. 2002

Reissue of Policy.
DC·ADM 803. "Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications"


Executive Staff
Regional Directors
Boot Camp C~mmander


Jeffery A. Beard, Ph.D.


Attached please find a copy of the revised DC·ADM 803. "Inmate Mail and
Incoming Publications" policy. The following changes were made in this version.

1. The incorporation of policy bulletins DC-ADM 803·1, DC-ADM 803·2, DC-ADM
803·3, DC-ADM 803-4. and DC·ADM 803·5.
2. The definition at "reasonable quantity" was deleted, as there was an error in
the reference to 9.6 cubic feet of storage space The amount of space of one
footlocker and two records boxes does not equal 9.8 cubic feet.
3. A definition of Storage Space has been added. The new definition reads as

Inmates in general popUlation shall be permitted storage space equal to four
records center boxes. This space may be made up of the four records center
boxes or orle footlocker and two record center boxes. In cells that i18ve a builtin, or a free standing storage cabinet, the inmate is permitted to use that space
and either two records center boxes or one footlocker.
Inmates in Disciplinary Custody status shall be permitted storage space in
accordance with Department policy DC-ADM 801, "Inmate Discip#ne."
Inmates in Administrative Custody status shall be permitted storage space in
accordance with Department policy DC-ADM 802, "Administrative Custody
Procedures, " Capital Case inmates shall be permitted storage space in
accordance with Department policy 6.5.8, "Capital Case Administration."

4. §VI. F. 4. b. (9) was deleted as this language was already contained in
subsection VI. A. 12.

ReIssue of Policy. DC·ACM 803, "Inmate Mall and Incoming Publicatons"
Page 2 of 5

5. §VI. D. 1. a. was reworded te read, "The facility's mailroom staff shall open
and inspect all incoming non..privileged correspondence." The phrase
"facility's mailroom staff shall" replaced the phrase "facility may" and the
remainder of the sentence was deleted. The reason for the deletior: is that this
language was also incfuded in §VI. D. 1.b.

6. A new. §Vl. D. 1. b, was added that reads, "Any item or material in nonprivileged correspondence (e.g. internet pages, news articles, etc.) that is
questionable in natLire shall be reviewed by the Incor.ting Publication Review
Committee for possible violations of §Vl. F. 3. a. and/or §VI. F. 3. b. of this
This change was made in response to a concern raised by one of the fasilihes
ihat noticed an increase in the number of printed internet pages that were
accompanyir.g non-privileged correspondence.

7. §VI. D. 1. b. was renumbered as §VI. D. 1, c. due to the new subsection being

8 The new procedures for handling incoming mall from the court or an inmate's
attorney have been incorporated into this version. (§Vl. B. 2.) These procedures
reQuire that the envelope used to mail the dccuments must be marked with a
Department stamp. (§VI. B. 2. t.) A stamp has been developed and a sample has
been attached to this me110 (Attachment A). Central Office will have the stamps
made and one will be supp:led to eactl facility.

9. §VI. B. 2. j. states, "An attorney who is unable to comply witr, the above
procedures, and unable to communicate with an inmate client through other
means, and written communication is the only reasonable way to transmit the
information, may seek advance permission from the Facility Manager at the
facility where the inmate is housed, to have correspondence delivered in some
other manner. The request must be in writing. shall explain why compliance
WIth these procedures is not possible. and shall propose an alternative means
of having the correspondence searched and delivered to the inmate. If the
Attorney provides no proposed alternative, the Facility Manager shall provide
an alternative with which the attorney shall comply."
The alternative shall be to allow the Attorney to mail the information to the
inmate via a postal carrier. When it is received at the institution, mailroom staff
shall open and inspect the mail in the mailroom. However. the opening and
inspection of the mail shall be video recorded and a log mamtained of all such
items opened outside the presence of the inmate. When inspections are to be
recorded, the staff member shall ensure that the following information is stated
on camera prior to conductir.g the inspections:

1. The name of the facility;

2. The date and time; and
3. Hislher name and claSSification.

Reissue ot Policy, DC·ADM 803. "Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications"
Page 3 of 5

The log {Attachment 8 of this memo) shall ir.clude tre following information·





name and address of the sender;
name and numbe' of the ir.mate that the mail is intended for;
date the mail was received;
date the mail was inspected:
The name of the staff member who ir.spectea the mall;
If the mail was approved for delivery; and
Comments if the mail was disapproved for delivery.

As this policy is contained in the inmate handbook, the Bureau of Standards.
Practices and Security will coordinate the printing and shipping of this policy to
your facility for distribution to the inmate population. Any questions you or your
staff may have concerning this policy should be directed to your Regional Deputy



: Policy Number:

Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications

:Date of Issue:
March 25, 2002
1_ _-


' Authority:





DC·ADM 803

I Effective Date

_-=-Je: .:.f r:":, ,:~J' ' ;' AA';.;. .~';: ;.;Be~a;.;. ;:rd: .!. .tP:.....:h..:..:..;.D::..;;._....:......

June 24. 2002

- -_ _....:...;



The Authority of the Secretary of Corrections to direct the operation of the Department of
Corrections is established by Sections 201, 206,506. anc! 901-8 of the Administrative
Code of 1929. 7~ P S §§61, 66.186, and 310-1. Act of April 9. 1929. P.L 177. No. 175,
as alT'ended.


The purpose of this document is to establish policy and procedures governing inmate mail
privileges and incoming publications:


This policy applies to all inmates and employees. volunteers, and contract vendors who
reside or work in facilities under the jurisdiction of the Department with the exception of the
Bureau of Community Corrections

A. Approved Inmate Name
The committed name and/or a name Change that is in accordance with Department
policy. 11.5.1. "Records Office Operations:'

~ 1·ABC·50-01. 1-ABC·5D-04, 2-CC·SC-01



DC·ADM 1103, Inmate

Mail and Incoming PublicarioR$ Policy

Page 2

B_ Sulk Mail
Adver.ising material. sales catalogs, and sales fliers that are specifically identified with

a uS Postal Service Bulk R.ate Stamp and do nol meet the criteria of a pu~"cation as
outlined in this directive
Camp Hiil Diagnostic and ClassIfication Center; Muncy DiaGnostic and Classification

D. Child Pornography
The presenlation of sexually explicit behavior involving or depictinS children, as 10 a
pholograph, intended t~ arouse sexual excitement

E. Contraband
An item that an inmate is prohibited from possessing or an item that an inmate is
permitted to possess, but which has been altered or is being used for something other
than ir's intended purpose.
F. Explicit Sexual Material
Pursuant to 18 Par C.S.A. §5903 explicit maierials include: any book, pamphlet,
magazine, printed matter however reproduced, which contains any picture.
photograph, drawing or similar visual representation or image of a person or portion of
the human body which depicts nudily. sexual conduct, or sadomasochistic abuse and
which is harmful to minors Explicit sexual material also includes that which contains
detailed verbal descriptions or narrative accounts of sexual excitement. sexual conduct
or sadomasochism abuse and which, taken as a whole is harmful to minors.
G. facility Manager
·The Superintendent of a State Correctional Facility or Regional Correctional Facility,
Commander of a Motivational Boot Camp, Director of a Community Corrections
Center. Director of the Training Academy.

H. Incoming Publications Review Committee (IPRC)

A committee of facility personnel selected by the Facility Manager at each facility, that
reviews incoming mail that may contain prohibited materials.

Indigent Inmate

An inmate shall be deemed indigent if the combined balances of his/her faciiity account
and any other accounts are $10.00 or less at all times during the thirty days preceding
the date on which lhe inmate SUbmits a request to a person designated by the Facility
Manager. Any inmate who refuses available work, although he/she is physically able
and is not precluded from work by virtue of hislher housing status. is not indigent for
the purposes of this policy and is not eligible for free stationery or to anticipate for

Page J

DC·"-fJM 803, Inmate Mati and Incoming Publi(;ations Policy

postagd Inmates who are self·confined may also be considered as refusil"g available
work although physically able as determined by the Program Review Committee
(PRe). Any ir.rnate who has funds in another acco~nt. which If deposited in his/her
facility account would bring his balance to more than $10.00, is not indigent. Any
inmate who has not made a good faith effort to manage his/her money so as to be able
to pay the necessary costs of litigation him/herself is not indigent.

J. Facility Mail Distribution System
The system used to deliver and pick-up nail from inmates within a facili~y.

K. Nude Photographs
As defined ,n 18 Pa. C.S.A. §5903, nude means "st:owing the human male or female
genitals. pUbic area 0" buttocks with less than a fully opaque covering, or showing the
female breast with less lhar. a fUlly opaque covering of any portion thereof below the
top of the nipple". A photograph is an image of a person, place. or object made using a
camera or device which exposes a photosensitive surface to light. Fer purposes of this
policy, pictures in a magazine or other publication of general circulation shall not be
considered photographs.

L. Obscene Material
The definition of obscene contained in 18 Pat
perlormance. if:

e.S.A. §5903, is "any material or

1. the average person applying contemporary community standards would find that
the subject matter taken as a whole appeals to the prurient interest:

2 the subject matter depicts or describes in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct
of a type described in this section (sexual COJ'ldl.!ct is defined as patently offensive
representations or descriptions of ultimate sexual acts, normal or perverted, actual
or simulated. inclUding sexual intercourse, anal or oral sodomy and sexual
bestiality; and patently offensive representations or descriptions of masturbation.
excretory functions, sadomasochistic abuse and lewd exhibition of the genitals):

3. the subject matter as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, educational or
scientific value.·
M. Opaque
Opaque refers to something dense. impervious to the passage of light.
N. Privileged Correspondence
1. Outgoing Privileged Correspondence: Outgoing rnail addressed to the follOWing
persons is privileged correspondence and shall not be opened outside the preser.ce
of the inmate who is sending It except as provided for in Section VI. D. 2:

DC·ADM 803. InmiltlJ Mail and Incoming PUblication:. Policy

Page 4

a. Elected or appoir.ted federal, state. or local officials: One to whom the inITiate
has petitioned 10 redress a grievance. The term elected or appointed official
includes. but is not limited to. the courts. the President of the United States. the
Governor. the A:torney General and the District Attorney. The term elected or
appointed official does not include the Veterans Administration, Bureau of Motor
Vehicles. Social Security Administration. Department of Education. the
Pennsylvania Prison Society, the Pennsylvania Soard of Probation and Parole
or to agencies to whom the inmate has applied for benefits.
b. Attorney: Any person authorized under applicable law to praGtice law and who
is engaged in an attorney/client relationship with the inmate addressee. All
correspondence to attorneys must be clearly marked with the attorney's full
name, or the full name and address of the Jaw firm, printed on the envelope for it
to be considered privileged.


Incoming Sealed Privileged Correspondence: Mail from the court or an inmate's
attorney that has been sealed pursuant to 37 Pa. Code § 93.2 and in accordance
wi~h the procedures set forth in Section VI. B. 2. of this policy.

O. Prurient
Obsessively interested in sexual matters; marked by an obsessive interest in sex;
alol/sing or appealing to an obsessive interest in sex.

P. Public Mall Systems
The United States Postal Service and private carriers who serve the public with
systems to move pieces of mail from one location to another.
Q. Publications

Printed material that is circulated among the public for conveying information. ThiS
includes newspapers, magazines, hardcover or paperback books, pamphlets and
newsletters. regardless of Postal Rate. that are not specifically intended for the
purpose of advertising or selling merchandise.

R. Storage Space
Inmates in general population shall be permitted storage space equal to four records
center boxes. This space may be made up of the four records center boxes or or.e
footlocker and two record center boxes. In cells that have a built-in, or a free standing
storage cabinet, the inmate is permitted to use that space and either two records
center boxes or one footlocker.
Inmates in Disciplinary Custody status shall be permitted storage space in accordance
with Department policy DC-ADM 801, 1Iinmate Discipline." Inmates in Administrative
Custody status shall be permitted storage space in accordance with Department policy
DC-ADM 802, "Administrative Custody Procedures." Capital Case inmates shall be
permitted storage space in accordance with Department policy 6.5.8, "Capital Case
Admin Istration.·'

. iQOQS£'

DC·ADM 803, Inmate Mail and Incoming Pub/icatioft!# Policy

Page 5

S. Undeliverable Mail
Mail thaI cannot be identified for delivery due to incomplete or incorrect information


It is the policy of the Department to provide ir.mates access to communication with
members of society through the established public mail system. to inspect mail, d~termme
the types of publications allowed, and to review publications intended for inmates.~
~estrictions shall be related direcUy to facility order and security, pUblic safety, and
otscenity laws and statutes. J



A. Mail Privileges
1. Inmates shall be permitted to correspond with the general public, their attorney, and
public officials.
2. There shall be r.o limit to the number of correspondents to whom an inmate may
send or from whom an inmate may receive mail. 4
3. Inmates are prohibited from:
a. corresponding with inmates, former inmates, parolees, probationers, codefendants, or victims of the ir.mates' criminal acts except wit~ the written
approval of the Facility Manager;
b. transferring or receiving through any means whatsoever. negotiable
instruments, money, or items of monetary value to or from any other inmate,
former inmates, parolees, probationers, co-defendants, or victims of the
inmates' criminal acts or their immediate families without prior written approval
of the Facility Manager;
c. corresponding with current or former employees, current or former volunteers. or
current or former contract employees except with the written approval of the
Facility Manager;
d. sending or receiving correspondence containing threatening or obscene
materials, as well as correspondence containing criminal solicitations or
furthering a criminal plan or misconduct offense;

a 1-A3C.5D-1J4, 1.ABC.5D.07
~ 3·4429 ..o\CI 3·4432. 1-ABC-SO-02

-.. ,srwt (Ui

c(c C


.(.'XC ..JiMU.....Qi


DC-ADM 803, Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications Poliw



e. uSlns the facility address to fraudulently identify nim/herself as an employee.
agent or representative of the facility: ~or example:
Theodore Smith, Paralegal
SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
FracKville PA 17932

f. writing to individuals who have informed the Department, in writing, that they do
not wish to receive conespondence from the inmate. This restriction is not to be
interpreted to infringe on the right of inmates to correspond with public officials
with regard to the perormance of their official duty;

g. corresponding with prohibited parties directed through a third party;
h. sending or receiving battery-operated greeting cards;


sending or receiving "bill-me-Iater" or free gift transactions: and
receiving correspondence or homemade artwork in correspondence that has
any item affixed to it with glue or other types of adhesives, including tape.
Unaltered commercially manufactured greeting cards. other than battery
operated greeting cards, will be permitted.

4. Each inmate will be permit~ed, without cost, to mail 10 one-ounce, first-class letters
per month. s

5. There will be no limit on the number of letters that an inmate may send at his/her

own expense. 6 Envelopes are available for purchase through Commissary. In the
event an inmate has purchased envelopes prior to a transfer to another facility, the
inmate shall be allowed a one-on-one exchange of envelopes upon arrival at rhe
new facility.

6. No obscene material or contraband shall be written or drawn on, or contained in.
U,e mail. Such mail will be opened, returned to the sender. or disposed-of at the
inmate's expense.
7. Outgoing. non-privileged correspondence may be opened and inspected if there is
reason to believe that the security of the facility may be impaired or this directive is
being Violated.'
8. All outgoing mail shall include on the envelope the full.approved inmate name, DOC
inmate number, and retum address printed in a legible, undisguised manner on the
upper. left-hand comer of the envelope. Envelopes not bearing this information will
be opened and returned to the inmate if identified.

5 3-4431. I.ABC.50-o3
e 1.ABC.50.02
1 1.ABC.50-05

DC·ADM 81JJ. Inmate Mall and Incoming Publi~afjon5Policy

Page 7

9. All outgoing correspondence will be stamped "Inmate Mail- PA. DEPT. OF
10. Inmates shall seal and place all outgoing correspondence in the collection boxes
provided in each housing unit arod/or other designated locatior.s.

11 All Inmates are prohibited from receiving nude photographs.
12. In accordance with 18 Pa.
obscene or explicit sexual
under the age of 18 found
SUbject to a misconduct in

C.S.A. § 5903. the Department will not disseminate
materials to inmates under the age of 1B. Any inma:e
to be in possession of explicit sexual materials will be
accordance with DC·ADM 801, "Inmate Discipline."

B. Privileged Correspondence
Outgoing Privileged Correspondence: In order to be treated as outgoing privileged
correspondence. the inmate's approved name and DOC number shall be printed in
a legible, undisguised manner on the upper, left-hand corner of the envelope The
letter must be addressed to a specific attorney, law firm or elected or appointed
federal, state, or local official as specified in the definition of ~Outgoing Privileged
Correspondence." (See Section IV. N. 1.)
2. Incoming Sealed Privileged Correspondence: Only mail from the court or an
inmate's attorney, sealed in the following manner, Will be opened and searched In
the presence of the inmate.
a. An attorney or authorized representative/designee may hand-deliver a sealed
confidential client communication to one of the facilities listed in Attachment A,
Department of Corrections Facilities. if the a~omey is unable to communicate
through alternative means.
b. The person making the de/ivel)' must do so dUring normal business hours
unless granted permission in advance by the Secretary or the Facility Manager
c. The person making the delivery shall provide valid identification and information
sufficient to verify that the person is the inmate's attorney or authorized
representative of ttJe attorney_
d. The person making delivery shall present the documents for inspection for
contraband. The documents must be unsealed and unbound when presented to
allow for search. They must be presented in an envelope on which sufficient
postage has been affixed, unless the delivery is made at the facility at which the
inmate is housed.
e A log (Attachment B. Incoming Privileged Mail Receipt Log) will be
maintained of the r.ame of the person who delivered the mail, narne of the staff
member who received the mail. the form of identification presented, a
description of the document presented for inspectIon, the number of pages and
tile date that it was placed in the U.S. mail.


DC·ADM 803. Inmate Mail and IncomIng


Publication.; Polley


Page 8

The documents will be searched, but not read. They will then be sealed in an
envelope in the presence of the person submitting the documents and the
tJerson will sign the envelope over the seal. The "envelope will be marked wi~h a
Department ~Privileged Correspondence Stamp' that indicates thai Department
staff has searched it and that it shall be opened in the presence of the inmate.

g. The envelope will then be placed in the U.S. mail, within 24 hours of receipt. by
the staff member who searched and sealed the envelope unless either the
delivery is made at the facility at which the inmate is housed or prior
arrangements for altemate delivery are made with the Facility Manager at the
facility accepting the documents.
h. Upon receipt at the facility where the inmate is housed. the envelope will be
unsealed and searched again for contraband in the presence of the ir:mate.

A court may direct delivery of court documents sealed from public disclosure to
an inmate by specific order. The court's representative shall deliver the sealed
documents and the specific court order to a facility listed in Attachment AI
Department of Corrections Facilities, and the document will be processed as
set forth for attorney mail above. Under no circumstances will documents filed in
a court of publIC record be delivered sealed to an inmate.



An attorney who is unable to comply with the above procedures. and unable to
communicate wi:h an inmate client through other means, and written
commur:ication is the only reasonable way to transmit the information. may seek
advance permission from the Facility Manager of the facility where the inmate is
housed. to have correspondence delivered in some other manner. The request
must be in writing. shall explain why compliance with these procedures is not
pOSSible, and shall propose an alternative means of haVing the correspondence
searched and delivered to the inmate. If the Attorney provides 110 proposed
alte rnaliv8, the Facility Manager shall provide an alternative with which the
attorney shall comply.


Pen, and Postage for Indigent Inmates

Upon written request, indigent inmates shall be provided with stationery and a pen, and
will be able to anticipate ~he cost for postage to file papers necessary to the good-faith
pursuit of legal remedies. e
1. No·Cost Stationary and Pens
a" An inmate who needs no-cost stationery may submit a request to the Facility
Business Manager or designee_ The request shall contain:

the date of the request:


the approximate quantity of paper needed to prepare the legal documents:

03-4262.3·4264. l-ABC-50-06


DC·ADM 803, Inmate Mail and Incoming Publif:iltions Policy

Page 9


whether a pen or the use of a pen is needed;


the current balance in his or her inmate facility account, if known: and


the caseidocket number, type of case, and location of filing.

b. The Business Manager/designee shall review the information contained in the
request slip and verlfy that the inmate has insufficient funds to purchase ~e
needed material. This determination will be based on the definition of "'ndigent
Inmate" in Section IV. I. of tI'1is policy.
c. The Business Manager/designee shall respond 10 the request within five
working days of receipt.
d. Upon approval, the inmate shall be provided free of charge:


the use or permanent possession of a common type of stick ball pen; and


a packet of fifty sheets of clean paper and fIVe sheets of carbon paper.
Paper must be 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size. Should the quantity of paper or
carbon paper provided prove 10 be insufficient, the inmate may submit a
request for one more additional packet per month.

2. Postage
a. Anticipated Postage



An indigent inmate, who must immediately file a legal document with a
court, shall be permitted to anticipate the deposit of funds into his/her
account to mail/egal documents to a court, attorney. or party to a laWSUit
by sending a reCjuest to the Business Manager/designee and antiCIpating
o!'l his/her account for the cost of mailing such documents.


The Business Manager/designee shall respond to the request within five
working days of receipt.


An inmate may anticipate on hislher account for legal mail up to $10.00 per
month. Under roo Circumstances, shall the Business Manager/designee
approve requests in excess of $10.00 per month.


After all court-ordered deductions are taKen in accordance with Department
policy DC-ADM 005, "Collection of Inmate Debts, II one hundred percent
(100%) of any monies received in an inmate's account will be used to
satisfy the postage debt.

Postage Limitations
An inmate will be permitted to anticipate the deposit of funds into hlslher
account for regular first-class postage only except that:

DC·ADM 803. Inmat!l Mall and Incoming Publications Policy

Page 10


a ·Petition for Review" to Respondents is the only legal document required
to be served by certified mail. return receipt;


an inmate may use, but is not required to use, certified mail, return receipt
to file and serve a ·Petition for Review" with the Court;


an inmate may not be permitted to anticipate the deposit of funds in:o
his/her account to mail documents in any :ase in which he/she is not a


any misuse of postage and incomplete or false requests shall be grounds
for disapproval of any further ar.ticipation for postage and for discipline; and


The inmate may appeal any decision regarding this section as outlined in
Department policy DC-ADM 804, "Inmate Grievances:'

D. Security

1. Incoming Correspondence

a. The facility's mailroom staff shall open and inspect all incoming correspondence
unless it is incoming sealed privileged correspondence that 'Aill be processed as
set forth in Section VI.B.2 above and opened in the presence of the inmate.
b. Any item or material in incoming correspondence (e.g., internet pages, news
articles, etc.) that is questionable in nature, shall be reviewed by the Incoming
Publications Review Committee for possible violations of Section VI. F. 3. a.
and/or Section VI. F. 3. b. of this policy.

c. Incoming correspondence, other than privileged correspondence, may be read
upon the wriHen order of the Facility Manager and reproduced upon written
order of the respective Deputy Secretary only when there is reason to believe
Ihat the security of the facility may be threatened. that this directive is being
violated. or there is evidence of criminal activity or of a misconduct offense.

2. Outgoing PriVileged Correspondence
a. Outgoing privileged correspondence will not be opened, read. censored, or
reproduced outside ;he presence of the inmate, except under the following

t 1)

with the prior written approval of the Secretary of Corrections or designee.
A request for approval to open, read. censor, or reproduce privileged
correspondence outside the presence of the inmate must be made ir1
writing to the Secretary and must state the reason for the request: and


permission will be granted only when there is reason to believe :he
correspondence may reveal or discuss planned or future criminal activity
including but not limited to the follOWing:

DC-ADM 803. Inmate Maillnd tncaming Publications Policy




any information relating to a possible escape:


the introductJon of weapons. drugs, money. or other contraband that
presents a clear threat to the security of the facility;


Any information relating to a possible prison disturbance or other
ac~ivity that presents a clear threat to the security of the facility; and


any information relating to other criminal activity. Specifics of
suspected activity must be provided.

b. A log will be kept of instances where mail is read, and the inmate will be no~ified
unless such notification would impede an investigation of misconduct or
suspected criminal activity. The inmate wi!! be notified that his/her mail was
read at the completion of the investigation.

E. Handling and Distribution of Mail
1. Outgoing mail placed in the housing unit collection boxes or other designated
locations will be collected each day. Monday through Friday. A reasonable effort
Will oe made to ensure that such maU is delivered to the US Postal Service on the
same day. Saturday's mail service may be available as determined by each
facility's needs and capabilfties. 9

Incoming mail, includir.g packages, will be processed as follOWS:

a. The facility will not accept any mail that has postage due.
b. All inmate mail wili be checked against the inmate roster.
c. If an inmate has been transferred or released. mall will be forwarded, unopened,
to the new address, if known. for 60 days. 10 If no forwarding address is
available, mail will be returned. unopened, to the sender. It is the responsibility
of the inmate to notify correspondents and publishers of a change of address.
d. If ar. Inmate elects to have mail held by the mailroom while on furlough or an
Authorized Temporary Absence (ATA), a formal notification. in wrJling, may be
required by the facility, and appropriate procedures will be established by the
e. Each facility will develOp local procedure to ensure that incoming sealac
privileged correspondence is opened and inspected in the presence of ihe
inmate. All remaining mail will then be opened. inspected and dislributed to the

.0 3 -4 4 38. 1·A9C·50-10

DC-ADM 803. Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications Poticy


Page 12

All incoming rnail will be delivered to the inmate within twenty.four hours and
packages will be held no more than forty-eight hours, excluding weekends and
holidays. i ~

g. Any inmate who receives letters of a disturbing nature should bring the matter to
the attention of the housing unit oHicer and make arrangements to discuss ttie
problem with his/he!" unit manager or counselor
3. Incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband in the facility's mail
roem. 12 Money orders and certified checks will be recorded, indicating the nature of
the receipt, the sender, the amount received, and the date. A DC-13GB, Cash
Transaction Receipt will be issued to the inmate for all amounts recei'led. The
money orders and/or certified checks will be forwarded to the facility Business
Manager who will deposit the money into the inmate's account.
4. The facility will not accept personal checks or cash sent through the mail. If a
personal check or cash is discovered during an inspection for contraband. the entIre
piece of mail is to be returned to the sender with a notice that it is being returned
because of non-permitted contents.
5. All incoming mail must include the approved inmate name and DOC number.
6 If incoming correspondence is determined to be undeliverable for any reason other
than those stated in Section VI. A. 3, it will be marked appropriately and returned to
sender at the inmate's expense or otherwise disposed of.
7. Incoming mail containing contraband will be confiscated and held fer further
inspection and disposition. The contraband will be returned to the sender (if known).
or it will be destroyed.
8. All correspondence which is read in accordance with this directive and appears to
be in violation of Section VI. A, 3 will be handled as follows:
a. the Deputy Superintendent for Facilities Management or designee will review
correspondence and will notify the inmate and the sender that the let:er is
b. the correspondence may be held for at least seven Working days after
notification is sent. to pennit reasonable opportunity to appeal the decision. The
Facility Manager will respond to all appeals and make a final decision as to
whether the correspondence shall be rejected: and
c. An inmate who VIolates this directive will not lose basic correspondence
privileges. However, violations may result in the monitoring of mail until such
time as it IS determined that further violations will not OCC'Jr. Any violation of this
directive may result in misconduct charges being filed.



3.44~.;. 3-4436; ~-ABC-5D-06


3-4435: l-ABC.So-07

DC-ADM 803, (nmareMail and Incoming Publications POlicy

Page 13

9. Bulk Mail
Most magazines and newspapers are sent in by bulk mail. Since the inmate has
paid subscription for and newspapers. they are to be permitted.


10. Certified or Registered Mail


Each facility will establish procedures in cooperation with the local Postmaster
for the processing of certified and registered mail.

b. Determination of mail to be sen~ by these methods will be the responsibility of
the inmate.
c. Except as provided in Section VI. C, the inmate must have funds available in
hislher account and an approved cash slip for such postage paymer.t in order to
send mail certified or registered.

11. Inmate Organization Correspondence.
a. Only approved inmate organizations as defined by Department policy 7.8.1,
"Inmate Recreational and Therapeutic Activities" may send and receive

b. Payment of postage is the responsibility of the inmate organization.

c. All incoming and outgoing inmate organization correspondence must be
reviewed and approved by the facility staff coordinator for the organization.
d. All outgoing correspondence must be reviewed by the staff coordinator for the
organization ~o ensure compliance with Department policies.


Outgomg correspondence must be sealed and delivered to the mailroom by the
staff coordinator.

F. Incoming Publications
1. General Procedures

All publications must be received from the original source. Covers of
hardbound publications may be damaged through examination or removed
where inspection of the cover is deemed necessary and no reasonably-available
alternative form of inspection is adequate.

b. Magazines must be mailed directly from the original source. Single copies of
smaillener-sized pamphlets may be received in regular correspondence from
family me."bers. friends, or religious advisors.
c. Newspapers may be mailed or delivered to the facility.

--".. -_.----.- ----.


.... , : • • e






DC·ADM 803. Inmate Mail ""d Incoming Publications Policy

• •"


P,glt 14

d Publications. new or used. that are sent di:-eetly from a publisher, bookstore.
book club, distributor, or department store will usually be deemed ~o have come
from the original source.
e. Newsletters and other mail from recognized non-profit religious and charitable
organizations. when addressed to an individual inmate shall be delivered to :he
inmate even if rr.ailed at less than first or second-class mail rates (i.e., bl.llk 'Tlail

If a publication con:ains questionable content, mailroom personnel, education
staff, or the librarian will be responsible for forwarding these pUblicatior.s to the
Incoming PUblication Review Commit~ee (IPRC).

g. An inmate may receive more than one copy of any publication only with special
approval of the IPRC.
h. Upon transfer, publications approved at one facility will not necessarily be
permitted in another facility. The IPRC at the receiving facility will review any
publications that are deemed questionable.

Upon receipt of mail sent at less than First or Second Class Rate. the mail
inspector will verify that the stamp specifically states -Bulk Rate" and if the
words ·Sulk Rate" are not printed on the mail, it will be processed as incoming


However, If the words "Bulk Rate n are marked on the item. Ihe mail Inspector will
determine if the item meets the definition of a publication as defined in Section
IV. Q. If the criteria for a publication are met, it will be accepted and processed
in accordance with Sections, VI. E. and F, regardless or the postal rate at which
it was mailed. Although. if the Item has a Bulk Rate Stamp, but does not meet
~he criteria for a pUblication, delivery will be refused.

2. Review Process
a. The IPRe will determine whether written or printed material is a publication
witt-in ten days after the material is received.
b. Each issue of a pUblication will be reviewed individually. No pUblication will be
banned without review unless it appears on the monthly circulated banned list.
.Ivly publication that contains one or more sections dealing with prohibited topics
must be disapproved in its entirety. If a publication is disapproved because of a
section(s) dealing with prohibited topics, facility staff or the original source may
not alter the publication by removing the prohibited section(s) :n an attempt to
make the p;.JblicatlOn acceptable. The publication must remain in its original

The contefll will be reviewed against the criteria listed in Sections VI. F. 3. a.
and b. below

DC·ADM 803, Inmate Mall and Incoming Publications Policy

P,ge 15

d Publications that are extensively circulated throughout the general public will not
be excluded for the sole reason that they contain se)tually-explicit materials,
however, they may be excluded if they contain materials prohibited by the
critena guidelines.

e. The committee will communicate its decision to the inmate and copy troe Facility
f. If a publication is disapproved the reason(s) will be included.
g. No publication shall be prohibited solely on the basis :hat the pUblication is
critical of penal facilities in general, of a particular facility, of a particutar facIlity
staff member, of an official of the Department or of a correctional or penological
practice in this or in any other jurisdiction.

3. Criteria
Requests for and receipt of publications may be disapproved when the pUblications
contain the following' 14

a Securily Issues





information regarding the manufacture of explosives. incendiaries.
weapons, escape devices or other contraband;


instruction regarding the ingredients or manufacture of poisons, drugs. or
intoxicating beverages;


writings which advocate Violence, insurrection or guerrilla warfare agamst
the government or any of its facilities or which create a danger within the
context of the correctional facility;


writings that advocate, assist or are evidence of criminal activity or facility


racially inflamma.ol)' material or material that could cause a threat to tt:e
inmates, staff, and security of the facility will be prohibited entrance imo the


maps, road atlas, etc. that depict a geographic region;


non-privileged mail contaimng official documents Ii e., driver's license. birth
certificate, welfare card, medical cards, etc.). These documents will be
confiscated and placed in the designated safe. The correspondence only
will be forwarded to the inmate; and


803. Inmate Mail and Incoming Publications Po/icy


Page 16

the above criteria should not be interpreted so broadly as to require
disapproval of recognized textbooks in chemistry, physics or :he social

b. Obscenity Issues
The following categories of matenal are considered "obscene":

where one of the participants in the act is, or appears to be, nonconsenting;


where one of the participants appears to be forceful, threatening: or violent:


where one of the participants is dominating one of the o~her participan:s
and one of the Individuals is obviously in a submissive role or one of the
participants is degraded. humiliated, or willingly engages in behavior that is
degrading or humiliating;


one of the participants is a child/minor, or appears to be a child/minor;


where there is actual penetration, be it pel1i1e/vaginal-oral, penile-anal. or
penile-vaginal; digital-anal, digital-vaginal: or insertion of any inanimate
object in a body cavity, or the depiction in the context presented is deemed
to be opposed to legitimate penoiogical objectives;


where any bodily excretory function is depicted;


where the material depicts bestiality, sadomasochistic benavior. or
bondage: andJor


materials that depict or expressly encourages violent or assaultive sexual
conduct, or involuntary deviant sexual contact.

4. Appeal Process
a. Inma~es shall have the right to appeal a decision that results in the disapp!oval
of a publication in accordance with Department policy DC-ADM 804.

If the decision IS appealed, the mailroom officer will hold all questionable
publications until the appeal process is completed.

c. The publication will be forwarded to the mailroom officer for final processing.
d. If the inmate chooses not to appeal, a cash slip should be sent to the mailroom
in order to mail the publication out. If the inmate refuses to submit a cash slip
wit1"in fifteen days of the decision, the publication WIll be deslroyed.

DC·ADM 803. InmareMail and Incoming Publicarions Policy

Page 17

5. Denied Publication Listing

By the fifteenth of each month, ~he IPRC from each facility will forward a list of
pUblications that were disapproved at their facilities for that month and the
justification for denial. to the Executive Assistant :0 the Secretary/dElslgnee at
Central Office.


The Executive Assistant to the Secretartldesignee will compile a !"1onrhly list cf
all publications denied and, upon completion, distribute the list to the IPRC at
each facility.

c. All publications on the denied publications list will be denied at all facilities.
d. In the event that the decision to deny a publication is reversed via the appeal
process, the Executive Assistant to the Secretary/designee shall notify the IPRC
at each facility that the publication is to be permitted.
6 Possessions of PUblications
a. Each inmate in general population is permitted to retain the following Quan:ity of
publications in hislher cell:

(1) three newspapers;
(2) 10 magazines; and
(3) 10 books (school books or otherwise). unless additional books are approved
by the facility's education department.
b. Inmates in Administrative Custody, Disciplinary Custody and/or a Special
Management Unit wiD be allowed to retain quantit.ies of written materials as
outlined by the respective Department policies on those subjects.

In an emergency or extended disruption of normal facility operation. the Secretary, or
designee may suspend any provision or section of this policy, for a specific penod.

This policy does not create rights in any person nor should it be interpreted or applied in
such a manner as to abridge the rights of any individual. This policy should be interpreted
to have sufficient flexibility so as to be consistent with law and to permit the
accomplishment of the purpose(s} of the policies at the Department of Corrections.

DC-ADM 8DJ, Inma'(J Mail and I"comlng Publications Policy


Page 18

A. Release of Information

1. Policy
This policy document is public information and may be released upon request.

2. Procedure Manual (if applicable)
The procedure manual for this policy is not public information and shall not be
released in its entirety or in part, without the prior approval of the Secretary of
Corrections or designee. This manual or parts thereof, may be released to any
Department of Corrections' employee on an as needed basis.
B. Distribution of Polley

1. General Distribution
The Department of Corrections' policy and procedure manuals (when applicable)
shall be distributed to the members of the Central Office Executive Staff, all Facility
Managers, and Community Corrections Regional Directors on a routine basis.
Distribution to other individuals and/or agencies is sUbject to the approval of the
Secretary of Corrections or designee.
2. Distribution to Staff

It is the responsibility of those individuals receiving policies and procedures, as
indicated in the "General Distribution" section above, to ensure that each employee
expected or required to perform the necessary procedures/duties is issued a copy
of the policy and procedures.



A. Superseded Policy
,. Depar.ment Policy

This document supersedes the following


DC-ADM 803, Inmate Mail Privileges issued January 22.2001 by former
Secretary Martin F. Horn.
b. DC·ADM 603·1. Inmate Mail Privileges issued June 11,2001 by Secretary
Jeffrey A. Beard, Ph.D.
c. DC·ADM 803-2, Inmate Mail Privileges issued October 24,2001 by Secretary
Jeffrey A. Beard, Ph.D.

2. Facility Policy and Procedures
This document supersedes all facility pOlicy and procedures on this subject.


803, Inmate Mailllfld Incoming Publications Policy

Page 19

13. Cross Reference(s)
1. Administrative Manuals

a. DC-AmI. 005. Collection of Inmate Debts
b. DC-ADM 801, Inmate Discipline
c. DC-ADM 802. Administrative Custody Procedures
d. DC-ADM 804, Inmate Grievances
e. 6.3.1. Facility Security
f. 6.5.8, Capi1a1 Case Administration
g. 7.8.1. Inmate Recreational and Therapeutic Activities
h. 11.5.1, Records Office Operations

2. ACA Standards
a. Administration of Correctional Agencies: 2-CO-5D-01
b. Adult Correctional Institutions: 3-4262, 3-4264, 3-4434, 3-4429,.3-4430, 3-4431,
c. Adult Community Residential Services: None
d. Adult Correctional Boot Camp P~ograms: 1-A8C-5D-01, 1-ABC-5D-02, 1-ABC50-03, 1-ABC-5D-04, 1-ABC-50-QS, 1-ABC-5D-06, 1-ABC-5D-07, 1-ABC-5D-

08, 1-ABC-SD-09. 1-ABC-5D-1 0



. !\

Correctional Training Academies: None

. ( ,.1


, ,

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DC.ADM 603.lnmatfJ Mail and Incom;ng Publications







Attachment A. Page 1 of 2


i t i,,:,i,",!W~




=",:.w<i".'!,.'~,.t!~!'!' ,

Community Corrections Centers
Region I
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ece #4
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Telepnone; (215) 560-5326

Region II


1235 Elme~on A'Jenue

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Region III
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Telephone: (412) 565·5657
915 Ridge A"enue
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Te!ephona: (412) 322·6806


ece #2

501 North Neg:ey Avenue
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Telephone: (412) 565-5360

423 West Sift Slteet
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535 South Aiken Avenue
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300 West State Slree!
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Telephone (724) 983-513S

DC·AOM 803, Inmate Mall and Incoming Publications


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.--------_._-- ------- ---_.---------- ----__



Name of the Person

~ 1 M -I
c:liveccu C Ie al

".n. D'


FoOD of Iden. fica';on

Name oflbe 513fT Member
th "'1 oJ
Documenl nf"scnpliufI
ccelvmg C l ' :u
------- ....
--.-------..- -

1---_._---.. _---1--._--------=--+---- ..---.-----






Number of
I).\gcs of rhe

Daw rhe Rt:c:civt:d
Mail was placed U1
Ihe U.S Mall

-- - -.



1---------4- ----.-----l---------

J---------- -


Mail3eceipt L~g_ _

Presented by (he Person
'VIto Deljv~red .heMail



.In.~~mlng Privileg~~

- --._.

l--- ---







------- -1-------------1----- - - - - - - - - - j.. ----------1- -- --_.,


1------------. -------------1----- - - - - ---1-----------------_. -- .- --- ---._--_. ----- .. _-_.---------- .-, - -_ _ --

- ..

- _ --


DC·ADM 803, Inmate Mail and Incomino Publications

-._- - ' ---.




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