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Taser Orange Man Dies After Hits by Deputys Stun Gun Fl 2002

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Orlando, FL
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SEP 3. 2002




Orange man dies after
hits by deputy's stun gun
After a fight, Frederick
Webber was combative
with officers, a Volusia
sheriff's spokesman said,


ORANGE CITY - An east Orange
County man died Sunday night after a
deputy sheriff trying to break up a
fight shocked him twice with a stun
gun, authorities said Monday.
Frederick Webber, 44. was visiting
friends at the KOA campground
when a fistfight broke out Sunday
and Volusia County deputies were
calleq, sheriff's spokesman Gary Da-

vidson said.
When deputy sheriffs arrived
about 9:45 p.m., witnesses said they

had tried to resuscitate, Webber, who
was on the ground and not breathing,
officials said.
Webber woke up and "became
combative" with deputies, according
to a news release. Deputy Sheriff Jeff
Schoenfarber zapped Webber with
his stun gun to subdue him to handcuff him, Davidson said.· After the
handcuffs were on, Webber stopped
breathing again, officials said.
Paramedics were I called, but
Webber was pronoUIiced dead at
10:06 p.m. Sunday at the campground at 1440 E. Minnesota Ave.
Webber's wife was receiving
friends at her Union Pa,rk-area home
Monday and would not comment.
Schoenfarber, 30, on the job since
May 2001, will not be put on leave,
Davidson said.
"This is not use of deadly force,"
Davidson said. "It's use offorce."

The Florida Department of Law
Enforcement is investigating as is
usual in such cases. Davidson said
agents would sort out the circumstances surrounding the death, including whether Webber was under
the influence of alcohol or drugs.
They will determine on which part
of the body Webber was hit and
whether he had a medical condition
that could have contributel! to his
Several men have died after being
hit with stun guns by Florida lawoOnforcement officers. One, Gordon Randan Jones, 37, ofWmdermere, died in
July after being shocked a dozen
times by an Orange County deputy
sheriff after Jones refused to obey

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