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Securus - J Section Rates and Fees

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I will notify the County and City of San Francisco and the San Francisco Customer lf my company's headquarters moves"
Proposer Name:
Securus Technologies, LLC
Authorized Representative:
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"I certify that my company is headquarted at the following address: 400J lntrnia,iooal l'arkway. c.mulhoo. TX 75007


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To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information presented in this proposal is true and complet,. I further acknowledge a continuing obligation to update the proposal if material
discrepancies are discovered. Failure to do so may result in this proposal being disqualified from further consideration.
Proposer Name:
Securus Technologies, LLC
Authorized Representative:
%. ..

z.h. \

AII calls and video visits, including international calls, shall be processed as free
through the IPTS or WS scheduling program.

In Option 2, Proposer shall:
1} Propose a flat per-incarcerated person telephone & video station lease fee that
shall be payable by City on a per station basis covering the scope of the RFP
associated with the IPTS & optional WS. The per-incarcerated person telephone &
video station lease rate shall be applied to new incarcerated person telephone


AII calls and video visits, including international calls, shall be processed as free
through the IPTS or WS scheduling program.

In Option 1, Proposer shall:
1} Propose a fixed annual cost amount that shall be payable by City in equal
monthly increments covering the scope of the RFP associated with the IPTS &
optional WS.


Securus Financial Offer Summary
Securus has thoughtfully designed a fully compliant, solution-based proposal to support
and serve the City and County of San Francisco, the Sheriff’s Department and the
constituents you serve in your goal to provide no cost communication services to help
reduce recidivism. Securus has provided solutions to eliminate costs and, by extension,
reduce recidivism by increasing the communication options available to those
incarcerated without reducing services. The solution is designed to deliver proven
efficiencies, provide advanced investigative capabilities while offering multiple
communications methods, all at no cost, to the entire incarcerated population
and their loved ones. These features and capabilities, coupled with our
communications platform, will meet the safety, security, inmate calling and video
visitation needs of the City and County of San Francisco, the Sheriff’s Department, local
law enforcement and the stakeholders you serves throughout the term of the
agreement. Securus seeks a collaborative partnership with the City and County that
brings its leading-edge technology applications and best practices from its superior
market position in more than 3,450 agencies throughout the country. Together, Securus
wants to bring its expertise and experience to the City and County of San Francisco
through an on-going relationship. We will work with you to continually improve the
products and services we deliver on your behalf and evolve as your needs evolve.
Our powerful communication systems, automation services, and proven investigative
tools, used nationwide by law enforcement -- in local, state and national agencies -- will
deliver proven results to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department by increasing
operational efficiencies while also eliminating operational costs while enhancing
service options to inmates, their family and friends. Correctional officers will also be
safer and better equipped to serve and protect their communities armed with the
technology, tools and solutions that allow them to focus on the agency’s core mission
and their day-to-day primary duties. Securus will deliver a turnkey solution backed by
over 33 years of experience in this industry. Our dedicated project management team
provides a seamless transition to our system, including any necessary integration; and
our highly-trained, specialized support team will ensure that the County reaps all the
benefits of its new systems. We are committed to delivering industry leading inmate
communication solutions, process automation and unequalled law enforcement tools –
all within the required timeframe, meeting ADA compliance requirements, and with the
proper internal and agency staff training to ensure that the entire City, County and
Sheriff’s organizations can utilize the most advanced systems available in the
marketplace today.
Provided below is a summary highlighting the key solutions of our offer. Securus’
complete solution includes all of the software and hardware required by the RFP, as well
as a number of advanced value-added solutions and services to advance the City and
County’s Investigative Tool Kit. Each value-added technology will drive greater
efficiencies, deliver higher returns on investigative activities, and provide a full

incarcerated calling and video visitation at no cost which will be made available to every
eligible inmate.

Solution Benefits
Securus has the
experience, and
financial resources
needed to deliver the
industry’s leading
solution. Our solutions
allow our partners to
effectively and efficiently
protect the communities
they serve.


FREE quarterly upgrades to all systems
Secure remote access anytime and anywhere
Interagency investigative information sharing
Secure remote access anytime and anywhere
Over 50 standard reports

Security Features
 Personal IDs and passwords
 Access rights granted based on duties and roles
 Ability to disable phones 24/7 remotely or
through manual intervention
Data Centers
 Co-located in Dallas and Atlanta
 Redundant architecture with 99.99% uptime
 Automated Monitoring, Escalation and
Service and Maintenance
 Dedicated on-site technician
 Unparalleled Installation and cut-over process
 Local technicians available 24/7
 All necessary integrations
 24/7/365 technical support
 24/7/365 family members and friends support
 Comprehensive Project Management services to
handle integrations and project turn up.
Securus guarantees our ability to integrate and
provide system interoperability to the County
and or other systems as necessary.
 Free onsite training for the life of the contract

Secure Communications Platform (SCP)
The most widely
deployed platform in the
industry with over 2,700

Over 700 features including:
 Anywhere/Anytime SCP User Interface
 Multilingual capability
 Called Party Bill to Name / Address identification
 Schedule templates for Inmates and Staff
 Inmate and Staff permissions templates
 Crime Tip Line
 Free calls
 Control of prohibited and blocked calls
 Key word search
 Call monitoring, recording and forwarding
 Court Admissible recording files sharing via
email Link with proprietary player included
Fraud Management
 Numerous Covert Alert for real-time intelligence
 3-way detection (patented) monitoring or
 Industry’s only Proven Voice Biometric
Identification that identifies every inmate on
every call, reports on PIN theft and identifies
offending Inmate, identifies called party and
what inmates they’ve talked to.
 Chain calling elimination
 Switch-hook dialing prevention
 Re-dialing limitations
 Extra digit dialing prevention patented
 Remote call forwarding monitoring and blocking
 Voice overlay messaging
 Over 50 standard reports
Securus patented features Will Increase
Investigative Return without inflated rates or
unfair processes for your community.

Included Investigative Solutions
Designed to assist law
enforcement and
corrections agencies
collect, consolidate,
visualize, store, and
distribute information in
real time to support
their needs for
immediate access to
critical data.

 ICER Identify and notification of all Inmate to
Inmate calls, whether within your facilities or to
any of the other 2,700 Securus Facilities
Nationwide. Uncover Inmate to Inmate
 THREADS SCP Embedded data analytics software
that analyses all the ITS call data but also any
other data relevant to an investigation. Illustrates
linkages and patterns and delivers actionable
intelligence and leads that assists in solving

Automated Information Services
Automated Information
Services (AIS) is the
Industry’s leading IVR
(Interactive Voice
Response) system,
automating many
manual processes and
Answering Frequently
Asked Questions
Automatically through
integration with JMS and
other county Systems.
Saving staff dollars by
automating a simple,
repetitive process.

 Answer Frequently Asked Questions-Through
integration with the City/County’s JMS and other
systems, AIS can automate the answers to many
of the questions that tie up officers’ time
unnecessarily today. These questions will be
answered for both the public and inmates.
 Route Calls – If calls cannot be answered through
Automation, they still have the opportunity to be
routed to the appropriate department for
 Account Setup - AIS can also help friends and
family set up Accounts, add funds and change
settings (N/A)
 Inmate Voicemail – AIS also provides Inmates
with voicemail adding another revenue stream for
the county.

Secure Video Visitation (SVV) with ConnectUs
Expands the services
offered through our
multi-function terminals
providing those
incarcerated the ability
to access applications
without having to move
through the facility for
visitation and other
necessary reasons.

More than 6,000 terminals deployed nationwide at
nearly 250 facilities. Save man-hours escorting
offenders to visitor areas, and increasing security
and safety of officers while providing advanced
incarcerated application access for ease of
communication with the facility population.
Some notable optional features are:
 Automated appointment scheduling
 Live monitoring and recording
 Multi-session live monitoring
 Remote video visitation
 On-site face and face visitation scheduling
 Inmate initiated and scheduled visitation
 Banner and video messages
 Grievance filing
 Commissary ordering
 Inmate Handbook
 eMessaging
 Inmate Requests
 Fully integrated Video Relay Service (VRS)
Some notable additional features are:
 Law Library
 Inmate Videos
 Jobview
Video Relay Services

City and County Funded Cost options





Fixed Cost







Securus has worked hard to develop an offer that fully serves the needs of the City and
County of San Francisco and its constituents while including all of the required
hardware/software and integrations, while also providing calling and video visitation at
no cost to those incarcerated. We understand the goal of advancing communications and
fully support your direction.
We are committed to providing an offer that incorporates all of your requirements,
providing world class technology to automate processes with dedicated on-site and in state
support to back it up. We have proposed an aggressive monthly amount due for both the
Fixed Cost and Lease options for consideration. We recognize that the City and County
may wish to propose modifications to our offers and we are willing to be flexible in any
and all negotiations to best support your operational goals today and going forward.
Securus respectfully requests the privilege of serving the City and County of San Francisco
and the Sheriff’s Department, and looks forward to establishing a long term, mutually
beneficial partnership.