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Taser Milwaukee Wild Dogs

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Wild Dogs Attack News Staff, Injure 3
Diane Pathieu
MILWAUKEE, WI - It was like a scene from a movie: four wild dogs, viciously barking and attacking
members of our news staff.
It all happened late Wednesday night just after 11 p.m. outside the east security gate at TODAY'S TMJ4
on E. Capitol Dr. at Humboldt. Four pit bulls ran to a female custodian, 33, who was waiting outside the
gate for a ride, biting her right leg severely. She managed to escape and her ride rushed her to St. Mary's
Newsradio 620 WTMJ anchor Mike Neil said he saw the dogs outside the gate and tried to keep the dogs
around his car, distracted, until the cops could arrive.
"I was able to keep them around my van," he said. "I would roll down my window, yell, get them all
excited, jumping up. They were salivating on my window trying to get at me!"
Meanwhile, another member of our staff, a 57-year-old news operations manager, unaware of what had
happened, was outside throwing away newspapers when he heard the dogs barking and walked over
toward Neil's encircled car, thinking he could help. The dogs managed to crawl under the security gate
and attacked him, too, biting him in five places.
About a dozen police officers arrived to try and capture the dogs. It took about two hours, until finally,
authorities were able to capture one dog in a snare and TASER three others.
The cleaning crew member was seriously hurt, and the emergency room doctor said she will need plastic
surgery on her leg. She required stitches and sedation.
The other man hurt was assisted by an ambulance and will be OK. A 41-year-old police officer was also
bitten on the hand.
We have no idea where the dogs came from. They had no collars nor any type of identification. They are
now in the custody of Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control.