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Taser Marion Co Sheriff Endorsement Ltr

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Marion County Sheriffs

Dear TASER International,
I would like to commend TASER International on the 34000 series and the ADVANCED
TASERS. We have been using the 34000 for several months and have had an
opportunity to use it on one subject. This person was extremely combative and would
have taken several officers to subdue but with the assistance of the AIR TASER, he was
taken into custody by only one officer with no injuries to either the inmate or the officer.
In the past we have experienced altercations where several officers and subjects have
received serious injuries and required weeks of rehabilitation. The AIR TASER is the
light at the end of the tunnel. We have recently exchanged the 34000 for the newer and
are completely satisfied with both the product and your company. At the present we
have attempted to deploy the on two occasions but received immediate compliance
when confronted with the. The seems to be a well built product and appears as durable
as your advertisements indicate. This is exactly what the corrections environment has
needed for years, the more we can reduce hand to hand combat the better our working
Thanks from the Marion County Sheriff's Office.
- Capt. Craig Macdonald

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