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State of Washington DOC Contract-JPay, Amendment No. 8

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State of Washington
Department of Corrections

This Amendment

Contract No. K8262
Amendment No. 8

is made by the state of Washington, Department of Corrections, hereinafter

referred to as Department, and JPay, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, for the purpose of
amending the above-referenced Contract, heretofore entered into between the Department and the
WHEREAS the purpose of this Contract Amendment is to extend the Contract as-is to provide mp3, e-mail
and other services to incarcerated offenders and their families;
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the terms and conditions contained herein, or attached and
incorporated and made a part hereof, the Department and Contractor agree as follows:

PART IV. – TERM, is amended as follows:

The initial term of this Contract is from the Agreement’s execution date through December 31, 2012
(“Initial Term”). Unless terminated earlier, at the end of the Initial Term the contract may be extended
for additional one (1) year periods, until ((December 31, 2015)) December 31, 2019. ((, unless either
Party delivers, via certified mail, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED, written notice to the other Party of
its desire to terminate the Contract, sent at least one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the last day of
the then current Term of this Contract. If either Party delivers any such notice of its desire to terminate,
the Term of this Contract shall automatically terminate on the last day of the then current Term of this
Contract. Any such extension shall be at the sole discretion of the Department, subject to the
concurrence of the contractor.))

Section 10.04 TERMINATION FOR CONVENIENCE, is amended as follows:

(e) If, upon completion of a competitive procurement, another vendor is selected to provide these
services, the Department may terminate this contract upon successful implementation of the new
vendor’s hardware, and its ability to provide services.
Additions to this text are shown by underline and deletions by ((strikeout)). All other terms and conditions
remain in full force and effect. The start date of this Amendment is January 1, 2019.
THIS AMENDMENT, consisting of two (2) pages, is executed by the persons signing below who warrant
that they have the authority to execute the Contract.




Debra J. Eisen
(Printed Name)

(Printed Name)

Contracts Administrator


Approved as to Form: This amendment format was approved by the office of the Attorney General.
Approval on file.

State of Washington
Department of Corrections


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