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Taser Irving Tasertron Policy

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Consistent with the Department's philosophy of using the least amount of force
necessary to subdue and/or arrest any person, the Tasertron may be used to
control/restrain violent or potentially violent suspects when an officer reasonably believes

Attempts to subdue the suspect by conventional tactics have been or will likely
be ineffective, futile or pose a risk to the officers or others;


There is reasonable expectation that it will be unsafe for officers to approach to
within contact range of the suspect;


And, the use of force would be justified under Chapter 9 of the Penal Code.


The Tasertron will be used only by supervisory personnel who have completed the
department's training program. Operation of a Tasertron will not be delegated to an
officer not trained in its use.


Once every twelve months each Tasertron operator must demonstrate proficiency with
the Tasertron.


A person that has been restrained by use of the Tasertron will be examined by
Paramedics at the scene to determine if the suspect should be transported to PMH.


Tasertron Barbs that become imbedded in the skin of the suspect will be removed by IFD
Paramedics at their discretion or the suspect may be transported to PMH.


Use of the Tasertron device will require that a memorandum be addressed to the Chief of
Police by the user of the Tasertron. Additionally a non-lethal control device critique will
be completed and forwarded through the officer's chain of command to Internal Affairs