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Taser Holstering Options

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Almost every department loves the ADVANCED TASER and then comes to a dead stop when the issue
of holstering. Most don't think there is room on the belt for the ADVANCED TASER, but some innovative
ideas have changed that thought. In fact, at over 180 agencies out of our 2,400 client departments, the
ADVANCED TASER is standard issue equipment. For example, the attached photo is a shot of a
sergeant from Orange Co, FL Sheriff's department who is tall, but very slender. He has the yellow
ADVANCED TASER on his belt full of all of equipment. (Note he is left handed).

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Holster on OCSO
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First, most departments carry the ADVANCED TASER in various holsters. (Some, keep them in the box
in the trunk or under the front driver's seat. These few departments have very few uses and the old
adage of "out sight and out of mind" sets in or even if it is considered, the officer on scene doesn't have
time to say, "timeout, let me go back to the car and get my ADVANCED TASER. At present we have no
mount for anything inside the car.)
We sell our own line of holsters made by BladeTech. These are good in that we both designed the
holsters together. They are available in what is called a TEK-LOK which can fit 2 1/4 belts and can be
easily added to a duty belt in seconds (literally). The photos below are prototype photos with our pricing.
Unfortunately, if you were the recipient of this equipment early on, you may have had a problem with
them. We've had T&E issues with our latest thigh rig from Blade-Tech since it was only a prototype.
Went it hit the field, we had to tweak it a little bit. (We couldn't make it ambidextrous as we initially
imagined for example. If we don't lock tight the screws, then the holster is ambidextrous. If we don't lock
tight the bolts, a squad car's vibration and the walking action will unloosen the screws... we didn't
anticipate that, etc.) Here's what we have thus far. Thankfully, these adjustments have been fixed and
they are worth looking at. For example, we have an injected molded plastic holster that mounts to a solid
thigh holster rig. We just recently added the capability to carry a spare Air Cartridge. It's finally coming
together (with many delays from lessons learned on the T&Es). Now that we've worked the bugs out, it's
one of the most popular holsters we have.

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Bladetech Thigh w
Pricing Only Fin...

Second, there are several good holster folks out there that are good with holstering the ADVANCED
Go to these sites: (Kydex and leather) (Ballistic Nylon and will specialize holsters. These are ambidextrous and are
really good quality. The LAPD, Los Angeles Co Sheriff's, an many others really like this equipment. Jim
Craag is your contact there and he's good people.)

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SO Tech2.pdf

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SO Tech

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SO Tech Line.pdf (leather
and kydex type holsters) (Ballistic nylon

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SO Tech Front

SO Tech Front.jpg


Gould and Goodrich

Gould and

SO Tech back.jpg

Let me know what information I need to get to you to get us back on the same page. Again, my
apologies. FYI, we are tweaking our current nylon thigh holster as well with improved buckles, belt
buckles, and stitching. I've attached the latest info on that as well. Our pricing is attached, but you need
to contact S.O. Tech with their pricing.