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Taser Sc Student Arrested in Officer Attack 2005

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WLTX-TV Columbia, SC
May 19, 2005
Student Arrested in Officer Attack
(Newberry County) - A school resource officer at Mid-Carolina High School had to use a taser gun Thursday to subdue a student
who had attacked him, according to Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster.
The student, 18-year-old Levar Henderson, is in police custody. He faces charges of Disturbing Schools and Assault and Battery
on a Police Officer While Resisting Arrest.
Police say that Henderson was being called to the office because he showed up at school at Mid-Carolina High School after being
suspended for an incident that occurred late Wednesday afternoon in a classroom. The school administrator requested that the
school resource officer come to the counseling session because of past outbursts by Henderson. Police say that at some point,
Henderson got out of control and ran from the office to the parking lot, but that the School Resource Officer was able to get him
calmed down and to return to the office area.
Police then allege that Henderson became irate and began yelling and cursing in the office. Henderson is then accused of
grabbing the officer and shoving him into the wall twice. During the struggle the officer was able to get to his taser and
demanded repeatedly that Henderson stop his action, however, police say Henderson came at the officer for the third time. The
officer then fired the taser striking Henderson and temporarily disabling him. When the charge from the taser ended, Henderson
was able to get to his feet and remove the taser probes. Investigators say Henderson started after the officer again. The officer
was able to get a second taser cartridge in the taser and Henderson finally surrendered to the officer.
The officer involved in the incident received minor scrapes and bruises from the incident but did not need medical attention.
No bond hearing has yet been scheduled for Henderson.
"This is exactly the situation we had in mind when we issued tasers to the School Resource Officers," said Newberry County
Sheriff Lee Foster. "This student was obviously out of control, and the taser gave the officer the ability to safely bring the
situation under control. If the officer had not had the taser available, this situation could have ended much differently. It would
have likely resulted in serious injuries to the officer, to Henderson, or perhaps even more tragically in the loss of a life. While no
one ever wants to see a violent incident such as this occur, this is the desired outcome to such a violent incident."