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SOP Manual - Identification Division, Fort Bend Co Sheriff's Department, 2015

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Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department
Identification Division

This manual was written in an attempt to standardize the
aerations and procedures of the Identification Division of
the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department, Support Services.
With the understanding that not every situation is exactly
the same, nor can it be s olved exactly the same way every
time, an attempt has been made to cover as many of t!1e job
tasks taken on'by the Identification Division as possible.
These suggested procedures are not set in stone and are open
co change as new techniques are proven in the fields chat we
In no way should this material be misconstrued in its content
or meaning to be in direct conflict with or supersedence of
any of the policies or regulations of the Sheriff's Department
.Employee Rules Manual issued by this department.
Should you have any questions or suggestions in regard to
this manual and its material, make them known to the d�vision
supervisor for classification.

Sergeanc Larry L. Spillers
Identification Supervisor
Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department


Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department
Identification Division
Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Job Description
A. To provide a standardized, uniform response to crime
scenes for the purpose of collecting evidence.
B. To provide a standardized, uniform method cf
conducting required job .::ask::; •t1il...i1.i.11 1.i1t::: Jivisi,:;r1.
supervisor on .::a.1..l.



:-;c:2,nt.:.; ·Jf 2u .=h =rime =.:::ene::�.

;:.u1:1c::- v ... ;;,v.,_






. ' ..l ._.

- --�··�- - - - - - -





pr�serv'? physical ':'VidencP .::it" snr:h c:::-1-me scenes bv
the use of photography, measu:::-ement, and induction �f
evidence inco :h� departments evidence storaae
f;:ir: 1 i t-y.
C. To be in care, custody and
c!·1e depac:men1=s
evidence storage facility including che �nduccion and
release of saia property, and che destruc:ion OI
property properly ordered by a court order.
D. To process any �hysical evidence in the departments
care, custody and control, for the presence of latent
or patent impressions.
�)To photograph any latent prints developea off any
� physical evidence, that are of value for the Afis
F. To classify che photograph �fa latenc 9r�nt that is
to be placed �nto che Afis system.


To maintain, file of che submission forms thac relace
to all latents ?Ut into the Afis System. With fol�ow­
up month to month on major latent cases on the Afis
To operate and maintain a photographic laboratory for
the purpose of developing photographs of �rime
scenes, department functions and filing "mug" photos.