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Taser Citizen Defense System Fact Sheet

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TASER International was founded to create safer personal protection alternatives, while utilizing
technologies to maximize public safety and minimize the potential for misuse. TASER technology has
proven itself an effective and safe self-protection tool since 1994 for over 136,000 private citizens, many
of whom do not want firearms in their homes for safety reasons. To purchase a TASER X26 or a TASER
C2 it comes down three factors: Registration, verification and tracking.
First, several safeguards make TASER technology a responsible personal safety tool through our
successful institution of the cutting edge Anti-Felon Identification (AFID) program.
The AFID system disperses 20-30 serialized confetti and identifies the owner of the TASER device. Our
unique AFID program has successfully deterred criminal use for the past decade. A comprehensive
Social Security Number identity identification and criminal background search for felonies. The system
verifies the age and identity of citizen purchaser.
These safeguards ensure maximum protection to all parties while enhancing overall community safety.
AFID DETAILS: The AFID program enforces accountability for each use of a TASER deployment and
has worked successfully for over a decade with citizen sales and involves three factors: registration,
verification and tracking. AFID includes the bar-coded serialization of each TASER Cartridge and the
dispersion of confetti-like matching ID tags upon activation.


This system provides the tracking of the identity of the owner of
the TASER whenever a TASER Cartridge deployment occurs.
The large number of AFIDs and their small size makes it
impractical to clean up. Law enforcement can track this
evidence and contact TASER International for a complete trace
on the serial number. At the time of purchase, we verify the
identity and background of the prospective buyer with the
understanding that we will not release the information and it will
be kept confidential unless a TASER device is used in the
commission of a crime.

The AFID program was developed and implemented by TASER International at our own cost. No other
personal safety device in the world (guns, knives, chemical and pepper sprays, electronic control devices,
or batons) can be traced from evidence at the scene of the crime to the registration of the user. It all
comes back to responsibility.
CheckLok™: The TASER C2 Personal Protector is the first
device to incorporate a revolutionary new public safety
background check technology called CheckLok™.
generation background check technology ensures full
compliance with user identification and screening. The TASER
C2 ships in a locked state and can only be unlocked by with an
activation code received upon successful registration with a
identification verification and background check approval from
the privacy of using a secure web site or a toll-free number.
After completing the background check, the user is issued an
activation code unique to their serial number. The TASER C2 will work only after entering the activation
code. CheckLok ensures compliance, registration, and provides corporate responsibility.

The TASER C2 Personal Protector is available in four colors.

Black Pearl

Titanium Silver

Electric Blue

Metallic Pink


TASER X26C ACCOUNTABILITY: Online purchases of
TASER X26C units require a valid Social Security Number in
which a third party verifies this information including
identification verification as well as a criminal background
check for felonies, terrorist watch lists and proof of age. The
device can then be purchased via credit card which is also



The first TASER brand devices were sold to the public since 1994 called the AIR TASER Model
34000 with Anti-Felon Identification tracking capability


The second generation personal protection units were called the ADVANCED TASER M18 series
and were available in 1999


The third generation technology available to citizens was the TASER X26C in September 2004


The TASER C2 began its first shipments July 28, 2007

TASER Cartridges: 15-foot Air Cartridges for consumer use only. (Note that the 21, 25 and 35-foot
TASER Cartridges are for law enforcement only)
TASER X26C: The main difference in the TASER X26C vs. the TASER X26 law enforcement model is
that the TASER X26C model uses a 10-second cycle vs. a 5-second cycle and the range. Citizens have
a range of 15 feet versus 25 feet for law enforcement. Moreover, the TASER X26C trigger can be
triggered several times to create a 30-second cycle. The user can then deploy the TASER X26C,
squeeze the trigger 3 times quickly to create a 30-second cycle (3 x 10 second cycle = 30 seconds),

place the TASER X26C on the ground and depart a dangerous scene while the TASER X26C safely
disables the intruder. The law enforcement version cannot be squeezed multiple times to create back to
back cycles. The law enforcement TASER X26 uses a 5-second cycle. It can be overridden by the user
but the instant the finger is off the trigger, the cycle stops. Multiple trigger pulls will not change the 5second cycle either.
TASER C2: difference in the TASER C2 vs. the TASER X26 law enforcement model is that the TASER
C2 model uses a 30-second cycle vs. a 5-second cycle and the range. The timing cycle is 30-seconds
total upon its activation with the following pulse rates: 17 pulses per second (PPS) for 5 seconds, 12 PPS
for 15 seconds, ½ second break, 17 PPS for 1.5 seconds, 8 PPS for remaining 8 seconds


18 watts; 0.50 joules per pulse into load; and 3.6mA avg. current
TASER X26C: 5 watts; 0.07 joules per pulse; and 2.1 mA average current
TASER C2: 5 watts; 0.07 joules per pulse; 2.1 mA average current

RESTRICTIONS: DC, MA, RI, NY, NJ, WI, MI, HI & certain cities & counties. CT and IL are legal with
certain restrictions and requirements.