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Grants for Tasers Info, Taser Intl

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Since you have inquired about a small number of units. I can suggest either grants OR a program I just
recently heard about at Target stores. If you have a Target in your county, apparently Target can arrange
for a low dollar grant for law enforcement as they are very "pro-law enforcement." I don't have any details
about the program, but you can email: Jim Bender, Mgr of Corp Investigations and Assets Protection to
maybe point you in the right direction. Also, contacting the head manager of the local Target in your area
may also be of help and ask about the law enforcement grant. These are not huge grants but might be of
service for obtaining one to two ADVANCED TASERs.
As for grants, the only grants awarded that I personally know of some details are is via a state grant.
Sacramento PD did their full deployment under a CA Dept.
of Justice grant.
As for the others, most departments are using "New technology" as the category when applying for
grants. We've been told that many departments are qualifying for grants but have the details on very few.
Here are a couple I have facts on: I am working on the Federal Grant information that Portland Oregon
PD received. The story is attached and Research & Development Officer Tom Forsyth can be reached
at: or 503-823-0345.
Sacramento Police Dept., CA Rec'd $248,000 State Grant, David Paul: 916-264-7216
The other good contact would Jacksonville Beach Police as they apparently also received a grant and
they should be in your neck of the woods:
The contact there is: Sgt. Tom Bingham at 904-270-1683
*Monroe County Sheriff's Dept., GA - Lt. Mercer Bush 912-994-7050 Rec'ed
$10K from Fed Local Law Enforcement Grant '2000 for 16 M26s, 16 DeSantis
holsters, dataport, 4 28-s of 15's, 2 28's. The total was $11,127.28 w/
the balance paid by the City Commission.
Received $12,000 Local Law Enforcement Grant paid for most of the TASER equipment with a $1,334
match from Churchill Co Sheriff's Office, NV:
Sgt James T. Wood, Churchill County Sheriff's Dept, 73 N Maine St, Suite A, Fallon, NV 89406
E-mail Address
Phone: 775-423-3116
Fax: 775-423-6689
Wright City Police Dept., OK Chief Efaw Clinton 580-981-2238 awarded grant for 2 units
Minneapolis Police Dept., MN - Has applied for a grant for 130 units Wendy Gulick 612-673-3415
Arizona State Capital Police, AZ - Sgt. Wayne Cochran 602-542-9226
-Received grant for 5 units
Kankakee PD, IL - Received grant for unknown amount for M26 purchase
(Currently, we are awaiting this info: Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of League
City will be conducting a Public Hearing to use Law Enforcement Block Grant money to purchase (3)
Taser Systems and a Graphic Mapping System for the Police Department. Written comments may be
submitted in advance to:
Assistant Chief Reed, League City Police, League City, TX 77573 or e-mailed to
Published: 11/2/2002)
Indian Harbour Beach PD, FL Chief Fred Fernez 321-773-3030 Applied for
Grant to be awarded in April 2001
St. George PD, UT - Sgt. Staley 435-634-5883 received grant for 16-20

Below is the research of web sites and phone numbers that you can contact for grants. We haven't been
able to obtain grants as the agencies themselves are required to request it, but these are great resources:
Grants are awarded every month it seems. Your agency can write grants that turn into money for new
technologies, equipment, training, officer hiring, overtime pay, and many other new and innovative
programs for law enforcement agencies (and in some cases get bullet resist. vests, too).
There are two basic types of grants: discretionary grants, where the government office makes the
decision about which grants will be awarded, and block or formula grants, which go to cities based on
population and crime rate. Some grant applications have been reduced to 2 to 4 pages to simplify the
administrative process.
You may want to consider how you can increase your grant resources. To learn more about how to write
grants that turn into dollars for projects you can contact the following organizations: (The Foundation Center) (The Grantsmanship Center) (Associated Grantmakers of Massachusetts) (The Chronicle of Philanthropy) (ITT Industries)
For more information on funding programs call the following organizations:
U.S. Department of Justice Call Response Center 800-421-6770
Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) 202-514-2058
OJP Grants Management System (GMS) hotline 888-549-9901
To write a grant, the IACP has a great site:
Furthermore, this some of the feedback we have received from PDs that have received FED Grants to
1. Bill Hardgrove, Denver PD used a "non-specific" Block Grant which is for general purpose equip that
no cannot fund consultants, purchase fixed-wing, armored vehicles or tanks. Real estate and
construction or remodeling is permissible, but must be pre-approved by DC Bureau of Justice,

Assistance, State & Local Assistance, 1810 7th St., NW, Wash, DC 20531 @ 202- 305-2542. Bill said
that Block Grants in AZ are under the Program Manager, Deborah Powell @ 202-514-0735. Bill reports
that the US Gov't wants to finance equip and get it out the street. It's not a slam dunk as it has spending
deadlines that are "use or lose it" deadlines. He didn't have to write up a justification.
2. The Minneapolis Police Dept (MPD) obtained TASER equipment through the U.S. Department of
Justice - Bureau of Justice Assistance, Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG). Law enforcement
equipment is an eligible expenditure. The LLEBG program is essentially an allocation by formula to
jurisdictions and states to support law enforcement, with much latitude for expenditures.
The MPD may also receive funding through a state funding appropriation to support mental health crisis
intervention. The MPD initiated a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) to respond appropriately to situations of
people in crisis who are a danger to themselves or others. TASERs are assigned to CIT members. The
MPD is submitting an application to our state Department of Public Safety to fund more equipment,
among other expenses, to support our CIT.
No supporting information was needed under the jurisdiction's LLEBG award, it just gets entered in
Equipment, Non-computer. No, I haven't written the grant for the CIT, which will include the use of
TASERs and the request for funding them (due Oct. 1) We're requesting funding for the program, not
specifically the equipment. For this situation, we want less lethal force equipment. We're also looking at
beanbag shotguns.
As I prepare the grant, I'll watch for language to justify TASERs and send anything I find on to you.
--Wendy Guck
If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me. You may
reach me by phone at: 612-673-3415.
Wendy Guck
Grants Coordinator
Operations Development Unit
Minneapolis Police Dept
-----Original Message----From: Mike Barry []
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 12:18 PM
Steve..I got your name from Russel, i am with the MIAMI-DADE Police Department in Miami, FL and in
the process of searching for a grant for the taser and training. If you could help me out regarding a site to
go to that entertains funds for this type of training and item please contact me... I understand that
Sacramento, CA received a grant for taser training in 2000..if you have a contact or information on what
they did it would be helpful...thanks for your assistance.
Phone number (305) 715-5075
Fax 305-715 5100
Sgt. Mike Barry Physical Skills Unit/MDPD
Good luck obtaining grants. Please let us know when you are successful and also you may want to
submit your documentation to us to help other law enforcement officials:
Steve Tuttle

Director of Government & Law Enforcement Affairs
TASER International (NASDAQ: TASR & TASRW)
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