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Press Release Ca to Allow Domestic Partners Conjugal Visits Resnick 2007

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~ck E79732
e Creek state Prison
Post Office Box 409020
lone, Cllifornia 95640

PCl2-, "-JT

PaUl. Wright, Etlltor
Prison legal News
2400 NW 80th street, No. 148

seattle, Washington 98117

1, 2007




Pl\~S (l)'.lJU~L



The purpose of this correspondence is to inform your office that the Cali forma
Department of Corrections & 'Rehabilitation has amended regulations, to permit
O:xJestic Partners to have cxmjugal visits. 'n1e text of the proposed press release
is as fa ows.
"On March 23, 2007, as a result of C'a i forma ~sembly 'II 205, and the resulting
amend'oent to california Family Code Section 297. 5( a), the Cali forma Department
of Corrections proposed an amendment to the California Code of Regulations, to
permit conjugal visits with <bnestic partners. ~ding to the Inltia staten:ent
of Reasons, the a:x:::R finds that I fm any Californians have formed
coumi.tted, and caring relationships with persons of the same sex. (~1 This amend'oent
"'Ould extend the rights of persons registered as domestic partners such that,
registered partners of inmates 'NOuld be g1Yen the same rights as those provided

to spouses.


For your reference, please find a ropy of the prop::>sed rule chanCje, entitled Notice
of Change to Re9Ulations, ~umber 07/04. Any revisions made to this can be viewed
You my find this very interesting, in the progressive state of California.
Should your office have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please
cb not hesitate to contact lie at the address listed at the top of this page. I
am subscriber number 3755.

Very truly yours,