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Police Manual - Sex Offenders, Cincinnati PD OH, 2003

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Cincinnati Municipal Code Section 717 - Community   Notification
Ohio Revised Code Section 2950 - Sexual Predators, Habitual Sex Offenders,
                              Sexually Oriented Offenders
Standards Manual - 55.1.1


The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is required by state law to register
sex offenders living within the county.  The process requires verification
of a sexual predator's registered address.  Due to the hours of operation,
the Sheriff's Office may be unable to verify the addresses of certain
sexual predators living within the city limits.

Cincinnati Police Department personnel will verify the address of a sexual
predator when the Sheriff's Office is unable.  Assistance requests will be
submitted to the Community Oriented Policing (COP) Coordinator in the form
of a Confirm Residence Packet.


Neighbor - one living or located near another

Neighborhood - being immediately adjacent to or relatively near another

Notification - personal notice to an adult family member

Verification - a personal check of the listed residence by Police
           Department personnel of a person determined to be a sexual


To establish a procedure for processing the Hamilton County Sheriff's
Confirm Residence Packet.

To initially verify the address of a person classified as a sexual

To perform periodic checks every 90 days to substantiate the place of

To protect the citizen of the community from known sexual predators.


A.   Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Community Verification Follow-up:

     1.   After an initial attempt to verify the sexual offender's
         residence, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office will forward a
         Confirm Residence Packet to the COP Coordinator.  The packet will
         contain the following:

         a.   Sex Offender Residence Verification/ Neighbor Notification

         b.   Press Board laser photo Predator Sheet

     2.   The Sex Offender Residence Verification/ Neighborhood Notification
         Form will be documented with "unable to verify," including the
         date, time, signature and badge number of the Deputy Sheriff who
         attempted the first step of the process.

     3.   Neighborhood officers will personally verify the address exists
         and the offender resides at that address.

         a.   Personal identification is required when an offender is
              residing in a halfway house as a condition of the offender's
              parole.  A phone call to the facility will not be accepted.

              1)   Obtain the signature of the sexual predator if possible.

         b.   Verification will be completed within five days of receipt of
              the Sex Offender Residence Verification Form, or until
              verification is made.

         c.   If unable to verify the offender's residence or the
              investigation determines the offender does not live at the
              given address, a brief explanation of the investigation
              results will be required for prosecution.

     4.   Notify adjacent neighbors of the offenders' presence in the
         community and record this information on the Sex Offender
         Residence Verification/Neighborhood Notification Form.  List the
         address and name of the neighbor who receives the notification.

         a.   If the residential area is a single family dwelling, the
              neighborhood officer will notify an adult member of each
              household immediately adjacent to the subject.

         b.   If the building has four or less separate residences, the
              neighborhood officer will notify an adult member of each

         c.   If the building has more than four separate residences, the
              neighborhood officer will notify an adult member of each
              residence on the same floor as the subject.

         d.   Accurate address information of neighbors is imperative.  The
              Sheriff's Sex Offender Coordinator will make subsequent
              neighbor notifications using a form letter, which will be
              mailed to the neighbors' residence.

     5.   Return completed Confirm Residence Packet to the COP coordinator.