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The TASER Foundation

To protect and serve - every day over 850,000 law enforcement officers in the United States and
Canada work to fulfill this mission. Sometimes these officers make the ultimate sacrifice and are
killed in the line of duty.
In response to these tragedies, and as a way to give back to the law enforcement community, TASER
International Inc. established the TASER Foundation (a tax exempt 501c3) in November 2004. To date,
the Foundation has distributed over 1.5 million dollars to the families of fallen officers. Grantees are from
all across Canada and the United States from Yellowknife, Saskatchewan to Key West, Florida. TASER
International, Inc. bears all of the administrative costs of the TASER Foundation in order to ensure 100
percent of all donations are distributed to the families of fallen officers.
Mission: To honor the service and sacrifice of local and federal law enforcement officers in the United
States and Canada lost in the line of duty by providing financial and educational support to their families.
Vision: When Rick and Tom Smith founded TASER International in 1993 their goal was to produce tools
that empowered individual officers to do their jobs better and safer. This core principal was incorporated
into the TASER Foundation for Fallen Officers. Each year over 150 officers are lost in the line of duty,
and their families share a tragically common bond. However, the Foundation recognizes that every family
has unique needs and priorities. Our gift and scholarship programs provide immediate resources and
tools for these families to help rebuild their futures.
Who Is Eligible? Specifically the TASER Foundation provides support to the families of those who gave
their lives while protecting our communities. Immediate family (spouse, parents and/or dependents) of a
law enforcement officer whose life was lost in the line of duty is eligible for benefits. In order to qualify,
the immediate cause of a loss of life must be duty related and have occurred since August 1, 2004. Loss
of life from a pre-existing medical conditional does not qualify. For example, if an officer who is working
an administrative job suffers a heart attack while on duty the case would not be eligible.
How It Works: When a department in the United States or Canada suffers the loss of an officer in the
line of duty, the agency can apply to the TASER Foundation on behalf of the officer’s family. The
application is available at the TASER Foundation website. Completed applications can be faxed to the
TASER Foundation at 480-905-2035. The TASER Foundation will usually be able to issue a check to the
family within 48 hours upon verification of the request.
For More Information: Contact Gerry Anderson, Executive Director the TASER Foundation at or 480-905-2090. Tax ID 74-3133654.

The TASER Foundation
17800 N. 85th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85255
480-905-2090 FAX 480-905-2035