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Police Manual - Info Desk, Cincinnati PD OH, 2003

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Procedure 18.120 - Standards for Releasing Information to the News Media


To establish a centralized location for the collection of police
information for internal use by the Police Chief and command staff on a 24-
hour basis regarding current crimes, investigations, major incidents,
pending events, or activities where potential hazardous crowd situations
may develop.


A.   Information Desk:

     1.   The information desk is located at Police Communications Section
         (PCS), Line 3920.  Officers with items for the desk will call Line
         3920 and ask for the PCS officer in charge (OIC).

B.   Responsibilities:

     1.   The OIC on each working shift assigned to the districts/sections
         listed in Section B.1.b. will ensure the required information is
         immediately telephoned to the information desk when it becomes

         a.   Personnel are never to refer queries from the news media to
              PCS.  Personnel who receive such requests for information from
              the news media will refer to Procedure 18.120 (Standards for
              Releasing Information to the News Media).

         b.   In addition, the OIC on each working shift will ensure the
              information desk is telephoned according to the following
              schedule to ensure no information has been overlooked:

              District 1              0500-1300-2100 Hours
              District 2              0505-1305-2105 Hours
              District 3              0510-1310-2110 Hours
              District 4              0515-1315-2115 Hours
              District 5              0520-1320-2120 Hours
              CIS                     0525-1525-2325 Hours

     2.   Information regarding the following offenses or situations should
         be telephoned to the information desk.  If more than one offense
         occurs, each offense will be reported.

         a.   Major Offenses:

              1)   Homicide

              2)   Aggravated Robbery

              3)   Rape

              4)   Aggravated Arson

              5)   Kidnapping and Abduction

              6)   Felonious Assault

              7)   Any offense where an injury occurs which might result in

              8)   Any offense where an unusual amount of items is taken or
                  an unusual amount of damage results

              9)   Any offense involving explosives

         b.   Shots fired

         c.   Severe injuries to police personnel

         d.   Critical missing persons

         e.   Use of force (hospitalization required)

         f.   Stakeouts (unless secrecy is necessary)

         g.   Any incident where trouble is anticipated:  strikes,
              demonstrations, rumors, crowds, details, areas of racial
              tension, parades, athletic events, etc.

         h.   Fatal automobile accidents, spectacular automobile accidents
              or automobile accidents involving injury which might result in

         i.   Any event which, in the opinion of the OIC,

     3.   The OIC of each working shift will ensure dispositions are
         telephoned to the information desk as soon as they become

     4.   PCS will record the information received on an Information Desk
         Report (Form 643).

         a.   Deliver four copies of the report to the Patrol Bureau
              Commander by 0800 hours each weekday morning.

         b.   PCS will file the original report by date.

     5.   Before the end of his tour of duty, the third shift OIC will
         provide the news media with pertinent information from the
         information desk via the police voice mailbox system.