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Taser - M26 Directives, Titusville PD FL, 2000

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TItu&Vln. Police Oltp.arblient

Tnoining OI....etIv.

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Trtle: Advanced Taser M-26. Conducted Energy Weapon.




Purpose: To estabUsh guidelines for the usa of the -Advanced air taser. hereafter
referred to as the M-26 laser. To develop ,afety pmetices conc:oming the
handling, carrying, and storage of M~26 taser probes after use of the faaer.


AdVllnced Air r.ser: The -Advanced air taser- (M 26 ta,.r) is an elec;:tromuscular disruption device. The M-26 tassr fires two prObes

up to a distance of 21 feet from a replaceable cartridge.
These probes are connected to the weapon by hIgh Yoltage
insulated wires. vvtIen the probes maka contact with the
tarvet. the M-26 taser tnlnamilS powerful electrical pula&
along the wiras and into the taf'gers body. The pulses can
travel through 2.25 inches of clothing. This Electro-muscular
disruption technology U5eS a powerful26-waU electrical

sisrnal to temporarily override the central nervous System
and directly contr'tH the skeletal musdefi. This causes an
uncontrollable contraction of the rnusd& tissue, alO'Ning the
M-26 laser to phySically debilitate a lelllet regardless of pain
tOlerance or mental focus. lethal force :

A concept of planning and force application which meets
operational objections, with less potential for causing death
or sel10Us physICal police tadics,


A. M-26 Ta_ Operation
1. The M-26 taser is considered less lethal force tec;hnology and equipment

2. Department instructors or other certified trainers Will provide training in the UGe of
the M-26 laser. Only offICers trained in their UH win be inued M-26 tasel'$.
3, Only prope~y functioning and charged M-26 lasers shall be carried in the field.
4. Each diSd'\arge, induding accidental discharges. of Ihe M-26 laser shall be
documented by thre omoer utilizing Bn M·20 tlMr us. repon and investigated by
a defensive lacllclin.tructor. Th. M·28 to..r ule ....port 011011 be .ttached to the

officer. Lovol. of Rell.tanco Report.
5. Th. M-28 laser I. prognommed to give. flVll,(5) .ocond 00..1of " . _ 1
current" The operator con ahol1lln or .xtend 1I1il limo period. Tho probes lhouid



not bo tDuctlod during this time, as you would receive the same -electrical
, COIroot.... ln.pddition officers should avoid tripping, or stepping on the wires.
8.-Nevor.fiIim the ~26 taser at the eyes or face. The M-26 tassr is a laser sighted.
......I.he top .p",b<rWilllolIOW the lrent and rear sight and laser. The bottom probe will
iiaVanrt-en eiQht-<leg..... downward _'" below tile lIim poInt11aser sighted area.
The rula ol thomb lor th. bottom probe is that the probe drops one (1) loot lor
every seven- (7) hKrt It travels.
7. Keep hand&: B:tN8y from the front of Ule unit at sA times lrless the safety slide is
lorward and tho M-26 lasar is d.activated.
8. Always replace the air cartridges by their expiration date and marie. the air


car1rldga • lor ttalnlng usa My.•

W-~-ir:i-Efw*~~k.~r.~5€iffi~¥t,~ .~~~~_~r7Wl.QV::~1:~7-~-"~:'f;~%-r~~~~~~~T~'!i<

, ,.


E. Toctl"". deploymont:

1. U•• common "nse.
2. U••• 0/1>0' commands Wthe slluotlon ponnlto.
3. Ho.o 0 socond air cartridge present or 0 socond M-2618sor reody to fire In co.o
tho pt'Cbes 01 tho firSt M·26 toser miss tho tolllo~ or a malfunction, or Wthe
cartridge Is a dud.
4. Utilizo badwp unl18 and/or a""l1 IDams v.tlenevor posslblo.
5. Aim to the oonler 01 mass end from tho roar oIlho IUbjecl Wpoulblo. Wolch tor
thid< and/or loose cIothlng. If the probas hit clothing, the .1eclriceI c:urrent con
only penetrate e maximum of 2.25 inehes.

Use coYer and distance to ensure offlcer safety.
Utilize the M-26 taser to prevent "iofent or escalating confrontations.
If a target runs, the offiCer must run also to prevent wires from breaking.
Avoid the use of the M·26 wer on 5ubjocts near slanted rooftops or on the

edgos of !all buildings.

F. Use of force Issues:
1. The use of the M-26 laser constitutes a usa of foree.
2. Tho M·26 taser is placad at the I.vel of a baton. chemical spray, or beanbag
rounds. There are special drcumstances, which allow the use of the M-26 taser
at a lower level on the use of force continuum. (See officer subject factors,

F.D.L.E and C.J.S.T.C. use oIto<ee m-l.
3. The M-26 laser may be used up to 18 feet rmay v.tlen the subject poses a
aedible tnreat to the ot'l'icer or the genel'8l public.

4. The M-26 taser may be utilized on animals when neoesSIJry.
G. MaIntenance of the M-28 Taser:
The M-26 toser is a sensitive electronic product and cosUy device, v.tllch Should be
encased in its protective holster, when not in use. care Should be taken to avoid
dropping 1he M-26 toser 8nd a$SUm that the M·26 laser I. adequately s<'C' Ira<! v.tlije

being transported in vehldes. Direct sunlight, heat. or pressing on the faceplate may
cause the cover to disengage from the air cartridges.