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Taser Cape Coral Police Shoot Offender 2000

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DATE: November 30, 2000
Wednesday, November 29th
PLACE: in front of 5247 Tamiami Court
OFFENDER: William Pique, 53, 5247 Tamiami Court
At 9:40 PM Wednesday the offender called the Cape Coral Police Department and said
he would shoot an officer so that the police would shoot him dead. Several Cape Coral
Police officers responded to the scene. The offender was in the roadway in front of his
house armed with a 12 gauge sawed-off "Street Sweeper" shotgun with a high capacity
drum. Officers repeatedly ordered the suspect to drop his weapon. Instead, he fired
several rounds (exact number not yet determined) at the police. No officers were hit by
the gunfire. Officers William Columbia and Brett Hurt returned fire with their service
weapons (Glock .40 caliber). Each officer fired at least one round; the offender was
struck at least once in the hip. As the offender attempted to retrieve his shotgun, Sgt.
Keith Munzert administered a 5-second burst with his department-issued taser as an
alternative to shooting the suspect again. The offender was then taken into custody. He
was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital for treatment, was subsequently released and
booked into the Lee County Jail. He is charged with Attempted First Degree Murder,
Discharge of a Firearm, and Discharge of a Firearm While Intoxicated, with additional
charges pending. Officers Columbia and Hurt will be reassigned to administrative duties
pending the completion of the police department's internal investigation. The criminal
investigation will be conducted by the State Attorney's Office with the assistance of the
Cape Coral Police Department. The offender has no previous arrest record with the
Cape Coral Police Department.
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