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Line of Duty Training Videos, Taser, 2000

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In the Line of Duty

In the Line of Duty, the leading series of training videos for law enforcement, feature
less-lethal weapons in their new March, 2000 video. The training video looks at an
incident in Seattle where a deranged man with a sword and a history of mental illness
kept Seattle Police at bay for over 11 (yes, eleven) hours. The subject withstood every
less-lethal on the market. Due to his mental condition, he was able to withstand impact
rounds, chemical munitions, even hypothermia induced by fire hoses and large fans. At
the end of the tape, the commentators investigate the new ADVANCED TASER M26 as a
potential weapon for such aggressive combative subjects.
To see the section of the tape regarding the ADVANCED TASER, download a video

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To order a copy of the video tape, visit In the Line of duty at Or,
email Line of Duty (mention you saw this video tape on the site and you
will receive a 25% discount on the full less-lethal training video from Line of Duty.

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