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Taser Training Bulletin 16.1 Info on Training Bulletin 17, Taser Intl, 2010

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Training Bulletin 16.1: Release of Training Bulletin 17
Background: In order to keep TASER training courses current and cutting edge, TASER
International periodically updates its training materials as new information and products
become available.
Version 17.0 of the TASER International Instructor and User training courses has been
released and will become effective May 1, 2010. Version 17 includes instructor and user
courses on the TASER® M26™, X26™, X3™, XREP™, X12™, and Shockwave™
With the release of Version 17, the TASER Instructor course will be 20 hours for new
instructors (four hours online and 16 hours with a Master Instructor), and 16 hours for
recertifying instructor (eight hours online and eight hours with a Master Instructor).
Recertifying instructors are only required to attend day two of the session with the Master
Instructor. The standard instructor course will certify students on the TASER X26 ECD
only. TASER X3 and XREP ECD instructor courses are available on request.
We will mail the Version 17 DVD to all current Master Instructors. We are not sending a
DVD of Version 17 to every instructor. Instead, you can go to to download the User Courses.
When downloading any course, also download the Support Materials folder. This folder
contains the most recent warnings, exposure release forms, training forms and certificates,
training drills and scenarios, and much more information. The link for the Support Materials
folder is
We will continue to send out the training DVDs to all instructor courses.
If you have any questions regarding this Training Bulletin, Version 17 or how to download it,
please contact the TASER Training Department at or (800) 9782737, option 7.

Shockwave M26, X3, X12, X26, XREP, and © are trademarks of TASER International, Inc., and TASER®
is a registered trademark of TASER International, Inc., registered in the U.S. All rights reserved. © 2010
TASER International, Inc.

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