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Taser Oh Pit Bull Stunned 2007

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Pit bull bites cop, stunned twice
July 9, 2007

The Chronicle-Telegram Staff
LORAIN, OH — A loose pit bull roamed a Toledo Avenue neighborhood Thursday and attacked a
police officer before being stunned by a Taser twice and then thrown into the back of a police cruiser.
Police were dispatched after residents called to report a pit bull chasing residents.
The officer arrived to find a brown and white pit bull, growling and gnashing its teeth, according to a
police report.
The dog lunged at the officer, attempting to bite his leg. The officer pulled out his Taser and shot two
darts into the dog’s back, incapacitating the animal, the report said.
The officer began dragging the dog toward his cruiser by the collar when the dog came to and began
growling and trying to bite the officer.
The officer shot the dog with the Taser a second time and put it in the back of his cruiser, the report
A neighbor told police the owner of the dog, Ami Alston, had more pit bulls in the backyard of her
home on the 2800 block of Toledo Ave. and that a foul smell was coming from Alston’s backyard.
The officer and dog warden ventured into the yard to find three pit bulls, two of them tangled in
chains and a third tied to a pole on a short leash. The yard was covered in garbage and “an
unbelievable amount of dog feces,” according to the report.
The dog warden decided to remove those dogs, but not before one broke loose and began running
through the neighborhood.
The warden chased the dog and tranquilized it, the report stated.
All four dogs were taken by the warden, the report said.
Alston was not home, but faced charges of confinement of dangerous and vicious dogs and nuisance
condition prohibited, the report stated.