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State of Washington DOC Contract-JPay, Amendment No. 2

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State of Washington

Department of Corrections
Contract No. K8262
Amendment No. 2

This Amendment is made by the state of Washington, Department of Corrections, hereinafter

referred to as Department, and JPay, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, for the purpose of
amending the above-referenced Contract, heretofore entered into between the Department and the
WHEREAS the purpose of this contract amendment is to extend the term as verbally agreed to by the
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the terms and conditions contained herein, or attached and
incorporated and made a part hereof, the Department and Contractor agree as follows:

The Contractor is authorized and agrees to continue to provide, 'in accordance with Section 2.01,
"Scope of Work", Appendix 2.01.1, "Services", the goods and services to offenders as set forth therein
during the extended Contract Term.
The first extended Term of this Contract shall commence on the date shown in the Table, "Contract
Term", below, and end on the "Extended Term Expiration Date") unless terminated sooner by either
party as provided in Exhibit D, General Terms and Conditions.
Contract Term
Initial Term Commencement Date
Extended Commencement Date

Initial Term Expiration Date
Extended Term Expiration Date

This contract amendment is executed in duplicate originals which represent all the amending terms and
conditions agreed upon by the parties. Each duplicate shall be deemed an original copy of the contract
amendment signed by each party, for all purposes.
All other terms and conditions remain in full force and effect. The effective date of this amendment is
January 1, 2013.
THIS CONTRACT AMENDMENT, consisting of one (1) page, is executed by the persons signing below
who warrant that they have the authority to execute the contract.




Gary Banning
(Printed Name)

(Printed Name)

Contracts Administrator





Approved as to Form:

This amendment format was approved by the office of the Attorney General. Approval on file

State of Washington
Department of Corrections


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