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Police Manual - Complaints, Cincinnati PD OH, 2003

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Standards Manual 55.2.2, 82.1.5


A.   Complaint Report Form Processing:

     1.    An officer receiving a complaint or request for police service
         requiring follow-up investigation in instances where no other
         official reports are required, will complete a Complaint Report
         (Form 305).

         a.   Record all information required on the form.

              1)   Record the district complaint number following that of
                  the previous complaint.

              2)   The disposition due date is determined according to the
                  amount of time needed to handle the complaint or provide
                  the service requested, but in no case be more than 10

                  a)   A supervisor must approve additional time and adjust
                       the complaint due date if additional time is
                       necessary to provide needed service.

                       1]   Inform the district/section commander of any
                           complaint due date extension granted.

         b.   Record the complaint or request for service in the Complaint
              Control Book.

              1)   This book will be a ledger type record, with the
                  following headings: Date, Complaint Number, Name and
                  Address of Complainant, Nature of Complaint, and Closure

     2.   Forward the original copy of Form 305 to the district/section
         commander for review.

              1)   Place a copy of the form 305 in the roll call folder.
                  After reading at roll call, supervisors will initial
                  these reports and:

                  a)   Provide a copy of the form to the investigating

                  b)   File a copy of the form in the district Complaint
                       Tickler File.

     3.   Upon receiving a Form 305, officers will investigate or render
         service as soon as possible.

         a.   They will record information concerning their investigation
              and action taken under the Disposition Column on the form,
              giving their name, relief, and disposition date.

         b.   Return the form to the supervisor after necessary action is
              taken or the disposition is due on the report.

     4.   When the investigating officer turns in a Form 305, the supervisor
         will review the action taken.  If he approves, he will initial the
         report and forward it to the district/section commander for

         a.   If approved by the district/section commander, a supervisor
              will mark it from the Control Book using the closure date and
              file the original report alphabetically and/or numerically in
              the Closed Form 305 File.

     5.   If either the district/section commander or the supervisor does
         not approve of the action taken or feels additional action is
         required, the supervisor will:

         a.   Assign a new disposition date to the report and return the
              officer's copy with appropriate instructions.

         b.   Return the district copy to the Tickler File as indicated by
              the new disposition date.

     6.   Use the complaint form procedure for letters from the Office of
         the Police Chief and other unit correspondence requiring police

     7.   At the beginning of each shift, the OIC will check the tickler
         file for reports that are due.