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Taser Air Taser Stops Az Man 2001

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Clifton, AZ
Copper 111


JUN 13. 20Ell




Air Taser stops man
By Mike Johansen
Staff Writer
Safford police officers subdued
a man with a knife without the use
of deadly force to end a chase and
confrontation on May 28.
It was the second time in the
past few months they were able
to arrest a suspect threatening officers or a victim with a weapon
without the use of guns.
Safford Police: Officer Shawn
Dolan was patrolling on Eighth
Street near Fifth Avenue about
12:30 a.m. when he saw a vehicle
run a stop sign and began pursuing
the vehicle, said U. John Griffin.
Dolan pulled the vehicle over
at the intersection of Sevenlh
Street and Fifth Avenue. The male
driver. the only one in the vehicle,
got out of the car and told the officer he was lost and did not see
the stop sign. The driver could not
produce an ID and gave the officer a name that turned up with
no record on the computer check
for a drivers license.
Dolan was joined by Safford
Officer Wendell Nonon and they
received consent to search the vehicle. The officers found drug


paraphernalia and a substance
believed to be methamphetamine.
Oolan told the man he was under
arrest and swted to search him.
The man IOld the officer he was
carrying a gun and they found a
9mm pistol.
The offict2' went to handcuff the
man, theSllspect pushed theofficer

away and look off. The officers
chased the man and were able to

cu net him about a block: away.
The man pulled out a pocket
knife with a three-inch blade and
started waving it in front of him I

and walking back and forth in:
front of the two officers. Accord- •
iog to the police report he told the '
officers: "I am not going to Jail.":
The officers. with guns drawn. ,
told the man several times to drop •
the knife and surrender.
While the confrontation con- •

linued. Safford Officcr Norton:
retrieved a special non-lethal.
weapon, an Air Taser.
Norton "shot" the man with the :

Air Taser. The gun-like weapon shools a prong intotheclodting and shocks the person. The first shock ~
knocked the suspect to the ground.