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Taser Brochure 1999

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“That bad boy smokes ya!”
Dickson County Sheriff’s Dept., TN

On duty, you need simple and reliable systems to protect yourself. Most confrontations do not justify the use of lethal force, but you should not have to expose
yourself to risk of injury from physical confrontation with a violent combatant. Field
studies of TASER® technology have shown these less-lethal weapons can significantly reduce injuries to both suspects and officers. A leading field study of 7
Watt TASER Technology at the Los Angeles Police Department* found TASER technology had the lowest rate of injuries to both officers and suspects compared to all
other force options studied. Fewer injuries mean safer jobs for officers and lower
liability for law enforcement agencies. The new ADVANCED TASER® M-Series
combines the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with a quantum
leap in stopping power via new Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology.

“I have always stated that the only
way to guarantee a knock down of a
human being is to shoot them in the
central nervous system with a bullet.
In my opinion the ADVANCED TASER
comes extremely close to doing the
same thing, but from a less-lethal perspective."
-Sgt. Darren Laur
Control Tactics Coordinator
Victoria Police Department, Canada

“A year ago, we had all kinds of problems with fights and riots in our
After deploying the AIR
TASER, we have the most peaceful jail
in North Carolina.”
The ADVANCED TASER fires two
probes up to a distance of 15, or even
21 feet from a replaceable Air Cartridge.
These probes are connected to the
weapon by high-voltage insulated wire.
When the probes make contact with the
target, the ADVANCED TASER transmits powerful electrical pulses along the
wires and into the body of the target
through up to two inches of clothing.
Unlike traditional stun technology
weapons, which operate in a 7-14 Watt
range and interfere with the communication signals within the nervous system of
the target, these EMD weapons use a
powerful 18 to 26 Watt electrical signal

to completely override the central nervous system and directly control the
skeletal muscles. This EMD effect causes an uncontrollable contraction of the
muscle tissue, allowing the M-Series to
physically debilitate a target regardless
of pain tolerance or mental focus.
Over 1,500 elite volunteers from
SWAT teams, military special forces,
and police agencies have been hit with
the ADVANCED TASER M-26 (26 Watt
system) with over 99% incapacitation
rate. Each individual was immobilized in
less than 1/2 second.

-Major Paul Cash
Mecklenburg Country Sheriff’s Jail, NC

“It just takes your legs out. It’s like a
jackhammer going Kaboom, Kaboom,
- Sgt. Burt Robinson
Chandler Police SWAT Team, AZ

Problem: The top 20% of combative suspects cause the majority of problems for law enforcement. Many of these
individuals do not respond to existing less-lethal weapons. When traditional less-lethal force does not subdue a suspect,
force escalates, resulting in injuries or fatalities -- potentially massive liability.
Solution: Stop these problematic subjects with the ADVANCED TASER. Our powerful new M-Series weapons use
revolutionary Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology to provide a quantum leap in less-lethal stopping
power. The M-Series are the only less-lethal weapons that will stop a focused, goal oriented subject from up to 21
feet away. In extensive testing, ADVANCED TASER EMD weapons worked 100%, instantly stopping volunteers from among
the most elite, focused, combat trained individuals in the world. Protect your officers and your department with the most effective less-lethal weapon in the world today: the ADVANCED TASER® M-Series.

Because these weapons affect the central nervous system by imitating
the electrical impulses used to communicate within the human body, a hit
anywhere on the body can be effective. Thus, the ADVANCED TASER
is much easier to use than sprays or even firearms that require a hit to
a specific zone of the body.
In police studies, TASER technology has a higher instant incapacitation
rate than 9mm sidearms.** GySgt Hans Marrero (USMC, Ret.) relates, “I
have seen individuals hit with .45 rounds and still keep charging. The
ADVANCED TASER, by overriding the central nervous system, provides
more reliable first shot takedown power.”

In addition to providing the most effective takedown power available, the ADVANCED TASER
M26 provides revolutionary weapon management technology. The M26 has a dataport located on
the back of the unit. Every time the M26 is fired, it stores the time and date when it was fired.
This data protects officers from claims of excessive use of force by providing complete and accurate documentation of the time and date for
each firing. The M26 also provides law enforcement with a powerful
management tool to track usage patterns and prevent abuse. Data
downloads to any Windows® 95/98 compatible computer (special
adapter cable required).
Further, every time an Air Cartridge is fired, up to 40 small confettilike I.D. tags called AFIDs are ejected. Each AFID is printed with the
serial number of the cartridge fired, allowing departments to determine
which officer fired the cartridge.

TASER International offers two types of powerful less-lethal Conducted Energy
Weapons: 34000-Series stun weapons and the new cutting edge M-Series EMD
weapons. The AIR TASER 34000-Series (on the right) are 7 Watt stun weapons using
the same power settings used in TASERs for over 20 years. These stun systems effect
the sensory nervous system. Like static on the communication lines between the brain
and the body, the AIR TASER output interferes with the human command and control systems. The 7 Watt stun systems have been found to have an 86% effectiveness rating -one of the highest effectiveness ratings for less-lethal weapons. The 34000-Series offers
traditional stun technology in the most compact, cost effective system available.

Loading an Air Cartridge

AIR TASER 34000-Series
7 Watt Stun System

However, a small percentage of people with a very high tolerance for electrical stimulation can fight through the stun effect of the 7 Watt systems. The M-Series EMD weapons (as
shown on middle page on the left) were developed specifically to stop even these most
exceptional individuals.
Both the 34000 and the M-Series systems use the same cartridges, allowing for easy upgradability and interchangeability between standard 15 foot Air Cartridges and the new 21 foot (law
enforcement only) Air Cartridges. Now, you can choose the right combination of firepower and product features to meet your specific needs while supporting a single ammunition platform from one
company: TASER International. The leader in less-lethal weapons technology.

Electrical Safety Levels***
Both the 7 Watt stun systems and the new 18 or 26 Watt EMD
systems are designed well within electrical safety standards. It is
important to know that while both of these systems have been found to
leave no long-term injury, these systems are serious weapons and any
violent confrontation carries a degree of risk that someone will get hurt,
or may even be killed due to unforeseen circumstances and individual
susceptibilities. However, over two decades of studies indicate the
risk of fatalities or serious injuries with TASER technology is
lower than comparable less-lethal weapons such as batons or
impact munitions.
Most importantly, with over 20 years of field use, there has never
been a death attributed directly to TASER technology.
Additional medical documentation is available upon request.

U.L. Limit for Ventricular Fibrillation
IEC 479 Threshold for Ventricular Fibrillation

The ADVANCED TASER chassis is constructed of a proprietary polymer for maximum toughness, designed to withstand drops from over 10 feet. It’s built to take the
abuse of every day police duty. In fact, the ADVANCED TASER is backed by a lifetime $25 no-questions-asked replacement warranty.
Further, the ADVANCED TASER has only one moving part - the safety - making high technology simple and reliable. No moving parts to break, or complex motor
skills required.
The ADVANCED TASER also uses the same movements and muscle memory as a firearm, making the system extremely intuitive and easy to use for any
firearm qualified officer. Accordingly, the unit is more accurate and reliable under high
stress environments than other less-lethal weapons that require new and unfamiliar
motor skills.

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Patented: 5,078,117; 5,771,663.
patents pending U.S. and worldwide.


TASER® and AIR TASER® are registered trademarks. Windows® is a trademark of Microsoft
(C) 1999 TASER International. All rights reserved.
* The AIR TASER 34000 series is also 7 Watt stun system with the same electrical output as the TASER from the field study. More information on this data available at
** Firearm data from Handgun Stopping Power, Marshall and Sanow. TASER
Effectiveness data from field data and Medical literature.
*** Special thanks to Jaycor, Corp. for help in developing safety chart.